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Preparing your visit to the trade fair


Over 1.4 million visitors annually attend Feria de Madrid, drawn by 90 trade fairs and over 400 congresses, conventions and events which are held at its installations. To make the most of your time and the resources you employ on your visit we recommend that you prepare your visit properly by accessing the specific event website, which will let you learn beforehand about the precise nature of what is being offered, about the participating companies and the new items being presented, and will even allow you to coordinate appointments with these companies in advance. On the website, you may also sort out your pre-registration and download your professional entrance ticket, find out about the different services offered at the event and plan your itinerary of visits, and about how to attend special professional and technical days and activities

Attending events provides the following advantages:

  • They are the most useful way of learning about the latest items and obtaining information about market trends. Trade fairs allow you to witness demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services in person.
  • The concentration of businesses at a trade fair gives you, in the same location, fast access to the best the industry is offering and allow you to compare prices, characteristics and benefits, with the consequent saving in costs.
  • They provide you with the chance to ask questions to technical personnel.
  • They allow you to visit both suppliers together with current and prospective customers and to make comparisons between them.
  • They give you the chance to attend congresses, seminars and parallel events, which are an obvious source of information about industry trends and development.
  • They are a key instrument of communication for your company at the time of projecting a particular image of its purchasing power.
  • They offer you the information you need to evaluate the possibilities of your future participation as an exhibitor.



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