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The electricity sector focuses on four main activities; power generation, energy transmission, energy distribution and energy marketing. The energy sector will undergo radical changes in the coming years due to new technological processes.

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The energy industry has made a U-turn in recent decades, experiencing tremendous changes driven by the emergence of new and innovative technological processes and commitment to the environment.

The transactional business model has given way to a circular economy where all efforts are focused on satisfying customer needs and respecting nature. The industry has demonstrated an enviable capacity to adapt.

Renewable energies have opened up a new path to combat the greenhouse effect and generate greater wealth in less developed countries. It is a clean and inexhaustible source of energy provided by nature. This fact has pushed the energy industry to invest more efforts in the construction of solar, wind or hydroelectric parks. In short, green energies are already the present and future of society.

The energy sector

A good understanding of the energy sector is crucial to carry out concrete and beneficial actions for society and the environment as a whole.

Within the sector, a collaborative chain has been established, with the aim of providing the optimum amount of energy to each in the most responsible way. From obtaining it, through transport, to distribution and marketing.


IFEMA MADRID is aware of the urgency to provide a solution to the environmental problems that our planet suffers. Therefore, we offer different fairs around the themes of energy.  

The management of waste in large cities will be present at SRR, the (International Recovery and Recycling Fair). Also highlighted is TECMA (International Urban Planning and Environment Fair), SIGA (Innovative Solutions for Water Management Fair), ESCLEAN (Professional Cleaning and Hygiene Fair) and FSMS, an environmental and sustainability forum.