Technology fairs

The technology sector is a benchmark in terms of its evolution and the innovations it offers in the generation of opportunities and new professions that respond to the new needs of companies and society. The broad spectrum of startups, large multinationals, cutting-edge technologies and commercial innovations, coupled with a spirit of constant innovation, make this sector one of the most complete and complex for future development, comprising trends as relevant as AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning.

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The technology sector

Technology is part of all areas of personal and professional life of individuals and companies. Moreover, there is no longer any sector or industry in society that does not include technological tools to develop its activity. The truth is that technology makes people's lives easier and improves the productivity and competitiveness of companies.

This sector was born 40 years ago and, since then, it has not stopped growing, reaching practically all corners of the world and all social, political and economic spheres. It is a sector characterized by constant evolution, where innovation acts as a lever for digital transformation, in order to renew products, services and production processes.

Technology affects all fields of knowledge in society and establishes a space of shared knowledge that is updated in increasingly shorter periods of time. Therefore, innovation is essential within this sector to generate substantial changes in the established statuses.

The sub-sector of information and communication technologies (ICT) is the most powerful within the whole main sector. In turn, within this sector, four different types of activities coexist: manufacturing, commerce, IT and telecommunications activities, and the digital content industry.

Likewise, in other areas, technology is configured as an element of development and empowerment. In this sense, it improves the industrial sectors (food, automotive); it promotes health care and research; it reformulates the production and design processes in fashion; it interferes in the hotel industry; in the service to households and companies; in transport and logistics; in construction and real estate; in laboratories; and in engineering companies, among others.

Sustainable technology

All these innovations and developments cannot take place without taking care of the environment. For this reason, sustainable technological systems have been implemented for some years now, which help to reduce waste and to maintain, and even increase, efficiency in activities.

Likewise, the systems and devices produced within the technology industry must be created with the greatest possible respect for the environment. Professionals in the sector have understood that technology improves the day-to-day life of societies, but also that it helps to raise awareness. Therefore, it is configured as a tool for social transformation, starting with education and ending with care for the environment.

Technology fairs at IFEMA MADRID

Technology is a sector that directly affects many other areas of the economy, so it is present in much of IFEMA MADRID´s event offerings, directly or indirectly. On the one hand, there is the technology fair Smart doors, Doors and Operators' Fair. Also Tecnova, Technology and Innovation Fair for Aquatic Installations; Digicom, Leading Fair for Digital Printing and Visual Communication; Bit Audiovisual, Professional Fair for Audiovisual Technology; or Expodrónica, Best Symposium on Drones in Spain.

On the other hand, we can find fairs that a priori may belong to other sectors but in which the presence of technology makes the difference. These are fairs such as Matelec, International Solutions Show for the Electrical and Electronic Industry; Farmaforum, Forum for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Laboratory Technology; Matelec Industry, International Solutions Show for Industry and Smart Factory; Global Robot Expo, an international showcase for industrial innovation, automation and digital transformation; and, Simo Educación, International Educational Technology and Innovation Show: Empack, The future of packaging technology.

Other fairs include Siga, Innovative solutions for water management; Expodental, International exhibition of dental equipment, products and services; Air conditioning, International exhibition of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, industrial and commercial refrigeration; Chemplast, New products for the chemical and plastic industry for all sectors; Fruit Attraction, International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector; Meat Attraction, International Fair of the Meat Sector; Intersicop, International Fair of Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee; Vendibérica, International Fair of Vending and Automatic Catering; Eat2Go, Specialized and monographic event for the Food Delivery and Take Away Industry; and Logistics & Distribution.