Textile and footwear fairs

The textile and clothing industry is positioned as one of the leading sectors worldwide, being made up of large companies in the international market. Thus, it is a sector with a high capacity to adapt to both the environment and the market, currently presenting a positive growth trend. The footwear sector is part of a very diverse industry, which brings together a large number of materials and products, from general types of footwear for men, women and children to more specialised products.

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The textile sector

The textile and clothing sector covers a wide range of productive activities including footwear and leather goods; clothing; leather tanning; textile finishing; and spinning and weaving. All these areas include design processes designed to optimize the use, value and appearance of products, through the choice of materials, mechanisms, shapes, colors and finishes.

The Spanish textile sector operates within a strong international competition, which puts its figures in check. However, the quality of Spanish products has its own identity and favors the strengthening of this sector, which over the years has demonstrated its great capacity to reinvent itself and adapt to new times.

The footwear sector

The footwear industry is a highly diversified industry and includes various industrial processes, companies and market structures. The footwear sector is not just about selling in shoe shops or large platforms, but, before reaching the point of sale, there is a large production chain that includes the supply of raw materials, design, cutting of materials, dressmaking and manufacturing, production itself and distribution.

Over the years, it has also managed to maintain the values of tradition and has created a perfect synthesis between sophistication, quality, comfort and value for money.


The textile and footwear industry is making steady progress towards ecological transition and industrial digitalization. For some time now, Spanish brands have been bringing out new products that are more respectful of the environment, made from raw materials that are also sustainable and through production processes with a low carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

End buyers are increasingly demanding the origin of clothes and professionals in the sector have been able to detect this in time. For this reason, they have adapted to new trends by organising themselves to respond to society's demands for traceability, transparency and sustainability through an environmental legal framework that takes into account dumping, chemical product management, emissions and waste.

One of the great challenges in terms of sustainability is the creation of vegan products; that is, products that are not made with materials of animal origin. This is a trend that is increasingly based on the values of social responsibility, and in this respect textiles have already begun to make shoes without leather, sweaters without wool and coats without fur, and have instead introduced synthetic or plant-based materials, which are just as resistant and appropriate.

New challenges

The main challenge of the textile-footwear sector, as of any other, is to integrate the technologies to develop the activity of the productive chain and for the processing of garments and textiles, as well as footwear and leather goods, the point of differentiation of the Spanish market. The demands of the market mean that the sector adapts its ways of doing things to new technologies in order to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility and thus become more competitive.

In this sense, production in proximity, industry 4.0, big data, quality in all areas, sustainability and technology at the point of sale must be concepts that all professionals integrate into their ways of doing and thinking. The textile sector has a long tradition which it must continue to maintain while adapting to new market challenges.


At IFEMA MADRID we are passionate about textile and footwear fashion and that is why we present the clothing fair par excellence, the Momad, International Textile and Accessories Exhibition. We also have in our calendar fairs like the mythical Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBMFW), Spanish fashion show; and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ibiza, The great cruise collection catwalk in Spain.

In addition, you can also find other fairs such as 1001 bodas, Products and Services Hall for Celebrations. All of them are designed for companies to expand their business portfolios and their contacts and for end consumers to be up to date with the trends and innovations in the sector.