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Reading is gradually regaining its position as a form of entertainment and fun. With the increase in digitalisation, books (and in general reading on paper) are becoming valued again. In the last five years, there has been an upward trend in publishers working in formats other than paper, as well as in sales of books in electronic format.

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Reading books, a classic

Nowadays, there are a wide range of activities that we can do to entertain ourselves. Technology has allowed us to spend our free time watching films and series, playing video games, visiting social networks, watching television or live streaming and a variety of other forms of entertainment.

This has meant that the way we spend our leisure time has changed considerably if we look back, leaving some activities in decline or even obsolete. However, if there is one age-old activity that survives this changing world, it is the book.

The world of the book resists with heroism and courage the setbacks of the sector, just like the characters in classic novels who do not give up in the face of adversity.  In this case, literature has adapted to the new digital platforms in an extraordinary way thanks to new formats such as e-books.

Nowadays, the number of subjects is equal to the number of interests of the reader. It is a fact that there is a book for everyone.  From science fiction books to mystery or crime novels to more romantic readings.

Books are a great national treasure in the field of culture and entertainment. They have managed to transmit knowledge, values and creativity to different generations. A good story endures in the collective memory.

In addition to being an activity that serves as entertainment, reading has multiple benefits. Some studies say that it stimulates perception, concentration and even empathy. On the other hand, we learn to express ourselves better and our capacity for concentration and analysis increases. Obviously, the benefits depend on the type of books we read, but it is clear that reading will always bring us something.

Book fairs in IFEMA MADRID

Book fairs are events that bring together professionals from all sectors of the book world, both in digital and paper format. In this way, booksellers, distributors, importers, librarians, authors, literary agents, buyers of rights, teachers and other professionals in the sector establish contact through commercial exchanges and training and debate sessions.  

Publishers and professionals meet at IFEMA MADRID, where they share opportunities and innovations for the book market.