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Sport has become one of the fastest growing activity sectors. The well-known role of sportswear and footwear manufacturers is joined by many other business activities, both from the perspective of the manufacturing industry and services. Neither of these two areas is free from dangers and new challenges and threats.

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The world of sport

The world of sport encompasses multiple disciplines and markets that go far beyond football. It is a very competitive sector in which similar interests converge both between disciplines and within disciplines, between clubs and sports organisations. It is this competition that makes the sports sector a key driver for the country's economy.

The different sports disciplines operate as businesses that finance athletes, agents, media, cars and other sectors of the economy. The sports industry, in turn, encompasses many sectors such as services, products, education, personalised care, clothing and footwear and even sports tourism.

In recent years there has been an increase in the demand for sport, which is closely related to a greater interest in personal care and the rise of a healthier lifestyle on the part of citizens. All this increase in the practice of sport and the consumption of sport as a spectacle has generated a greater number of market opportunities.

In turn, this greater number of opportunities has encouraged many people to find their vocation and project their working life into the world of sport. Likewise, this sector requires constant training and qualified professionals, since from time to time new techniques, new research and technologies appear that help to improve sporting activity at all levels.

Sport as a social factor

Sport is a fundamental factor in any society. This activity is characterized by transmitting essential values such as team spirit, responsibility, solidarity, tolerance and personal improvement. Likewise, sport is a determining factor in the construction of a nation's culture and identity.

For all this, its presence is very important within education; because it not only helps to improve physical health, but also improves psychological health. Children, young people, adults and seniors can find in sport an emotional channeling that will help to have a clearer and more agile mind.

Sport as a spectacle

Another characteristic of sport is that it is a spectacle that moves a lot of money with the collection of tickets for competitions, television or broadcast rights in general and corporate sponsorship, among other things.

Sport has been constructed as a synonym for leisure and entertainment and more and more individuals are including this activity in their free time, both to practice it and to consume it as a product, since it is a form of socialization and an element of social inclusion.


At IFEMA MADRID, you can find Sport Woman, a fair for women, health and sport, which highlights the role of women in this world.

You can also find in our agenda IFEMA MADRID Horse Week, the most important equestrian event in the world, as well as Sport Is Party, the sports fair. A wide range of opportunities to find out first-hand about new products and services, participate in draws, take advantage of multiple discounts, get in touch with professionals from the sports sector and, of course, exercise while having fun!