Building, architecture and construction fairs

An industry undergoing constant change and innovation, which seeks to adapt to the new needs of consumers. Thus, it presents trends such as the use of alternative materials and sustainable designs, energy efficiency, the creation of smart homes, noise reduction and the creation of more resistant structures.

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Construction, Architecture and Works

The construction, architecture and building industry is characterized by constant change and renovation. Despite being a market very vulnerable to economic cycles, it has always known how to adapt to new challenges and new consumer needs.

It is a point of union between sustainability, innovation and technology. New trends call for alternative materials and sustainable designs, as well as energy efficiency, smart homes, noise reduction and stronger structures.

It is characterized by a tireless search to find out how best to integrate new technologies, methods and construction techniques into the entire building process. The scope of efficiency and sustainability is marked as a priority, which is why the construction trade fair sector bets, researches and invests in intelligent growth.

In this way, consumers are guaranteed maximum quality, constructions that are practical, efficient, designed and technologically advanced. This industry is one of the engines of the world economy and is synonymous with development and progress. The construction is an art, makes the society and, in turn, is the reflection of this.

The sectors of the construction industry

This industry includes important sectors that create synergies whose activity is closely related. Manufacturers of construction materials, transporters, engineers and architects who think, develop and approve civil and private projects, and even real estate and insurance, are involved in the whole process.

Each link in the building chain, from the idea to the sale, is important and plays a crucial role in the development of societies. The sectors that make up the industry are working in the same direction to simplify the life of all citizens, whether it be with private construction or civil works.


IFEMA MADRID brings together different construction fairs in Madrid under the umbrella of ePower&Building, which integrates all the solutions for the complete building cycle and where different brands have the opportunity to establish new contractual relationships.

The CONSTRUTEC construction trade fair, the International Construction Materials, Techniques and Systems Exhibition, stands out. Along with this show, BIMEXPO, the leading European Trade Fair for Services, Networking, Knowledge and BIM Solutions (Building Information Modeling) for the building industry; and ARCHISTONE, the International Exhibition for Architecture in Stone, a natural element very present in modern architecture, will be held.

In addition, ePower&Building is a member of the International Exhibition of Solutions for the Electrical and Electronic Industry, held under the name MATELEC and which has different areas, such as Matelec Industry or Matelec Lighting. There is also space for VETECO, the International Window, Façade and Solar Protection Show.

In addition, other fairs are held throughout the year, such as TECNOVA PISCINAS, the Technology and Innovation Fair for Aquatic Installations; or REHABITAR MADRID, a space for the reform and rehabilitation of private homes.

Other construction fairs

At an international level, the ARCHITECT @WORK SPAIN takes place, one of the most important architecture fairs in Europe where different materials and design trends are shown; or METALMADRID, an opportunity to get to know innovation in the industrial sector, where the latest advances and novelties for the present and future industry can be discovered.