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We're looking for people like you! If you want to work with us, come in and find out how you can do it. Join the IFEMA MADRID experience, where you can grow as a professional or start your career by training with us.

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Our nature: People first

We are an organization designed by and for people, able to understand them and offer them the value they need to develop professionally and personally. At IFEMA MADRID we are a meeting point between people who seek to discover, share and grow together, promoting social, economic and personal well-being.

At IFEMA MADRID, we are committed to constant evolution and the commitment to always be one step ahead of those around us, in order to offer a near vision of everything that matters to us. A source of inspiration and opportunities for those who have common interests and find a space in which to share them at IFEMA MADRID.

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Young talent

People in training are critical to our growth. We know that young people are fundamental for development and creativity and we rely on them to be at the forefront as a constant source of inspiration.

So, if you like to connect people and interests, if you have concerns, you speak languages, you live with curiosity, and you consider yourself dynamic, at IFEMA MADRID we help you to become a great professional, come closer: we accelerate your learning by accompanying you in your development.

All together

No one is as good as everyone together

Experience has led us to recognize the contribution of all the people who are part of the institution, fundamental to joint success. One of the keys to the exchange of experiences and knowledge between teams is the promotion of projects that facilitate the cross-sectional meeting of people who do not collaborate directly on a day-to-day basis. Boosting diverse teams encourages a continuous evolution in working methods.

our best version

Every day, our best version

We make a constant effort to ensure the continuous improvement of our activity has an impact on the various audiences we serve. The commitment to improve our workers' day-to-day drives us by helping us reach the level of excellence that an organization like ours wants to offer to society.


The value of diversity is in inclusion

For the promotion of a successful collaborative culture, it is essential to generate environments and initiatives that eliminate physical and cultural barriers between areas and teams, encouraging equal opportunities and respect for diversity, and aiming to eradicate all types of discrimination. We also work to ensure that the benefits of our activity reach all citizens equally to create a more inclusive society that leaves no one behind.

Smal teams great results

Small teams, great results

People are one of the cornerstones of the future plan and part of our responsibility. We offer training opportunities for all our workers that generate a dynamic and constantly evolving environment encouraging the professional and personal development of each individual.

It affects us all

What affects you affects us all

We work daily to be the meeting point between shared interests between companies and society. To this end, we promote a flexible work environment that fosters the reconciliation of the personal and work lives of our employees, being a reference and an example in this area. We take an interest in the integral development of people in all of their dimensions, which is why we support corporate volunteering and all the actions that highlight the more human side.

Know our clients

Finding out the perception of our customers to understand our reality

Understanding our customers is essential for us, offering experiences that add value, make a difference and generate interest is the way to understand their concerns. We use empathy as a way of listening to customers, which gives us a healthier, longer-lasting and bidirectional relationship, where both client and company benefit.