Hostelry and equipment fairs

Economic activities consisting in the provision of services linked to accommodation and food, usually linked to tourism, make up the hostelry sector.  This sector has been evolving and growing exponentially and has become one of the most active in our country and one of the drivers of the economy.

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The hotel and catering sector

The hotel and catering sector, and all its related sub-sectors, is an important weight in the Spanish economy. The good figures presented by this sector of the economy are due to the fact that it is closely related to tourism and, in this sense, Spain is one of the favourite destinations not only for foreigners, but also for Spaniards themselves. Likewise, going to bars, restaurants, cafeterias and other places that are part of this sector is a lifestyle and an activity that is part of the customs of the country.

This sector hosts thousands of businesses and generates a great economic flow. However, the power of the sector is a double-edged sword because there is a lot of competitiveness. That is why it is very important to create a differential value, where customers can live unique and differentiating experiences. In this sense, premises and accommodations with personality are a differentiating point for the users' decision. Elements such as decoration, gastronomy and the way to plate and serve come into play.

Personalisation is important in customer service and, to this end, technologies are used that change contact with customers. The presence of social networks and web portals where users can exchange opinions and interact with users means a change in the ways these businesses are promoted.

Now the experience in the hotel and catering sector begins in the network, evaluating opinions and playing a very important role the image of the brand, as well as its presence in these new platforms that serve as a means of promotion for premises and accommodation. Innovation and creativity in teams are essential to improve professionalism and profitability.

Web design, listening to the customer and interacting with him, as well as providing personalized service, is the differential value that every business within the sector needs to put into practice. To do this, new technologies, innovative products and business management techniques must be combined through the use of new marketing strategies that serve to promote new initiatives and attract new clients, users and/or consumers.

On the other hand, there is an increase in demand for takeaway food and an increase in healthy food, which causes menus to be readapted to the tastes of consumers who, in turn, seek to consume sustainable products and services.


At IFEMA MADRID we want to be the loudspeaker for all these companies that are included in the hotel and catering sector and we want to give them the opportunity to increase their business portfolio and get in touch with the new trends in the sector by holding different events.

Among them are EAT2GO, the specialized and monographic event for the Food Delivery and Take Away Industry; INTERSICOP, International Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee Exhibition; HOSPITALITY INNOVATION PLANET, the largest international laboratory for trends and new business concepts; FRUIT ATTRACTION, International Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition; MEAT ATTRACTION, International Meat Exhibition; and VENDIBÉRICA, International Vending and Automatic Catering Exhibition.