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The fashion sector in Spain continues its restructuring of concepts with large changes in market share  according to sales channels. Smart fashion is the key to the success of the stores of the future, since consumers are changing and, with them, the way they consume.

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The fashion sector

The fashion sector is characterized by being very creative, artistic and non-conformist. The imagination and ingenuity of great designers, creatives and craftsmen have made it possible to give visibility to the quality seal of fashion made in Spain. It is a very diverse industry that encompasses multiple sub-sectors such as footwear, leather goods, children's and young people's fashion, bridal fashion, jewellery and accessories, among many others.

Another of its characteristics is that it is a sector that welcomes large brands and firms and, in turn, a large number of SMEs with their own business models. A large part of the sector increases its turnover and workforce year after year, as well as expanding its distribution networks and generating more international business.

Fashion and climate change

Society is increasingly concerned about climate change and in this sense, the actors in the sector are already implementing measures to achieve a 100% sustainable and environmentally responsible industry. 

One of the most widely heard proposals is that fast fashion should be minimized, giving way to slow fashion which, unlike the previous one, seeks to create timeless, unique and exclusive garments, with high quality and, above all, with greater durability. 

This type of fashion is committed to a system of circular economy where what is no longer going to be used is recycled; sustainable, natural, organic and recycled materials predominate; and where investment is made in R+D+I to obtain raw materials, production methods and energies that work in the line of sustainability. 

The Spanish fashion of author, with a great artisan value, puts by flag the responsible consumption, the production of proximity, generating wealth within the country from the beginning to the end of all the productive process. 

New forms of promotion

The new purchasing habits of consumers for the benefit of online shopping have caused the industry to go through a process of technological adaptation, where the main sales channel is the digital environment. The presence of brands on the Internet is very important not only to sell, but to generate online reputation through participation in social networks and web optimization. 

Online advertising and collaboration with influencers as channels to publicise brand values and products now prevails. Influencers are a very effective advertising channel because they have the trust of their followers. In addition, reviews and comments from other buyers will also be a determining factor in purchase decisions. 


The two reference fashion fairs in Madrid, both national and international, are MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID (MBFWM), the Spanish fashion show, and MOMAD, the International Textile and Accessories Show. Also, in our program you will be able to find o 1001 MOMENTOS, Products and Services Hall for Celebrations; FIMI, International Fair of Infantile and Juvenile Fashion; o FERIA BEBÉ, the Hall of the baby and the new families. 

And as fashion is also associated with beauty and personal care, you can also enjoy SALÓN LOOK, International Fair of the Image and Integral Aesthetics; ECO LIVING IBERIA, International Professional Fair, Natural, Ethical and Sustainable on cosmetics and household goods of the Iberian Peninsula.