Decoration fairs

Decor is a market that is strongly subject to opinions, and therefore the subjectivity of each person. It should be noted that it is a sector that is gaining more and more strength on the internet and in online sales. This is giving more and more new opportunities to the great professionals that make up this sector. The key to success is knowing how to offer customers the opportunity to express their personality and tastes through the brand.

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A Lifestyle

The decoration is an artistic expression and a reflection of the personality of each individual. For this reason, this sector is intimately linked to lifestyle. For some years now, individuals have been travelling more, getting to know new cultures, living different experiences and going to accommodation and restaurants that are concerned with the decoration of the spaces. All this makes people open their minds and include in the decoration of their homes these experiences lived and captured with the retina.

In this sense, consumer behaviour has changed, with greater interest now being shown in trends in decoration, design and interior design. Users are leaving behind conservative styles and deciding to take a risk, valuing craftsmanship, unique and exclusive pieces and betting on antiques.

There is now a culture around decoration that has been expanded by digitalization and, above all, by social networks, which operate as loudspeakers within this sector, as users exchange tastes, opinions and experiences.

It is a sector tailor-made for customers: they have an idea in mind and the professionals make it a reality and even advise and help them to improve the project. The professionals of the sector offer the client the house of his dreams, they attend to his tastes and needs and, for that, they capture the essence, the tastes and the demands of the buyers.

Decorative trends

If there is something that predominates in the world of decoration, it is the timelessness of spaces. It is not only aesthetic pleasure that matters, but also comfort and practicality. Decoration depends on the architectural design of the space and that is why the figure of the interior designer and the decorator must work hand in hand, to adapt the elements to the room in question and achieve harmony, functionality and beauty in equal parts.

Decoration is no longer a matter of standardisation or epoch-making, but of personal taste. There is a great diversity of tendencies that can be mixed among them, because the tastes can be very diverse and even, sometimes, opposed. Among the most popular styles today are vintage, rustic, Nordic or Scandinavian, classic, minimalist, industrial and bohemian.

Characteristics of the sector

This sector is determined by a law of unavoidable cause and effect: when the economy of households varies, the economic situation of the sector changes, for better or for worse. The decoration sector was greatly affected by the economic crisis of 2008, as the household economy was very badly affected. Little by little, the sector's figures have recovered while the purchasing power of users has improved.

However, it is important to point out that it is no longer an exclusive sector with high purchasing power, but one that is within the reach of every pocket because it has diversified in terms of styles, materials and designs. In addition, the economic recession has led to price adjustments and a further boom in second-hand shops and outlets.

It is a sector in which national and international brands, department stores and small specialized businesses converge and obtain more and more significant figures. The strong point of this sector is the professionalization of the shopkeepers and the advice and, although the price is important, it is even more important the design, quality and comfort.

Decoration at IFEMA

At IFEMA MADRID, we want to connect the different members of this sector, so that they have the opportunity to expand their business options. We also want to put our customers in touch with the main brands and decoration companies. The most important decoration fair in Madrid is FERIARTE, Antiques and Art Galleries Fair.
Other decoration fairs that you can find in our agenda are ALMONEDA, Antiques Fair, Art Galleries and Collecting; SIMA, International Real Estate Fair Madrid; and SIMA AUTUMN, The biggest and most influential real estate event in Spain.