IFEMA MADRID: A hyperconnected fair organization

Founded in 1980, IFEMA MADRID is a consortium formed by the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Montemadrid Foundation. Our activity has an economic impact on the territory of 4.374 billion euros and generates more than 26,000 jobs.

At IFEMA MADRID we have a very clear objective, to be a place to connect. To connect interests, challenges, concerns, knowledge, hobbies and passions. To do this, we have been designing environments for 40 years in which people, companies and society meet and share interests and challenges.

With a defined purpose


With a defined purpose

IFEMA MADRID operates as a dynamic agent in Madrid's economy and employment, generating satisfactory encounters between people and companies that result in economic, social and personal wellbeing, and promoting sustainability as a benchmark, both in its infrastructures and in its activity.

Focused on the mission

Herobaner Misión

Focused on the mission

We globally create and promote environments that facilitate connections between people, companies and society, driving economic growth and competitiveness based on excellence and added value.

At IFEMA MADRID we have a very clear objective: to provide value to make people, companies and society grow, being an engine of economic and social value for those around us. A window from which to look at the future closely, open to knowledge, innovation, to what matters today and tomorrow.

With a very clear vision

Herobaner Visión

With a very clear vision

We want to make Madrid, and by extension Spain, the reference in the world economic scenario, favoring the generation of wealth through our leadership as a source of inspiration, knowledge and creation of business opportunities.

We seek to maintain our position of national and international leadership in the organization of trade fairs, conventions and all types of leisure events, through operational excellence and quality services.

True to our values

Herobaner Valores

True to our values

These are the ethical principles, beliefs and values that underpin the company's culture and inform our behavioural patterns. The proposals are developed by the Management Committee following a reflection exercise on the above aspects.

Commitment and Closeness with all individuals, both those who contribute to the institution's growth from within and those who seek to collaborate with us.

Dynamism and Creativity to seek out and seize today’s best opportunities that have the potential to become significant projects in the future.

Efficacy and Efficiency in achieving our objectives through the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

Sustainability and Transparency to be an institution that represents the best values of the society it serves and to which it owes its duty.


People and talent

We are an organization designed by and for people, able to understand them and offer them the value they need to develop professionally and personally. At IFEMA MADRID we are a meeting point between people who seek to discover, share and grow together, promoting social, economic and personal well-being.

People and talent

innovation conference

A window to tomorrow: Innovation

Improving the experience of our visitors is one of our priorities, and therefore at IFEMA MADRID we have made a great technological commitment to lead cutting-edge developments in the digital transformation of fairs.

We work and promote the use of new technologies to generate experiences.

To do this, through the R&D laboratory at the IFEMA MADRID LAB Foundation, we are developing a prototype Augmented Fair and we encourage research into new generation technologies. We promote projects aimed at improving the productivity of the public and private administrative organization.


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IFEMA MADRID International, more global than ever

The international impulse of IFEMA MADRID represents one of our strategic objectives, both for our own fair activity carried out in Madrid, as well as that carried out in other countries, where we export IFEMA MADRID´s knowledge and experience in the management and commercialization of events and spaces.

International Fairs

IFEMA MADRID hosts half of all the international fairs held in our country every year, and is Spain’s leading trade fair operator when it comes to staging important events of this nature.

New markets
We promote activity in new markets, strengthening our international position with 16 IFEMA MADRID delegations operating in 28 countries.

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IFEMA MADRID, more than a responsibility

Our main concern is to be an active agent in the creation of a new model of social, economic and environmental sustainability, creating economic and personal value for all those around us.

At IFEMA MADRID we are aware of our transmission capacity and therefore, we lead the promotion of sustainability actions that affect the improvement of the environment, both economically, environmentally and socially. In partnership with our clients, at fairs we encourage the development of actions and initiatives with a direct and measurable impact on our community.

The area of Quality and CSR aims to develop and promote an Integrated Management System that helps us meet the requirements of the most demanding international standards in environmental, energy and sustainability.

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Transparency Portal

IFEMA MADRID is a consortium in which the "Community" (Autonomous Region) of Madrid, the Madrid Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Montemadrid Foundation hold shares. Their top representatives make up the Governing Bodies and participate in the Management of IFEMA MADRID.