Comic and manga fairs in Madrid

In Spain, both the comic and manga sectors continue to grow every year. For this reason, more and more fairs are being held in this sector, receiving thousands of visitors of all ages and tastes.

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comic and manga fairs

An undisputed leader in the industry: the Comic

Comic books are growing, spreading and gaining prestige at a dizzying pace within the industry. In the words of many experts, it has been a breath of fresh air in terms of revenue share compared to other literary genres.

It is a very interesting style of literary work, as it not only provides us with a story, but also allows us to enjoy illustrations that guide us through the story. This is why it is a perfect initiation to reading for teenagers and children in a world in which it competes with series, video games and social networks.

Comic books are strong in Spain thanks to their unconditional followers. Most of them are teenagers or young people making their first foray into the world of reading, but there are also older people who grew up with the beginning of this phenomenon.

Comic books are experiencing a before and after thanks to the adaptation of many of these works to film format, which has led to a great resurgence of interest in this art form, whether in its paper or digital version.

The success of Manga

Globalisation and digitalisation have allowed different cultures to spread throughout the world. The Japanese case is one of the clearest examples of this, as who has not seen a mythical Japanese series when they were children?

Manga comics have a long history in our country. This Japanese art first appeared 50 years ago. Few knew about this particular style within the book industry, although it has been able to grow and form a loyal legion of fans.

In the beginning all manga were drawn and written in the traditional way and sold in black and white paper format. Nowadays they are also marketed and drawn in digital format, with even greater capacity for expansion.

In addition, many of these manga have been taken to the audiovisual dimension through series and films, gaining even more fame and becoming a worldwide trend thanks to social networks.

At this point, there is no doubt that manga has made a huge contribution to the literary industry, becoming the perfect pretext for young audiences to awaken their interest in reading.