Comic and manga fairs in Madrid

Comic and manga fairs at IFEMA MADRID are highly anticipated events for fans of manga culture, comics and entertainment in general. These events bring together fans, artists, publishers and industry professionals to celebrate and enjoy the passion for comics, manga, anime and geek culture in general. With activities such as exhibitions, sales tables, author signings, cosplay contests and talks, comic and manga fairs offer a unique experience for lovers of this universe.

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comic and manga fairs

What's on display

At comic or manga fairs, attendees can find a wide variety of content related to pop culture, manga, anime and comics. Comics and manga of various themes and genres are exhibited, from the classics to the latest novelties. In addition, related products such as collectible figures, merchandising, video games, cosplay items, illustrations and fanart are presented. Interactive activities such as cosplay contests, talks with guest artists, film and series screenings, creative workshops and meetings with fans are also usually included.

Comics and manga in IFEMA MADRID

IFEMA MADRID hosts several fairs related to the world of comics and manga, some of the most prominent being Madrid Comic Pop Up and Japan Weekend. These events offer attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese pop culture and the universe of comics. At these fairs, a wide range of products are exhibited, such as comics, manga, action figures, board games, collectibles and much more. In addition, they usually feature interactive activities, such as cosplay contests, autograph sessions with guest artists, anime and movie screenings, drawing workshops and talks on different aspects of geek culture. It is an ideal space for fans to meet, share their interests and discover the latest news from the world of comics and manga.

Visitor profile

The profiles of people who tend to attend fairs like Madrid Comic Pop Up are very diverse and reflect the wide range of interests within the world of comics and manga. Among them are superhero fans, who enjoy exploring the latest comic book releases and special editions of their favorite characters. Then there are the enthusiastic cosplayers, who take the opportunity to show off their amazing costumes inspired by their favorite characters. Comic book collectors are looking to add unique and rare pieces to their collection, while emerging artists can showcase and sell their work. Manga and anime fans find a space to discover new series and products related to Japanese culture. Finally, board game lovers can participate in tournaments, demonstrations and acquire the latest novelties in this field. In short, these fairs attract people passionate about the world of geek entertainment in all its forms and manifestations.

Comics and Manga Sector

The comics and manga sector in Spain is vibrant and diverse, with a passionate fan base and an ever-growing industry. In recent years, it has experienced a significant boom, driven by increased visibility and social acceptance of these genres, as well as the success of film and television adaptations of popular comics.

Spain has a large community of comic and manga creators, both professional and amateur, who contribute to the richness and variety of the artistic panorama. Internationally recognized authors stand out, as well as emerging talents exploring new styles and narratives.

Spanish publishers play an important role in the promotion and distribution of comics and manga, offering a wide range of titles from both national and international authors. In addition, events such as fairs, conventions and shows dedicated to comics and manga, provide platforms for the exhibition, sale and promotion of works, as well as for the meeting between creators, publishers and fans.

The popularity of comics and manga extends to various forms of entertainment, such as cosplay, video games and cinema, reflecting their influence on Spanish popular culture. In addition, the rise of social networks and streaming platforms has allowed fans to access digital content more easily and quickly, thus expanding the reach and community of followers of these genres.