Jewellery, bijouterie and accessories fairs

This is a sector of great importance in Spain, due to the economic wealth and the jobs it generates. It is guided by values such as aesthetics and design, and its great challenge is to offer its own products with personality. It is a very competitive market so commercial activity in this sector continues to grow, thus benefiting the economy of the different countries involved.

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A sector in transformation

The jewels are symbols and they are storytellers. Having a unique and exclusive piece makes the person who owns it feel special. Since the beginning of time, these pieces have been the star gift and have been configured as much more than a material acquisition. The jewelry speaks of love, friendship, family, and has an invaluable sentimental value.

Traditionally the jewellery sector has been linked to luxury and exclusivity. However, over the years this exclusivity has become less valuable. Changes in consumer behaviour have caused the jewellery sector to embrace other more affordable sub-sectors such as fashion jewellery. Jewellery is no longer a luxury sector, it is now accessible to many more people thanks to the rise of the medium-high segment of jewellery and accessories.

Without a doubt, this is a sector with a bright future. New market conditions have forced brands to readjust their strategies and product offerings. That is why now the brands have a large portfolio that includes everything from high jewelry to jewelry and accessories. This diversification has been carried out to balance sales in the presence of new audiences and to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the customer portfolio.

New audiences

More and more jewelry lines are presented close to fashion trends, an attraction for the younger public. Without forgetting that the classics never go out of fashion, the brands in the sector have understood that the new generations want iconic and recognisable pieces to wear on a daily basis. In this sense, they have had to expand their product offerings, change marketing strategies and the way they relate to customers. 

The challenge for this sector is to attract a young audience and to do so it is very important to have a presence on the Internet and to have eye-catching logos that capture the attention of this very volatile audience, as well as to carry out studies that allow us to understand the new consumer behaviours. 

It is a sector full of opportunities and that, in addition, offers the possibility of innovating in the creations, where the limit is in the imagination and creativity. In this sense, new brands and young designers have the opportunity to make a place for themselves in this world. The sector is in a moment where tradition and the avant-garde coexist. 

The digitisation of jewellery

This is a sector made up of family businesses that have earned the trust of their clients thanks to their private and personalized attention. Now, specialists are facing a generational change where it is necessary to advance in the digitalization processes to be more competitive. New digital marketing strategies, technological tools for communication, promotion and sale of the pieces through digital media must be implemented. 

Online sales have reached all sectors of the world economy to stay. The jewellery sector has been able to jump on the bandwagon of digitalisation and has begun to create national and international online sales strategies. They have done so through the optimization of websites and the use of databases, which are necessary, in turn, to strengthen customer relationships and retain them in the long term. 

Jewellery, bijouterie and accessories fairs in Madrid

At IFEMA MADRID, Feria de Madrid, we offer consumers and businessmen a variety of jewellery and costume jewellery events where they can discover new trends and expand the business portfolio of small, medium and large companies. This is the place to be for opportunities at fairs such as BISUTEX, the International Jewellery and Accessories Fair; MADRIDJOYA, the International Urban and Trend Jewellery and Watches Fair; and 1001 MOMENTOS, the Products and Services Fair for Celebrations.