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Sector dedicated to offering educational and training services that seek to improve people’s knowledge and skills. It includes activities dedicated exclusively to both training and education, understanding the nuances of meaning between the two and deepening the qualities necessary for the proper development of each one. 

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Education today is conceived as a fundamental right for all people. Therefore, all societies must provide equal learning opportunities through inclusive, equitable and quality education. Education, in addition to transmitting knowledge, makes people free because it gives them the opportunity to know the environment and act on it through decision-making.

We could say that education is the basis of evolution, both individual and collective. In fact, the economic, social and cultural development of any society depends directly on its quality, since it is the space where future generations are formed. Therefore, this sector is configured as a global economic engine on which all sectors of production depend and from which new activities are developed.

If education is good, if it adapts to new social changes, new industries and technologies and the emergence of new professions, economic sectors will function and operate in a stronger way.

Moreover, education itself is an increasingly important sector of the economy because it generates activities and skilled jobs. It is a sector where governments must invest and then make a long-term profit by improving the productivity and professionalism of workers.

Types of education

Any activity that provides knowledge and has an effect on a person's thoughts, feelings or actions is considered education. Education is something that is present throughout a person's life and takes many forms. According to the Spanish educational system, in today's society education is classified into informal, non-formal and formal, the latter being the one that operates within the system and where the participation of students is recognized by means of official certificates. 

Basic education is divided into five stages: Infant Education, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Upper Secondary Education and Higher Education and, as its name suggests, it is basic and compulsory for all individuals in society up to the Secondary Education stage. Likewise, it is designed to be developed in a structured environment created explicitly to teach students. 

IFEMA MADRID with education

At IFEMA MADRID we are committed to education and equal opportunities, which is why we have a series of events that offer students the chance to explore new career options for their future and continue to increase their knowledge. Likewise, centres and institutions have the opportunity to present their study plans and educational offerings under the umbrella of the largest operations centre in Madrid. 

Both professionals and students will be able to enjoy fairs such as AULA, the International Student and Educational Offerings Fair, which is part of Education Week, the largest event for the educational world in Spain, which hosts other fairs such as the International Postgraduate and Continuing Education Fair; the Network Congress, Education Resources and Commercial Exhibition; School Days, the Day of Families and Schools; and Expoelearning, the world's leading fair for the online education sector in Spanish.

Our program also includes other fairs such as Simo Educación, the International Education Technology and Innovation Fair; Madrid for Science, an event for the dissemination of science and citizen participation; and, at the international level, Education Week Mexico, a Postgraduate and Continuing Education event.