Employment fairs

The employment sector encompasses initiatives and organisations aimed at searching for and carrying out jobs, occupations and trades in various sectors. It involves all activities where people and companies are hired and contacted, respectively, to perform a series of specific tasks or find new opportunities within the labour market.

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The labour market is characterised by a complex and changing sector where economic fluctuations have a direct impact on activity.

Various institutions are participants in this industry, responsible for analyzing the state of the market and predicting growth or recession trends in the coming months.

In this way, job fairs are a link between companies and employees. A recruiting platform in which time is reduced in the hiring processes. At the same time they function as indicators of the state of the labour market.

The sectors of the employment industry

The employment industry, despite its continuous ups and downs, stands out for its ability to adapt

Adaptation has led job fairs to segment the public according to their profile and professional objectives. 

On the one hand, support is offered to those people who are entering working life and have not yet made a decision. At the other extreme, those who are clear about the sector they want to work in, but need advice on how to get their careers off the ground. 

In summary, there are three types of job fairs; those dedicated to university jobs, job fairs by economic sector and institutional job fairs. The latter is supported by public entities aimed at creating jobs among the most sensitive section of society; young people, people over 50 and those with some kind of disability.

Employment fairs at IFEMA MADRID

IFEMA MADRID aims to make the entrance to the labour market more dynamic and flexible, creating opportunities through job fairs for companies and employees.

This type of event is also a good opportunity for the different profiles that participate, where not only can direct contact be established between employees and companies, but it can also be a way of attracting talent, guidance on professional development or definition of trajectories and objectives.

Aware of the relevance of this sector in Spain, IFEMA MADRID holds several employment fairs around the different branches of industry. The Employment Fair for People with Disabilities stands out, an employment meeting for all types of workers and entities that offer employment.

On an international level, Expofranquicia, the International Franchise Fair, and FIF, the International Franchise Fair, are held.