Home, furniture and lighting fairs

The home sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Spain and internationally in recent years. The focus is on exhibiting the latest developments dedicated to the world of comfort and home design, equipment, furniture and interior design. The trend has changed as well as the environment and companies have found a new opportunity to innovate and focus on quality.

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Home, furniture and lighting

Years after year the home, furniture and lighting industry shows us that it has not yet reached its peak. In spite of depending to a great extent on the construction sector, it has known how to reinvent itself and generate new ideas or concepts capable of revolutionizing the industry without losing sight of the needs demanded by both companies and the end customer, as can be seen in each of the home fairs.

The firm commitment to growth based on quality and innovation has opened new paths not previously imagined, acquiring greater relevance the learning curve and basic knowledge that integrate all the variables of the industry.

The sectors of the household industry

The experience and motivation for continuous improvement are the driving forces of a sector that remains stronger than ever, with the synergies that have emerged in the process of creation being the top priority.

An essential aspect in this process is the collaboration between furniture material manufacturers, electricians, carpenters, engineers or interior designers who put their talent to the test in every successful project they carry out.


At IFEMA MADRID we have brought together different home and furniture fairs in Madrid that give us a broad and complete view of the significant advances made in this sector. They aim to become a point of inspiration where a large number of brands intervene with the aim of building beneficial professional ties.

Likewise, C&R, the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show, continues to be an essential event in the search for minimizing energy consumption and promoting respect for the environment. 

Similarly, the celebration of VETECO, the International Fair of the Window, Façade and Solar Protection shows us the frenetic activity that the domestic market is living. MATELEC, the International Exhibition of Solutions for the Electrical and Electronic Industry, also occupies a privileged position. 

Alongside the above, there is also the Sima Expo Otoño furniture fair, the largest and most influential real estate event in Spain.

Other home fairs

As far as the degree of internationalization is concerned, SIMA EXPO, the International Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid, takes over, a much awaited event where the public and professionals do not miss the opportunity to see each other's faces. These are intense days in which passion is breathed, while at the same time it favours the development of a perfect space in the discovery of new trends in the international real estate scene.