Pets Fair

The world of pets has become a very important part of homes. Both dogs and cats (among other animals) are seen as members of the family. They have gone from being simple companions to being in the core family on numerous occasions. According to experts in this sector, 40% of households in Spain own a pet. This industry has grown 5% annually since 2007.

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The pet industry is experiencing steady growth in recent years. The various studies carried out by the sector corroborate this, drawing a promising future if growth prospects are taken into account.

In the past, animals played a more unrecognised role in the family unit, they were simply considered to be company. Nowadays, they have become a member of the family where concern for their welfare has increased.

In the pet and companion animal sector, the customer demands and demands exquisite treatment, without neglecting the closeness that arises from interactions with the end customer or the industry.

The sectors of the pet industry

The pet industry is, without a doubt, a winning bet where its great potential and the ability to choose opportunities well are the keys to success.

Each member involved in managing the welfare of pets is important in the life of the pet. From pet caretakers, health-conscious veterinarians, pet grooming stores, to trainers and educators, they are the cornerstones of the industry.


Three pet fairs are organized at IFEMA MADRID, contributing to the increase in the calendar of events dedicated to the industry, where the animal fairs in Madrid are one of the most anticipated events of the year for many of the attendees.

Highlights include 100x100 mascot, the pet fair; Iberzoo Propet, the international fair for the pet professional; and IFEMA Madrid Horse Week, the most important equestrian event in the world.