Pets Fair

Pet fairs at IFEMA MADRID are events that bring together animal lovers to exhibit products and services related to their care. They offer a variety of activities, from demonstrations and contests to informative talks. These fairs provide a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends in the animal world and learn about proper pet care, as well as being educational and entertaining events for the whole family.

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pet fairs

What is exhibited

At the pet fairs held at IFEMA MADRID, a wide variety of pet-related products and services are exhibited. This includes pet food and snacks, accessories such as toys and clothing, grooming equipment such as cages and leashes, hygiene and beauty products, as well as veterinary, training and boarding services. In addition, they usually have activities such as breed exhibitions, beauty contests, skills demonstrations, educational talks and animal adoption sessions.


IFEMA MADRID hosts two events dedicated to pets specifically, enriching the industry's calendar of activities and being a must-attend event for many. These include 100x100 Mascota, a fair dedicated to pets; Iberzoo Propet, aimed at the sector's professionals.

Visitor profiles

Pet fairs attract a wide range of visitors, including animal lovers, pet owners, veterinary and animal care professionals, manufacturers, department stores, kennels, shelters and many more. These events tend to be popular with families, couples and groups of friends who want to enjoy a day interacting with animals, discovering new products and services for their pets, and participating in animal-related activities and shows.

These fairs offer a unique opportunity to access all the information on the specialized commercial offer in one place and in a short period of time. They provide an overview of national and international trends and innovations in just a few days. In addition, they are the ideal scenario for initiating, continuing or closing purchasing processes and orders, as well as for establishing professional contacts and strengthening business relationships with existing suppliers. These fairs also provide the opportunity to directly analyze the characteristics of the products and services offered by potential new suppliers, as well as to compare the specialized offer directly. They are a key tool for distribution, helping to define the image and content aimed at the end consumer, and provide crucial information for evaluating future participation as an exhibitor.

Pet Sector

In Spain, the pet sector has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, reflected in the increase in spending on pet-related products and services. According to AEDPAC data, the country has around 28 million pets, including dogs, cats, birds, rodents and other animals. In addition, annual spending on pet products and services exceeds 2,000 million euros, making Spain one of the main pet markets in Europe. This figure includes spending on food, veterinary care, accessories, grooming services, insurance and other services related to animal welfare.