Gift fairs in Madrid

Some of the main trends in the advertising items sector that we can find today are technology, fashion and ecology. Traditional advertising gifts continue to have an important weight in the sector, although new technologies are increasingly important. Double-function pens, portable batteries to charge mobile phones on the go, and travel cases to store headphones are some of the items we can find.

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The gifts and promotional items industry continues to break records in terms of the growth of its previous annual turnover, confirming its extraordinary positive trend.

The improvement in effectiveness, the commitment of the brands to increase the personalization of the commercial products and the maximization of the times in the part of the production, have been the fundamental pillars to rejuvenate the market.

As has happened in other sectors, the arrival of technology has completely changed business models. If we stop to analyse the sector, the conclusions we draw are really positive.

In recent years, the way in which brands approach their customers has been transformed, now there is a two-way communication in which both parties are more satisfied.

On the other hand, new technologies have also greatly helped to identify user needs, favouring the adaptation of product catalogues. Examples of this are the appearance of personalized USBs, portable batteries or cases in which to store the headphones.

The sectors of the gift industry

In recent years, the alliance with the digital world and the incorporation of new technologies have positively shaken up the entire market for advertising items.

By promoting originality and creativity, fundamental factors in the execution of the activity, it has been possible to avoid times of recession. Manufacturers, designers, distributors and businessmen work actively in this whole process.  

Gift Fairs at IFEMA MADRID

IFEMA MADRID hosts several gift fairs where different participants have the opportunity to establish new contacts and contractual relationships. 

Intergift, the international fair of the Gift and the Decoration stands out. Likewise, Label & Print Madrid, the gift fair that prints the future of packaging and labelling, highlights the meetings between professionals. There is also space for Promogift, the promotional gift and machinery show.

Other gift fairs

On an international level there is EMPACK, a meeting that brings together the main innovations in packaging technology; and Packaging Innovations, the future in inspirational packaging innovation.