Police examiners

Facilities' features

Wide and safe spaces for carrying out out face-to-face tests and examinations

We choose the halls that best adapt to the kind and size of the call. As our spaces are wide, we have enough flexibility to distribute people’s flow and establish the appropriate distances between them. We enforce cleaning and access control measures, and our spaces are equiped with the appropriate signaling. Moreover, our high ceilings and ventilation system guarantees the best posible air flow.

Different formats and distances

The distance between seats can be defined according to the following measurements: 90 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm. This makes it posible fo rus to adapt to the call’s need and the current regulations.

Public transport and parking

IFEMA MADRID is accessible via metro from Nuevos Ministerios; the metro station Feria de Madrid (line 8) has a stop at the main gate. In addition, there are more tan 10.000 paid parking spaces for the ones that come with their own vehicle

Pavilion prepared with chairs and tables

Assembly services for exam organisers

Turn key services

Our service is comprehensive. We help our clients plan their event, making the exam’s design at our facilities, according to the specific requirements. In addition, we design the blueprints and the furniture and signaling elements that may be needed. We take care of the assembly and disassembly of the evento.

Basic signaling project included

According to every event’s needs, we include a basic signaling adapted to the number of participants, that enables for an easy direction and organisation in the space.

Climatisation and ventilation

We have an important climatisation and ventilation system in our interiors, that enables for the air renovation 5 times every hour, all mantaining thermal comfort and offering an ideal air quality. All these measures guarantee air purity and protection for any kind of event.  


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If you need more information about exams event planning, what are your specific requirements and needs, as well as ask for a budget, get in touch with us and we will avise you on effective event management.

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