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Showroom tech companies

During the two days of the event, Helixa Summit will have a showroom space for technological tastings where the most innovative companies will show their most cutting-edge technological solutions applied to business.

What does participation include?

An exclusive custom exhibition space within Helixa Experience Center, where you can showcase the most innovative projects and tech solutions.

LIVE Connect Participation, taking part in the biggest business index of providers in the meta-tech economy.

Access to all the talks and exclusive content about the Congress, both face-to-face and via LIVE Connect.

Visibility and notoriety as a participating business in the Summit. Feature in all the broadcast channels: corporate site, social media, press releases, media, etc.

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LIVE Connect

LIVE Connect will be the platform that will bring together the largest business directory of suppliers of the meta-technological economy, and the place where you can follow the content of the congress virtually.

A professional meeting space dedicated to networking, knowledge and co-creation of the new business technology revolution. This platform becomes a global hub of content and specialized audiences to energize the sector.

What can you do in LIVE Connect?

Create and share your custom company profile: general information about your company, logo, promotional images and videos, activity, commercial offer of products and services, etc.

Networking: Search and contact those companies and people of interest for your business. In addition, you will receive personalized recommendations according to your profile.

Chat and request meetings with your contacts: You will be able to send messages and meeting requests to those contacts you have generated in a quick and easy way.

Live monitoring of the congress: During the days of the event you will be able to follow all the presentations and round tables in streaming, as well as participate in discussion forums and solve possible doubts and questions generated.

Access to exclusive content: After the congress, LIVEConnect will remain open 365 days a year, with exclusive content of interest to the sector: conferences and activities by topic, market studies, articles and editorial content, discussion forums, etc.