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What is Experience Center

A space equipped with the most avant-garde technology where you can live the artistic-technological-immersive Helixa experience

Artistic installation Artistic installation

The venue

With the collaboration of the Robotics Institute of Valencia and Target 3D, IFEMA MADRID becomes the first trade fair operator to enter the new dimension of mixed reality. The project will be complemented by Helixa Experience Center, a technological-artistic installation conceptualised and designed by the artistic creator Esther Pizarro, which will be for six months a multifunctional and experiential space, equipped with the latest technology worldwide, where visitors will culminate their experience with the first generation of their digital twin, by scanning system in real time without peripherals; a Real-time hyper-realistic 3D #seriezero personalised avatar that will be delivered exclusively to the more than 15,000 expected visitors, in different formats for use on digital platforms and metaverses.

The route Discover it

1. The Village World

Digital tree

1. The Village World

Nature will be the focus of this area, which will be set as a cave and will convey the isolation of human beings and the nature's hegemony at this stage of history. 

2. The Industrial Revolution

Digital locomotive

2. The Industrial Revolution

The appearance of means of transport, which broadened the vision of the world. In this area, the visitor will be transported to the interior of an oniric locomotive.

3. The audiovisual era


3. The audiovisual era

The emergence of the media made it possible to explore the world, from one's own home. The visitor will travel to the living room of a 50's house. 

4. The Digital Age

Digital transformation

4. The Digital Age

The digital era has come to stay: an interconnected world thanks to the internet and mobile devices. The visitor will walk into the digital world.

5. The Near Future

Hand and digital hand about to touch

5. The Near Future

At the end of the journey, the visitor will see their virtual avatar.

Your Digital Self, Your Digital Twin, YOUR AVATAR

Avatar Avatar

A custom avatar

The multi-sensory experience will culminate with the generation of a PERSONALISED AVATAR, which will be delivered to the visitor, in different formats so that they can use it on different digital platforms, as their unique and personalised avatar.

Hand with world Hand with world


All materials used for the construction of the facility will be recycled, with the aim of conveying a future in which innovation, technology and sustainability must be aligned.