What is GR-EX?

Technology for business

GR-EX | Global Robot Expo is an event of reference in the field of 4.0 industy, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics, reinforced by the celebration of its GR-EX World Congress, where industry’ leading experts share their knowledge and experiences. GR-EX is the place where business opportunities among companies and professionals of the highest level are created.

GR-EX | Global Robot Expo is a commercial event, the ideal place to connect with suppliers, distributors and potential customers, being a showcase of innovation for institutional leaders and companies.

Reasons to participate


By associating your brand with the values that technological innovation represents: sustainability, efficiency, safety, technology, accuracy, progress, future …


One of the main points of differentiation of GR-EX is the high number of international visitors (from more than 50 countries). The event is an innovation showcase for the world's industry leaders.


Due to the very high level of our visitors, 74% C_Level or in a decision-making position. In addition, we have a good number of spaces and digital tools to promote and enhance these connections.


The main institutional agents and companies linked to technology visit GR-EX. It is the ideal place to position a product and make it stand out from the competition.


GR-EX is a B2B event, the perfect place to connect with suppliers, distributors and potential customers. From introducing a new product to the market, to boosting the reach of your bestsellers.

Media impact

Because of the very high return that will be obtained from the media repercussions generated by a technological reference event such as GR-EX.