Discover the Helixa Experience Center route

  • The route begins

    The area where the experience begins for the visitor, who is guided by a voice-over to the first room and throughout the tour.


  • 1. The Village World

    Nature will be the focus of this area, which will be set as a cave and will convey the isolation of human beings at this stage of history.

  • 2. The Industrial Revolution

    The appearance of means of transport, which broadened the vision of the world. The locomotive.

  • 3. The audiovisual era

    The emergence of the media made it possible to explore the world, from one's own home.

  • 4. The Digital Age

    An interconnected world thanks to the internet and mobile devices.

  • 5. The Near Future

    Your Digital Self, Your Digital Twin, YOUR AVATAR

  • Final del recorrido

    Un espacio convertido en un photocall interactivo, en el que visitante y su AVATAR avanzarán, hasta el final del recorrido, cuando se enviarán al visitante las imágenes y vídeos generados con su AVATAR VIRTUAL