GR-EX Robotics

GR-EX Robotics is the area dedicated to professional applications around service robotics, one of the sectors with the greatest projection for the future.

The solutions shown in this area face the issues related to the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of robotics and intelligent systems for commercial use, products and services.

Discover the most innovative products and smart technologies that will help you to transform and increase the competitiveness of your business.

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Professional Applications

Inspection, mechanical cutting, transport of materials, recycling, measurement, quality control, exploration, repetitive tasks… A wide range of solutions for all types of tasks and projects.

Autonomous vehicles

From virtual environments for training of autonomous driving systems, fleet controls and other applications to AGVs. Autonomous vehicles are a reality reflected in the solutions shown by the companies participating in GR-EX.


Exoskeletons, robotics for health centers and hospitals, risk control and prevention applications, bionics, robotic prosthetics and much more.


Robotics can improve the efficiency of different tasks in the field of agriculture. The main applications are for the stage of collection and spraying. Both for repetitive tasks, as for high precision.

Retail & Marketing

The development of humanoid and emotional technologies with the aim of recreating systems with analytical capabilities has been the impetus that large businesses and companies needed to invent new ways of interacting with the customer. Robotics in retail is a trend that is here to stay.


Process automation applications through robotic solutions, collaborative arms, and software technology, among others, increasing productivity, reducing costs and reducing the number of errors in the day-to-day activities of companies.

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Man with virtual reality glasses. Man with virtual reality glasses.


For two days, you will have the opportunity to show your solutions to an exclusively professional audience. Together with other speakers from the main companies in the sector, the objective is to respond and propose solutions to the challenges of the industry of the future.

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