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Welcome to GR-EX Industry, the Factory of the Future, where smart factories change the industrial mass production model through digital technologies. The industry 4.0 technologies are the core to a new business model of customize production that enables cost reductions in products and services, leading the fourth industrial revolution joining together the cyber physical systems and the physical world with industrial automation.

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Industrial Robotics

Arc welding, spot welding, materials handling, machine tending, paiting, picking, packing and palletizing, assembly, mechanical cutting, grinding and polishing, gluing, sealing and spraying solutions. Also sensoring and machine vision, applications to improve industrial productivity.

Logistics / Intralogistics

Smart labels, Sensorization, Wearables (IoT), Collaborative platforms, Digitization of processes, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Collaborative integration… A space for companies in the logistics and intralogistics sector to show their innovations to an exclusively professional audience.


Process automation applications through industrial solutions, software technology, sensoring and machine vision. Solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and the number of errors in Smart Factories.

Collaborative Robots

The collaborative robots will make the stage at Global Robot Expo to showcase how the collaboration between human and robotics is much easier now than ever has been.

Augmented reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are helping the industry to train and simulate complex operations without putting any live at risk, leading to a much safer environment and more efficient workers.

Additive manufacturing

A current revolution itself in the smart factories, additive manufacturing is reducing costs, time to market and enhancing the next generation of industrial production.


The risk to which the information found in the computer systems of companies is exposed requires the protection of information through the treatment and monitoring of threats. As threats to industrial infrastructures increase, learning about the latest trends and solutions to protect systems has never been so important, and that is why industrial cybersecurity is a key sector in GR-EX.

Industrial IoT

A highly connected industry is part of the digital transformation leading the fourth industrial revolution. Industrial IoT is the key part to make everything interconnected to have truly smart factories.

Big data & analytics

The digital transformation in the industry 4.0 generates enormous quantities of data that, thanks to the Big Data Analytics, opens paths to cost reduction in products and services.


We are creating cyber physical systems that simulate a physical world to test and tail virtual copies of the products before even being produced through simulation technologies.

Cloud computing

The Cloud Computing in the Industry has managed to make software independent from the hardware, enabling many of the large companies in the industrial sector to have permanent and on-demand access to many of the main services they need to operate.

Man with virtual reality glasses. Man with virtual reality glasses.


For two days, you will have the opportunity to show your solutions to an exclusively professional audience. Together with other speakers from the main companies in the sector, the objective is to respond and propose solutions to the challenges of the industry of the future.

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