What is SIGA?

Aqualia stand with visitors.

What is SIGA?

SIGA brings together the main business groups and organisations and the leading firms in the industry. The sectors represented at the trade fair are as follows:

Prospecting and delivery; Treatment and supply; Water purification and reuse; Driving, transportation and storage; Environmental engineering; Water infrastructure and civil engineering; Measurement, regulation and control, analytics and quality; Valves, pumps and geothermal technology; Irrigation technologies; Point of use; Science and technology transfer and Other water sector services and equipment.

Companies supplying equipment, water management, manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors will be advertising their products to a wide group of professionals in the integrated solutions sector for urban water supply and sanitation services, as well as to local, regional and national administration policy makers and technicians, both domestic and foreign linked to the public water and sanitation service; professionals working in the collection, treatment, distribution and purification of water and its environmental and urban impact; storekeepers, distributors and agents; installers and representatives of water supply, sanitation and distribution companies, sewage treatment and water purification plant construction companies, industries likely to reduce their environmental impact, engineering and consulting, environmental departments, and laboratories, among others.

Why visit SIGA Why visit SIGA?

Why visit SIGA?


  • Get all the information on specialist integrated water cycle products on the market, all under one roof and packed into four working days
  • Start, continue or close purchase and order processes with the entire distribution channel present at SIGA
  • Build up a work network
  • Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers
  • Visit and strengthen business relationships with current suppliers
  • Analyse and directly verify the characteristics of products and services offered by possible new suppliers
  • Increase awareness and the application of technologies and services
  • Directly compare the characteristics of the entire specialist offer
  • SIGA is the ideal place to check out new sector trends
  • Look for and find out about news, technologies and services
  • Opportunity to attend discussion forums and parallel events, an evident source of information on sector trends and developments
  • SIGA is a key instrument for your company in order to project a certain image of purchasing power
  • Close product/service distribution agreements
  • Obtain the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of a future participation as an exhibitor