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Professional cleaning equipment companies make a decisive commitment to the third edition of the ESCLEAN 2018 trade fair

AEFIMIL Assembly, at the Feria de Madrid

On 19 October, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Industrial Cleaning Equipment (AEFIMIL) held its eighth annual session, at IFEMA's Feria de Madrid, with its member companies and other organisations related to its business activity, where it reaffirmed its commitment to the Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show (ESCLEAN).

14 Dec 2017

The third edition of ESCLEAN, organised by IFEMA, will be held from 13 to 15 June 2018, at the Feria de Madrid, within the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum (FSMS), which serves as an umbrella for other events as well. At this edition, the focus will be sustainable cleaning in shopping centres, a very important sector for AEFIMIL's members.

At the start of the session, which was followed by the Assembly of the association, Rafael Arruga, Managing Director of AEFIMIL, asserted that the professional cleaning sector is experiencing an economic recovery in line with the general trend of the country. "AEFIMIL members are, in general, in a better situation than they were in years past, and therefore it is more necessary than ever for us to support each other to continue growing. We also need to make the sector more visible and to inform society about our activity and contribution to the Spanish economy", said Rafael Arruga.

The overall contribution to the Spanish economy of the  professional cleaning and hygiene sector accounts for €7bn and more than 400,000 jobs, representing 2 por ciento of the working population.

The Managing Director of AEFIMIL also highlighted the main challenges facing the sector, such as advances in cleaning equipment, improvements in capabilities, leasing of material, the introduction of robotics, and technological innovation. All of this reaffirms the association's interest in strengthening and promoting its commitment to the Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show (ESCLEAN), given that in previous editions it has become a point of reference for both the hygiene and professional cleaning industry and for companies that offer cleaning services and their end customers.

In this sense, Lola González, Director of the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM (FSMS) and its ESCLEAN trade fair, stressed the confidence in this industry event on the part of AEFIMIL and the companies in the sector, highlighting two of the most important aspects of the trade fair: generating a space for sharing and business development, and the sector's promotion of sustainability and the health and well-being of people.

Javier Cucalón, President of AEFIMIL, introduced the conference that closed the day, which was led by the economist Javier Díaz-Giménez, a Lecturer on Economics at IESE, ex-adviser to the Ministry of Industry and of the Economic Office of the President, and a leading expert on macroeconomics, pensions and fiscal policy. Díaz-Giménez analysed the current state of the economic system from a national and global perspective, highlighting the challenges and a change in outlook by the main analysts. "In January 2016 people were talking about slow growth; in January 2017 they were saying that the world economic outlook was defined by the consolidation of the recovery; and today we are more focused on making this growth sustainable with an eye to the near future", noted Díaz-Giménez.

The third edition of the Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show (ESCLEAN) is part of the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum (FSMS) at IFEMA'S Feria de Madrid, which is also simultaneously hosting the International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair (TECMA), the Madrid Cities Forum, the International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SRR), the ENVIFOOD Meeting Point, and a dozen other interprofessional meetings of various organisations.


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