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14 December 2017

ESCLEAN 2018 offers solutions for sustainable professional cleaning and hygiene

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The third edition of the Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show, ESCLEAN 2018, in parallel with the other trade shows that make up the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM (FSMS) — TECMA, SRR and the MADRID CITIES FORUM — organised by IFEMA, to be held between 13 and 15 June 2018, at the Feria de Madrid, will be presenting the most advanced solutions for sustainable professional cleaning and hygiene. And it will be doing so in partnership with sector's leading firms, which have already confirmed their participation in the next edition.

The positive response the upcoming edition is receiving from businesses is consistent with the magnificent results from the 2016 edition of FSMS, which brought together 740 participating companies from 27 countries, 252 direct exhibitors, and 10,470 professional visitors from 38 countries. This was in addition to the 200 speakers, 1,100 attendees and 50 organisations participating in the MADRID CITIES FORUM.

ESCLEAN will once again be the meeting place for professionals and the professional cleaning and hygiene industry, the latter represented by the main firms supplying indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment, chemical products, hygiene and cleansing appliances, high-pressure and steam equipment, cleaning utensils, cleaning services, etc.

The companies will display the best R&D i profile of a highly innovative industry by presenting the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly products and services.

In this vein, it should be noted that ESCLEAN will feature the Innovation Gallery, an initiative that aims to give visibility to all solutions, be they products or services, that contribute added value in innovation as a response to advances in environmental sustainability.

In addition to significant business participation, ESCLEAN, promoted by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Industrial Cleaning Equipment (AEFIMIL), also includes the participation of the main industry groups, the Federated Associations of National Cleaning Companies (AFELIN), the Association of Janitorial Contractors of Madrid (AELMA), and the Professional Association of Cleaning Companies (ASPEL).

These associations, in addition to other bodies, companies and organisations, will collaborate in developing an intense agenda of professional meetings, to be held in parallel with the trade show, which will address transversal themes of great interest to professionals in this sector. At this edition, there will be a special emphasis on cleaning in shopping centres.



More information: Carlos Martí, 639-14.01.24; cmarti@ciudadsostenible.e