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To speed up your access to the IFEMA MADRID, and guarantee a safe environment without having to wait in queues, it will be necessary to purchase your ticket or professional accreditation in advance on the website of the event of reference. You can download your ePass, save the PDF of the professional accreditation or ticket in your mobile, or bring it printed. Any of these formats can be presented at the entrance to the venue and you will have direct access to your event.

Consult the technical specifications of the reference event to find out how we can help you if you have any problems when purchasing your ticket or professional accreditation online.

All persons arriving in Spain by sea or air must complete the forms issued by the Ministry of Health.


Venue access

The following rules must be observed to gain access to the premises.

  • You must enter with your ticket previously purchased on our websites.
  • The use of masks (without valve) is compulsory. You will not be able to remove your mask during the time you are inside the venue.
  • The minimum safety distance criterion must be met. For this purpose we implement queue management and crowd control mechanisms with signage on the floor, ground, air and staff support.
COVID General Regulations

Within the premises

Once you have accessed the premises, you must comply with the following safety regulations.

  • Keep your distance: Don't forget to keep a safety distance of 1.5m from other people.
  • Reduced capacity: Respect the capacity that we indicate at certain points of your visit, this measure is implemented to control and ensure the separation of staff.
  • No hands, no contact: We encourage a policy of no contact for assistants and suppliers.
  • Follow the instructions: Attend to the recommendations of IFEMA MADRID staff and the indications that will appear on the sign and screens.

Sanitary measures

  • Health Protocols: detection of body temperature, respecting Data Protection, Protocol of action in case of detection of affected person, Specialized unit in immunology and epidemiology in contact with the authorities and health services
  • Safety, Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols: Disinfection dispensers, partitions and safety measures in reception areas, reinforcement of protocols and services for cleaning, sanitation, waste disposal and disinfection of spaces.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocol for exhibitors and visitors.
  • Catering will be organised in accordance with the regulations on health measures.
  • Service staff will be provided with the corresponding personal protective equipment (PPE).

Ifema Connect - Make your participation profitable

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What can I do through IFEMA CONNECTS?

  • Access a wide network of contacts
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Air Quality

As part of the protocols that IFEMA MADRID is carrying out to guarantee an environment of hygiene and safety in its facilities, the following actions have been taken to guarantee air quality and environmental hygiene in accordance with the study by Atecyr (Spanish Technical Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration), which has been based on the information provided by the scientific community, as well as the recommendations of the World Health Organization: 

  • Excess ventilation.
  • Elimination of air recirculation.
  • Filtration systems.

Madrid Warranty

Garantia Madrid
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