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Rules of Participation

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Participation as an Organiser or as an Exhibitor, in Externally Organised Fairs, Events in Halls  and Events, with or without Exhibitions, at the Convention Centre, requires acceptance of IFEMA´s general rules of participation. These must be complied with by the Organisers and Exhibitors as well as by their partner companies, whether contracted or subcontracted, and in short, by any companies that perform work or services for the Organiser or the Exhibitor in the IFEMA trade fair centre.

In accordance with the above, the Organiser or, as the case may be, the Exhibitor, should pass on these regulations to their partner companies.



Feria de Madrid Rules

If you are an Exhibitor in an externally organised fair, you should consult the General Rules for Exhibitors (Participation Regulations for Exhibitors in Externally Organised Events).

Rules for Exhibitors

View General Rules for Exhibitors on-line

If you are a Fair Organiser, you should consult the General Rules for Organisers (Participation Regulations for Externally Organised Fairs, Events in Halls and Events, with or without Exhibitions, in the Convention Centre.)

Rules for Organizers

View General Rules for Organizers on-line

Also included are the Regulations for hanging structures in halls and the forms for attending the organizing or exhibiting companies’ needs for services and or their stand building/decorating companies.

Regulations for Hanging Structures in Halls/Rigging

View Regulations for Rigging Structures in Halls/Rigging on-line

Validation of Feria de Madrid electrical installation

Environment energy and sustainability standards for events


IFEMA Palacio Municipal Rules

IFEMA Palacio Municipal Regulations for hanging structures


Rules for Coordination of Business Activities.

Annex on Coordination of Business Activities.
Basic Instructions on Emergency and evacuation.
Health and Safety Rules for working in Confined Areas.
Safety Rules for using Personnel Lifting Platforms.
Assignment  of work equipment to outside.
Rules on Safety in Handling Machines and Tools.
Safety Signposting Rules.
Rules on use of Vehicles.
Rules for using Rolling Scaffolds.
Rules for use of Forklift Trucks.
Rules for using Ladders.
Rules of use of equipment with Low-Voltaje Electricity.
Rules for Works in Exhibition Areas.



Recommendations for customs formalities.



Catering in Stands Communication.
Prevention of Labour Risks and Business Activity Coordination. Authorization Request for heat or flame-producing works.
Authorization Request for Private Security.
24 hour electricity for stands form authorization.
Authorization Request for wifi Installations.
Authorization Request for Antenna cable connections.
Authorization Request for Rigging Structures in Halls.
Insurance certificate.
Request for access of lift trucks and elevator platforms
Authorization request for wi-fi installations in IFEMA Palacio Municipal
Application for authorisation to hang structures/rigging in IFEMA Palacio Municipal
Restaurant/catering in stands communication in IFEMA Palacio Municipal



In order to view these documents, you will need the Acrobat Reader ® programme, which is available for free.

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