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Several initiatives will be implemented to enable companies and professionals from Morocco to analyse possible trade opportunities in Spain and in other represented markets

IFEMA’s internationalisation plans are looking at Africa, where the institution has just finalised an agreement with the Moroccan Exporters Association, ASMEX, to encourage participation by Moroccan companies and professionals in different trade fairs organised by the Institución Ferial de Madrid, and to strengthen trade and access to foreign markets.

The agreement establishes a professional link, which benefits both parties, and it will broaden its scope as the two-year collaboration agreement progresses.  As a starting point, a framework has been established that focuses on the textile sectors, construction and civil works, electricity and electronics, local craft for tourism and transport and logistics.

In the first stage, this work will revolve around the following events: Meat Attraction, the Trade Show for the Meat Industry; ePower&Building, which is a combination of five construction-related trade fairs, and the Salón Look. These three trade fairs will enable ASMEX to recommend IFEMA to its member companies, as the most suitable strategy for entering Europe and accessing new markets.

To do this, the Association will communicate with its members, recommending IFEMA’s fairs and enable participation by IFEMA in Moroccan forums, spreading the word and promoting the institution, driving participation by companies and professional visits to trade fairs. It will promote and support the organisation of National Pavilions in Morocco at these events, and will analyse dissemination activities to raise awareness of the fairs among the Moroccan business community.

In the meantime, ASMEX will be featured on the websites of trade fairs linked to the agreement, and with those of IFEMA International. It will also have access to the facilities it requires to hold events and conferences that the association wants to hold during one of these events, and collaboration with organisation. Participating companies will be provided with the best conditions to enhance profitability and returns on investment, and IFEMA will offer comprehensive facilities for trade visitors from Morocco.

On the other hand, and when organising trade missions, we will coordinate agendas to foster contact with Spanish companies. ASMEX will also have the opportunity to present Exportmorocco at these events, as well as other types of proposals that may be developed and contribute to the objective of participation and professional exchange.

All this will be supported by IFEMA’s Delegation in Morocco, which is working to expand the institution’s presence in this area.



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IFEMA will host the first R+D laboratory for 5G prototypes in the tourism and trade ...

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As a result of its Alliance with 5TONIC, an organization created by TELEFÓNICA and IMDEA Networks Institute and of which ERICSSON is also a member, the IFEMA LAB will work on the development of the 5G technology to be ...

 The digitalization and technological innovation plan that will be carried out by IFEMA in the short and mid-term, for which innovation possibilities are already being identified, will be given an enormous boost thanks to the alliance agreed between 5TONIC, an organization created by TELEFÓNICA and IMDEA Networks Institute and of which ERICSSON is also a member. The agreement establishes a framework for the creation at the Madrid Fair (IFEMA) venue of the first digital innovation laboratory for the application of 5G to the tourism and trade fair sector, whose progress will be shown at FITUR 2018.

The choice of IFEMA to  develop this innovative project, which focuses on the identification, incubation and launching of cases with high added value enabled by 5G in different vertical markets, is due to its status as one of the main trade fair operators and its leading role in the tourism sector through the International Tourism Fair known as FITUR, which will facilitate research into different lines of innovation in the development of new services for tourism and trade fairs supported by Cloud, Big Data, AI and 5G technologies to transform the experience of those who use IFEMA, before, during and after their participation in the trade fair, without any limitations in terms of space.

In this context, the IFEMA LAB aims to make IFEMA an international benchmark in terms of trade fairs, where both exhibitors and visitors are offered an experience that combines and increases their real-life experience with virtual elements that will optimize the fulfillment of their objectives, both in terms of information, discussion and knowledge and in terms of networking, as well as making business deals and even transactions.  

In order to identify those services related to tourism and trade fairs that offer greater value to visitors to IFEMA, and to citizens in, IFEMA LAB will collaborate with the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School. Furthermore, in relation to 5G, this project will be supported by the equipment used in 5TONIC. In terms of the infrastructures associated with IFEMA LAB in order be able to demonstrate services, these will depend on the nature of the services that are selected. 

For this purpose, on the morning of 15 June, IFEMA held a meeting in which the agreement was signed by the President of Telefónica I+D and the President of 5TONIC, David del Val; the Director of IMDEA Networks and the Vice-President of 5TONIC, Arturo Azcorra; the Director of the Ericsson R+D Centre in Madrid, Luisa Muñoz, and the General Director of IFEMA, Eduardo López-Puertas. 

Although 5G technology is currently in an experimental phase and has only been applied in prototype mode in certain vertical markets, the 5TONIC Laboratory, which is a pioneer in Europe, is working on a research process which is aimed at putting into practice its general application in different industrial sectors and the viability of 5G products, which are due to be massively implemented from 2021 onwards. Indeed, there are currently some large global groups that are focused on the definition of use cases and solutions based on the digital transformation that is enabled by 5G technologies, and their effect on Manufacturing, the Automotive Industry and Transport in general, as well as on Health and Safety, among other questions. 

Potential application scenarios in IFEMA – FITUR 

Regarding trade fair activity, the sector chosen has been tourism due to its importance as an economic driver and also because of Spain’s leading role in tourism management, which is why the application scenario chosen has been FITUR 2018, one of the most important tourism fairs in the world. The enormous number of professionals (244,972) who exhibit at and visit this trade fair every year and their different needs in terms of connectivity, as well as their adoption of new technologies applied to tourism, mean that IFEMA and FITUR are fundamental agents in the ecosystem of business tourism and provide a high intensity field of action. Therefore, they are highly suitable to show some of the 5G functionalities that will make this trade fair a benchmark in terms of innovation. 

The preliminary analysis conducted by IFEMA with 5TONIC has discovered some important lines of innovation. Given the variety of events from multiple sectors that are hosted and organized by IFEMA throughout the year, there are many possibilities for innovation enabled by digitalization, and they may also contain some common fundamental elements, such as the personalized planning of the visit, the combination of AR/VR elements, both for the exhibition of contents and for online interaction on several levels, intelligent guiding of visitors in real time, and constant business intelligence information on the success of the activities in course and, of course, the guaranteeing of the greatest possible level of safety in all of the spaces at IFEMA.

5TONIC, the first 5G test and applications laboratory 

With the arrival of 5G, we are facing a change which is greater than that posed by previous generations of communications networks. 5G will not arrive as a disruption of 4G. Its functions will be incorporated little by little, and it will not become massive before 2021 or 2022. Nevertheless, it is critical to know which of these new functionalities will provide most value and will allow the greatest amount of digital transformation of productive sectors and of society in general.

In this context, in 2016 TELEFÓNICA and the IMDEA Networks research centre launched 5TONIC, which aimed to be the first laboratory opened to test 5G technology and applications. The objective was to incorporate into this initiative other organizations and technological companies that are world leaders in their field and that can provide the most innovative technologies. Following these criteria, the following have joined 5TONIC: the Carlos III University, Ericsson, Intel, Commscope, Artesyn, Cohere and Red Hat.

Moreover, 5TONIC was founded with the aim of experimenting with the possible use of these new technologies in those vertical markets which are fundamental for the economic and social development of our country. The first three sectors were emergency services, the Industry 4.0 and tourism, with a special emphasis on mass events and trade fairs. This is why two world references such as IFEMA and especially FITUR were chosen for this project, which was led by Ericsson and was carried out in collaboration with other members of 5TONIC and the IE Business School.

Collaborating in the development of the new generation of mobile communications

According to Ignacio Berberana, Senior Research Engineer at 5TONIC Open 5G Lab, IMDEA Networks Institute, “collaboration with IFEMA means a great opportunity and a great challenge in terms of the objective of collaborating in the development of the new generation of mobile communications. The chance to be able to implement use cases of 5G technology for tourism, which is one of the most important sectors in the Spanish economy, and the challenge of doing this in an especially demanding environment from a technical point of view in the case of IFEMA”. What characterizes the large-scale trade fairs and events organized by IFEMA is the great number of people who attend, most of whom are professionals with very specific connectivity needs, along with the fact that this environment is almost continuously changing. It is an environment in which a permanent, wired solution is not viable, and nor is one based on the use of current mobile technologies.

During the next few months, said Ignacio Berberana, “we hope that, thanks to this agreement, new applications will be developed both for the tourism sector in general and the large-scale trade fair sector. Thanks to the co-creation process followed, we are convinced that these solutions are going to have a real application and are going to benefit users. These solutions will be validated using the experimental 5G structure of 5TONIC, so that they will be ready both for pre-commercial tests and for when the commercial 5G networks comes fully into force. We are also convinced that these solutions will be pioneering on a world level, given Spain’s technological leadership in this sector”. Therefore, IMDEA Networks will actively collaborate in the process, providing its knowledge of 5G technological components, which are fundamental to achieve the objectives sought, such as network virtualization technologies or localization technologies, to give just two examples, so that these applications can be considered viable both from a technical and an economical point of view.

Innovative models of Smart Destination 

José Antonio López, the President and Managing Director of ERICSSON ESPAÑA, stressed that “Spain is a world leader in tourism, both in terms of the number of tourists it receives and tourist spending. Moreover, this year the Davos World Economic Forum has considered Spain to be a world leader in competiveness in the tourism sector and recognized our cultural diversity, as well as our good infrastructures. Nevertheless, other experts have pointed out that a great effort still needs to be made to adopt new digital technologies.” 

He also stated that “the agreement between 5TONIC, and the leading companies that make it up such as ERICSSON and IFEMA, will allow us to explore and make viable new use cases thanks to the advanced properties of 5G technology, leading to innovative models of Smart Destination that make it possible to enrich or create new experiences for the whole ecosystem of the sector.” 

IFEMA, leading innovation in the trade fair sector 

“For IFEMA –said its General Director, Eduardo López-Puertas-  participating in this innovative 5TONIC project means not only the recognition of the importance of trade fairs for the economy, but also of their potential to boost new technological advances in terms of connectivity and the extension of resources to optimize the business and the commercial interrelation objectives provided by trade fairs. The fact that IFEMA has been chosen for the implementation of the IFEMA LAB research and development project and the fact that FITUR is the benchmark trade fair in the tourism sector in which to carry out this project is going to mean a great boost for our objective of leading technological innovation in the trade fair sector”.







IFEMA aspires to be a global operator

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· This was made clear by Clemente González Soler, President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, at the Forum Europa de Nueva Economía
· During the event, he announced that IFEMA will ...

Madrid. 9 June 2017. Today, IFEMA presented the main aspects of its five-year strategy and explained the ambitious, imminent challenges facing by the institution at the Forum Europa de Nueva Economia, led by the president of its Executive Committee, Clemente González Soler.

During the event, which was introduced by Bankia chairman José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Gonzalez Soler put IFEMA’s ultimate objective on the table: “We aim to be a global operator, with Madrid as the main epicentre to strengthen its position”. After summing up his first year at the helm of IFEMA, he explained how all the bodies making up the Institution have agreed to align their efforts and objectives. This unity was underlined by the presence of Luis Cueto, general coordinator at the City Council, who recently handed over responsibility for the Presidency of the Governing Board of IFEMA to Engracia Hidalgo, Director of Economy, Employment, and Revenue of the Community of Madrid, who was also at the event with Juan Pablo Lázaro, president of the CEIM.

 “We must grow to be relevant on the international scene. To do this, our five-year plan seeks to achieve average annual growth of 12%, doubling turnover in 2022, with revenue of €203 million. In fact, the five-year goal sets a target of earning 20% of our income from international business”, explained González Soler.

Estimates for 2017 are already taking us along this path, with the institution expecting to reach a figure of 30,000 exhibitor companies, 3 million visitors and 1 million square metres of exhibition space, which requires increasing the surface area by 2.2 million square metres to achieve this target. This enormous increase in activity is expected to ensure international competitiveness. At today’s date, there are already 100 large-scale events on the calendar, comprising trade fairs, conferences, and festivals, as well as almost 500 different types of events.

Our sights are set on international activity

In 2017, IFEMA has programmed six fairs abroad, in Cairo, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, and Shanghai, with their own brands and targeting a variety of professional sectors. Among the main objectives are Ibero-America, where, as well as the fairs scheduled to take place in Chile, the institution is working on new projects in Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

IFEMA also has its eye on Asia, where it is collaborating with Korea, as well as fairs in China, and other initiatives under discussion in India. When it comes to Africa, Fruit Attraction Mena has already been held twice in Egypt and will soon hit the ground in Shanghai. We are also working on a project to take the event to Latin America. Nor should we forget Europe, where we are collaborating with Bulgaria and Romania, and in Italy with Fiera di Roma, and with Rimini and Vicenza, through Italian Exhibition Group. Another recent advance is IFEMA’s participation in the consortium for strategic and business consultancy in the Los Cabos and La Paz Convention Centres in Baja California Sur.

Upcoming infrastructure management projects

Regarding new projects in the pipeline to be announced within the coming months, González Soler revealed the plan to manage of Madrid City Council’s Palacio de Congresos, and the possibility of operating the Palacio de Congresos in La Castellana. He also announced that to cope with this increase in activity, particularly in the conference area, they are considering building a large Convention Centre on a plot reserved in the Parque de Valdebebas.

According to the president, during this new stage, IFEMA aims to “Be more and do more. Be more socially and economically profitable; more productive; more ecological; more innovative”. IFEMA already has top-ranking global trade fairs like FITUR and ARCO, and one of its most immediate challenges is to “position at least one of its trade fairs as the world’s number one.

 A benchmark for large international congresses

IFEMA also operates in a very relevant field for Madrid in terms of business tourism by attracting large congresses and conventions. “The year 2017 is proving spectacular in this respect, with a dozen large international congresses, particularly in the medical sector, which will attract more than 120,000 visitors with high spending power to Madrid”. In 2018, also a year for important conferences, the world’s leading pharmaceutical platform will be back in Madrid. The leading event for pharmaceutical ingredients will bring 43,000 professionals and more than 2,500 companies to the city, and is expected to be worth around €300 million to the city”.

He also announced a variety of targets for diversifying and broadening the range and nature of the activities taking place at IFEMA, which will include a Harry Potter Exhibition and a line-up of concerts that will keep the venue busy year-round, increasing the current rotation of 9.5 to the target figure of 15 to 16 rotations over the coming years.

Leading trade fair transformation

“Beyond advanced strategies, a major driving force of change and growth will be innovation. We will pioneer the transformation of fairs, the fair of the future as an international benchmark”. Among IFEMA’s main objectives is to digitalise its activity, making the necessary investments and developing an integral website, which groups and provides services, creates loyalty, and captures customers and suppliers; digitalising all communication and providing a digital environment that embodies the fair experience. 

The president of IFEMA talked about the virtues of trade fair activity, an excellent tool to support hundreds of business sectors and thousands of companies, which moves significant flows of people, goods and services and causes and translates into the creation of significant wealth in our surroundings. A total of €2,500 million of induced income is generated for every €100 million of turnover. All this with a solvent institution, the only debt-free exhibition centre in the country, which receives no subsidies and which earns accounting profits.

Lastly, González Soler underlined IFEMA’s desire to represent the Madrid brand and project Spain, by epitomising the qualities associated with the company’s ideal: solvency and trustworthiness; efficient use of public resources; credible projects and effective administration. “

IFEMA Communication Management

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IFEMA to participate in the consortium for strategic and business consultancy in the ...

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It will work in collaboration with Mexican company ACTIDEA in Los Cabos and La Paz

IFEMA has recently been providing assistance and strategic and business consultancy services to Mexican company ACTIDEA, as a result of which the latter has been successful in the invitation to tender launched by the Government of the State of Baja California del Sur, which owns two convention centres in Los Cabos and La Paz. The contract will mean operating both sites, development and positioning them within the business meeting tourism sector.

As part of its task to provide consultancy services and strategic business assistance to the successful Mexican company, ACTIDEA, IFEMA will help to develop strategic and business plans for both centres, and in different areas that will enable it to design lines of action, such as carrying out evaluations and making recommendations on the impact of driving the meeting tourism industry on the community: technical advice on adapting the site and installing services; defining the management company; training processes, and general business advice, as well as acting as an international agent to attract events.

Baja California del Sur relies on tourism as its main source of income, hence the need for a plan for operating and developing meeting tourism through professional, efficient management that will give content and suitability to the available facilities. In fact, according to 2015 data released by the state, a total of 5,952 meetings, primarily incentive programmes, and corporate meetings (36% of all those held in Mexico) as well as association conferences and, to a lesser extent, trade fairs and exhibitions held at hotels, restaurants, universities, with a mere two events held at the convention centres.

The La Paz Convention Centre, which was built in 2014, it has yet to market and develop the meeting tourism sector. The main, 3,000 m2 site has space for 3,600 people, as well as other suitable spaces for conventions, exhibitions, and festivals.

These days, La Paz, the state capital, and site of Government Departments, has three research centres, a biotechnology park, and a campus for 4,000 students, meaning there is potential to position the facilities as a venue for national scientific congresses and conventions. Another advantage is its excellent air connections with 17 national airports and six national airlines. When it comes to hotel infrastructures, it has 1,913 rooms, 8% of which are in five-star hotels and 38% in four-star hotels, with average occupation of 43%.

The Los Cabos International Convention Centre was opened in 2012 to host the G20 Summit, and has a total indoor area of 12,840 m2, with a main space of 5,400 m2 and space for 6,500 people.

Regarding the luxury tourism sector, where there has been extensive growth, Los Cabos received between 10% and 50% of the incentive tourism.  There are excellent air connections with six national and 30 international airports, and it has an extensive range of hotels, with 12,448 rooms, 80% in five-star hotels and with an average occupation rate of 71%.

Global operator

In 2017, IFEMA will be holding six fairs abroad, in Cairo, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, and Shanghai, with their own brands and targeting a variety of professional sectors. Among the main objectives are Ibero-America, where, as well as the fairs scheduled to take place in Chile, the institution is working on new projects in Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

It is also looking to operate in Asia, where it is collaborating with Korea, as well as fairs in China, and other initiatives under discussion in India. When it comes to Africa, Fruit Attraction Mena has already been held twice in Egypt and will soon start operating in Shanghai, and it is working on a project to take the event to Latin America. Nor should we forget Europe, where we are collaborating with Bulgaria and Romania, and in Italy with Fiera di Roma, and with Rimini and Vicenza, through Italian Exhibition Group. A busy line-up of activities, now joined by IFEMA's participation in the consortium for strategic and business consultancy in the Los Cabos and La Paz de Baja Convention Centres in Baja California Sur.



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