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Institución Ferial de Madrid and Fiera Rome are joining forces to organize the first Salone del Veicolo D'occasione

On 15 December in Rome, IFEMA and Fiera Roma presented their first joint project as organisers of the Salone del Veicolo D'occasione, the Italian version of one of Spain’s most successful shows (the VO Show), which will be held from 8 to 11 March in Rome, sponsored by ACI, Automobile Club d'Italia.
IFEMA is internationalising one of the most successful events its portfolio, taking its trade fair model to Rome for an event which aspires to become, like its counterpart in Madrid, a leading business platform in the Italian quality and guaranteed semi-new vehicle market, offering new sales channels and a professional environment that serves as a guarantee and encourages sales. The new show was presented by representatives of the three entities involved: Angelo Sticchi-Damiani, President of the Automobile Club d'Italia; Pietro Piccinetti, sole administrator of Fiera of Rome; Santiago Quiroga, International Development Director at IFEMA, and Ana Sánchez-Terán, Head of International Projects of IFEMA.

This collaboration between IFEMA and FIERA ROMA to co-organise the Salone del Veicolo D'Occasione shows that IFEMA-Feria de Madrid is a great ally to launch of this venture. With 21 editions under its belt, VO Madrid is the leading fair on the national and European circuit of this segment both by exhibition area, and the number of vehicles on show, as well as sales made per visitor. This guarantees the success for this new project based on the experience and the IFEMA exhibition centre and the strength of a brand like ACI, that certifies the validity of the vehicle and its origin.

IFEMA is Spain’s leading trade fair operator, with a long history organising fairs in the automotive sector, with five exhibitions for different segments of this industry: new vehicles, used vehicles, buses and coaches, automotive components, road safety, and two-wheeled vehicles. One of its leading brands is the Second-Hand Vehicle Show, which is now gone international with this new project in Italy.

This collaboration with FIRA ROMA is part of IFEMA's international strategy to become a global operator, with projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

IFEMA will host the world’s biggest fair entirely devoted to the olive oil sector

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A collaboration agreement was signed today between IFEMA and the World Olive Oil Exhibition for the celebration of its next edition, to be held at Feria de Madrid on 21 and 22 March

The WOOE will once again become a forum for debate and analysis within the industry, offering a programme of conferences and master tasting sessions led by speakers of international prestige.

The collaboration agreement between IFEMA and the World Olive Oil Exhibition was renewed today, paving the way for the next edition of this trade fair, which will be held at Feria de Madrid on 21 and 22 March.  Eduardo López-Puertas, General Manager of IFEMA, Otilia Romero de Condés, CEO of the WOOE, and José Luis Murcia, Executive Director of the WOOE, have signed an agreement so that IFEMA will once again host the world’s biggest fair entirely devoted to the olive oil sector.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition expects to bring together 200 oil mills and olive oil producers, along with more than 3,000 professionals, buyers, catering entrepreneurs, distributors, and business owners of more than 30 different nationalities, hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Italy and the US, amongst other countries.

 WOOE will be the international olive oil industry's leading hub for reinvigorating their businesses, opening up new markets, and closing some the most important deals of the year.  Participants will become privy to the latest trends and key aspects of this dynamic market, as well as the developments that can be expected in its immediate future.

 This is possible thanks to one of the olive oil industry’s most ambitious programmes of conferences and tasting sessions. The 2018 programme will feature internationally renowned speakers such as:  Abdellatif Ghedira, General Manager of the International Olive Council (Tunisia); María Reyes, Director of KeHe Distribución (USA); David Neuman, CEO of GAEA North America (USA); Luigi Caricato, CEO of the media outlet OlioOfficcina (Italy); Javier Perona, researcher at CSIC (Spain); Luis Jesús García Lomas, General Manager of Fundación Caja Rural (Spain); José Luis González González, Head of the Department of Quality, Development, and Promotion of the Canary Islands Food Quality Institute (Spain), and Chokri Bayoudh, Director of the National Olive Oil Office (Tunisia).


Further information:

Marta Cacho Dalda, Head of Media Relations at IFEMA |mcacho@ifema.es

Cristina Villar Miranda | Communications Manager WOOE | press@oliveoilexhibition.com



The future of the airline sector gathers at the World ATM Congress

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Now in its sixth year, the World ATM Congress, which will be held from 6 to 8 March at IFEMA, is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference, attracting over 7,500 participants each year.

IFEMA will be the permanent venue for this important world air navigation congress until the year 2022, establishing Madrid as a world-class city in the global aeronautical industry.

World ATM Congress, the World Air Traffic Management Congress, will hold its sixth consecutive edition at IFEMA from 6 to 8 March, where over 80 air navigation service providers (ANSP), product developers, leaders and experts from the aeronautical industry, government representatives, manufacturers, and suppliers from all over the world are preparing to congregate.

Operated by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) - of which AEMA is a founding member, and which groups together the world’s air management service providers - in partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) an association that brings together the entire US air traffic control sector  the World ATM Congress combines a broad exhibition area with product demonstrations and launches, contract closures, and networking opportunities, along with an intense schedule of conferences and top-level meetings involving 260 speakers from all over the world.

A total of 225 exhibiting companies and 7,500 participants from 130 countries are participating in the Congress to discover the latest innovations and analyse the aeronautical industry's key issues, thanks to renowned industry leaders such as Dr. Olumuyiwae Aliu (ICAO), Eamonn Brennan (Eurocontrol), Nancy Graham (Graham Aerospace International) and David McMillan (ATM Policy Institute and Gatwick Airport), who will give talks and conferences on the latest developments in international air traffic management.   The novelty this year is the FABEC OPS Theatre, a forum dedicated to ATM operations and the challenges faced by airspace users.

IFEMA and World Air Traffic Management reached an agreement, within the framework of the fourth edition of the World ATM Congress, to hold the World Air Traffic Management Congress a further five years at the FERIA DE MADRID installations, retaining Madrid as its venue from 2018 until 2022.  This implied the renewal of the agreement signed in 2014, coinciding with its first edition, which confirms IFEMA's capability of hosting international events, while at the same time signalling strong support for the city of Madrid, and by extension Spain as a whole, from the global aviation industry.

Conference Programme:

Further information:
Marta Cacho Dalda, Head of Media Relations at IFEMA | mcacho@ifema.es





Jointly organised by IFEMA and KANDO and backed by ANESDOR, it will be held from 5 to 8 April at IFEMA
The motorbike sector will be back in Madrid in full force in 2018 with one of its most emblematic events: Vive la Moto, Madrid's Big Motorbike Trade Show, which will take place from 5 to 8 April at IFEMA. This event, jointly organised by IFEMA and KANDO, is backed by ANESDOR, the Spanish National Association of Motorbike Sector Businesses, which represents over 96% of the Spanish motorbike market.

This new project will be one of the big new events in the IFEMA calendar for next year, and undoubtedly the most anticipated by motorbike fans. The Motorbike Trade Show has not been held in Madrid since 2007. It returns to the capital in the context of a market recovery, with excellent expectations in terms of success and participation. This annual event will be held in Madrid in even years and in Barcelona in odd years.
For this new edition, IFEMA has already reserved more than 16,000 square metres of exhibition space in hall 12 and in the area connecting to hall 14 at Feria de Madrid. Both spaces are capable of hosting a major commercial exhibition full of the latest from brands, as well as a space for activities, demonstrations and trials for the public.
This announcement kicks off the marketing of the event, which is backed by ANESDOR, enabling it to meet its goal of maximum industry representation. The main brands that make up ANESDOR have already confirmed their presence at Vive la Moto. In this regard, the activities, product presentations and the presence of major brands will be the event's main attraction. Vive la Moto will be the go-to event for the sector and expects to welcome a large number of visitors from all over Spain.
A growing sector
Vive la Moto, Madrid's Big Motorbike Trade Show, comes at a key time in the motorcycle industry, which grew by 16.1% and saw 171,304 units registered in 2016.
José María Riaño, the general secretary of ANESDOR, said that "the consolidation of growth in the sector has allowed big trade fairs to come back to Spain, along with the support of brands and motorcycle manufacturers for these types of events". In this regard, Riaño explained that "this trade show is emerging as the go-to event for motorbike fans and industry brands and professionals in Spain".
It has been ten years since IFEMA held its last Motorcycle Trade Show, which had a special following since its inception, with spectacular attendance numbers and a high degree of visitor loyalty. The news of its return to Madrid, one of the main markets in Spain and the most active in terms of promoting sustainable mobility, has aroused major interest in the motorbike industry, which has always seen the event as a key element for positioning and stimulating trade.
About IFEMA-Feria de Madrid
The leading trade fair organiser in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with over three and a half decades of experience and a portfolio of 80 annual specialist trade fairs in the main economic sectors, as well as events for the general public. Its facilities at Feria de Madrid, the epicentre of the Iberian Peninsula, with one-of-a-kind international connections, boasts 200,000 square metres of exhibition space and receives over 2.9 million visitors from around the world each year.

ANESDOR is the organisation that represents motorcycle industry businesses in Spain. Founded in 1954, it is the country's oldest automotive industry association.

ANESDOR represents over 96% of the motorbike market: 43 companies (manufacturers and importers of motorbikes, mopeds, trikes, quad bikes, the auxiliary and aftermarket industry), which market 91 different brands.

The organisation looks out for the interests of the motorbike sector's industrial and commercial fabric before public and private administrations and institutions, both nationally and internationally, and before the general public.

In this regard, ANESDOR participates in drawing up national and European guidelines and mobility plans which affect the sector in areas like standardisation of category L vehicles, environmental legislation, and road safety.

ANESDOR is a member of ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, and IMMA, the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association.

More information
Marta Cacho, Head of media relations at IFEMA
Tamara Raposo, ANDESDOR press manager


Technology and digitalisation are the focus of EXPODENTAL 2018

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This year’s trade fair is the most comprehensive yet, with more products, services and technological innovations offered across its 22,346 m2 of exhibition space - 14% bigger than in 2016 - by 348 companies - an increase of 7%

A strategic event for professionals who want to be at the forefront of the technological changes that are sweeping across the dental sector and that will transform how work is done over the coming years

Organised by IFEMA, in partnership with FENIN, this year’s EXPODENTAL, from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 March 2018, will be the largest yet

EXPODENTAL, the International Trade Fair for Dental Equipment, Products and Services, to be held from 15 to 17 March, will be the most comprehensive and representative event in its history, offering a range of cutting-edge technology and the very latest in dental equipment, prostheses, implants and orthodontics, as well as all the services and solutions demanded by a constantly developing sector with a firm commitment to a digital future.

The event will take place across 22,346 m2 of exhibition space - 14% larger than in 2016 - in Pavilions 3, 5 and 7 at Feria de Madrid, where 348 direct exhibitors will showcase their products and services, representing an increase in participation of 7%. Alongside this will be 412 represented companies and 1,458 brands.  International involvement is also greater this year, representing 21% of total direct participation, with over thirty countries represented. 

Under the banner of Innovation, Technology and the Digital Future, the trade fair, organised by IFEMA and promoted by the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies, FENIN, has become one of the most important international benchmarks for a high-tech, cutting-edge industry. It is also a top-tier focal point for professionals keen to learn about future trends and the innovations that are transforming the sector and that will change how work is carried out in clinics over the coming years.

According to a report by FENIN, the dental sector market in Spain comprises over 800 companies, whose overall turnover in 2016 amounted to 713 million euros, representing an increase of 8.7% compared to the previous year.  The high quality of Spanish services and products has meant that the dental sector increased its exports by 7.67% between 2015 and 2016, in excess of 122 million euros.

What EXPODENTAL has to offer

EXPODENTAL is a biennial event, and this enables the presentation of cutting-edge technical, design-based and technological innovations across all segments of the dental industry. This year, there is special focus on areas including: digitalisation of processes ranging from imaging to the production of prostheses through 3D printing; significant advances in implantology due to the incorporation of innovative technologies, materials and solutions to improve osseointegration; innovations in resistant structures to optimise bone regeneration; and the latest in endodontic, orthodontic and aesthetic treatments.

In addition, CAD/CAM technology will be spotlighted this year, as one of the tools with most impact in this field, enabling greater accuracy and better design in dental treatments, reducing time and cost to the patient and paving the way for new opportunities in implantology in the future.

There will be no shortage of high-precision intraoral scanners, tabletop sterilisers incorporating advances in safety and efficacy into their technical design to guarantee perfect control of all processes, and numerous innovations in daily routine systems for dental cleaning and improved gum health.

Another of EXPODENTAL’s key areas will be products to enhance comfort in clinics, healthcare architecture and a broad portfolio of software solutions for business management.

Architecture and design for clinics, a new feature at EXPODENTAL
In line with current trends towards improving both professional and patient experiences, EXPODENTAL is incorporating two new exhibitions this year, located in the break areas in Pavilions 3 (Coffee Break) and 7 (Terra Break). Here, visitors to the fair can see a select sample of architectural materials and specific products in technical and decorative lighting, healthcare-specific floor and wall coverings, vinyl and upholstery, laminated flooring, air purifiers, printed and luminous panels, designer furniture for waiting rooms, reception areas and offices, emergency signage, signs for frontages and interiors, and other products for the design, construction or renovation of clinics.  The composition of these spaces, overseen by Romina Barbieri’s architecture and design studio, will involve input from leading firms in various industry segments, including AKURA, BOLON, DYSON, GERFLOR, KARELIA, VESCOM, LAMPARAS LA OLIVA, NEABRANDING, SIMON and SUTEGA. It has also involved the participation of students studying for the Master’s Degree in Commercial Premises Design at the Madrid School of Design.


This year’s content is rounded off, as usual, with a wide range of presentations of state-of-the-art products and treatments, which will take place at the EXPODENTAL Speakers´ Corners. These will offer a detailed look at some of the most innovative technologies and solutions developed by manufacturers over the past two years. Around 50 sessions will be held, covering areas including: implants; new techniques, treatments and materials; digital solutions and digital marketing; specialised architecture for clinics; and CAD/CAM technology. There will also be discussion of regulatory issues, such as the new Regulation on medical devices (EU 2017/745) and the new Regulation on data protection.  These presentations will be given by experts in the field, and in some cases by prestigious national and international dental surgeons such as Patricia Gatón Hernández.  The Gimage company is this year’s sponsor of the Speakers´ Corner in Pavilion 7

Training - another major feature of EXPODENTAL

Like every year, EXPODENTAL will devote a special section to the training of dentistry professionals, through the presentation of academically oriented spaces such as the Training Area. There will also be various sessions included in the Training Forum, which will provide detailed information on issues in the field, as well as the presentation of specific training programmes by participating entities and companies.

Both spaces will offer proposals for training geared toward continuous learning and enhancing knowledge with regard to the technological advances driving the emergence of new products, techniques and treatments for application in the field of oral health. There will also be guidance for students in their 4th and 5th years of dentistry, future hygienists and dental technicians, who will be able to visit EXPODENTAL on STUDENTS’ DAY on Thursday 15 March, to learn first-hand about industry innovations and attend the presentations scheduled especially for them in the Training Forum.

• Training Area

EXPODENTAL’s Training Area will be a space for reference and qualified information on current academic provision, involving universities, professional training centres, scientific societies, professional associations and enterprises, which will present their proposals at different educational levels, including bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate study, master's degrees, MBAs and specialities, as well as continuous training, business training and clinic management.

• Training Forum
The Training Forum programme, which this year will feature talks from expert clinicians such as José. A. Rabago Vega and Juan Manuel Liñares Sixto, will begin in the morning of Thursday 15 March with a series of sessions specially targeted at students, to be followed by various presentations, also dealing with the concept of training, aimed at professional level. In addition, from 6 pm on Thursday, Maxillaris Day, there will be a session entitled ‘Management success and key points for achieving it’.   Canon will be the official sponsor of the Training Forum.

Canary Islands - EXPODENTAL’s Guest Region

With the aim of promoting certain strategic aspects for the sector, this year EXPODENTAL puts the spotlight on the Canary Islands as its guest region. Through this initiative, carried out in partnership with the Official College of Dentists in Las Palmas and the Official College of Dentists in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the fair’s organisers have developed a comprehensive plan of action for communication across the Islands, offering a number of advantages to enable the region’s professionals - who carry significant weight in the sector, as indicated by their many clinics and their ratio with respect to the national total - to visit EXPODENTAL and experience the latest market innovations.

With the aim of providing a platform for support and visibility for organisations and associations working in oral health among the most disadvantaged, EXPODENTAL has this year launched the initiative EXPODENTAL SOLIDARITY. By means of a selection process through the fair’s Facebook page and subsequent evaluation by a panel, this has resulted in the award of a free, fully-equipped stand to Fundación de Odontología Social Luis Séiquer (Luis Séiquer Foundation for Social Dentistry) at this year’s event.  In this way, the Foundation will have the opportunity to publicise the various projects that they are undertaking, both at national and international level, and find potential allies and partners to help it continue its work.
Visiting the dentist
A study on ‘Oral healthcare provision in Spain’, carried out by the Key-Stone Market Research Institute, in collaboration with Fenin, on a representative sample of the Spanish public comprising 2,283 families, indicates that more than 60% of Spanish people visited the dentist at least once during 2017 and of these, almost 50% went for a dental cleaning. There was a considerable increase in corporate dentistry (dental policies, chains and franchises) with respect to the previous year, representing 24% of oral healthcare provision. While this does not mean that traditional clinics are in decline, those which are older and less open to the use of technology are seeing reduced numbers of patients, as confirmed by other Key-Stone studies. At the same time, the study referred to above also shows that among the fundamental factors involved in choosing a dental clinic, patients highlight the importance of the clinic's cleanliness and hygiene (53%), the interpersonal skills of dentists and assistants (39%) and the clinic’s equipment and technology (34%).
NACEX sponsors EXPODENTAL 2018
Since its beginnings, NACEX has offered an urgent courier service for the pharmaceutical sector, making deliveries to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and distributors, as well as home deliveries.  To ensure compliance with the requirements of the new European Commission Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use (2013/C 343/01) and to cover the needs of the sector, in 2016 the company launched a premium service, NACEX Pharma, which offers guaranteed shipping control/monitoring and maintains NACEX’s characteristic high level of quality. This service provides guaranteed delivery before 8:30, 10:00 or 12:00.
NACEX is the first company to be awarded certification by AENOR for Good Distribution Practice. This certification, alongside numerous client audits, guarantees that the company’s quality assurance system reflects the key aspects for the pharmaceutical industry (training, documentation system, validation, risk analysis, safety, traceability, temperature management, etc.), ensuring a distribution service of the highest quality and compliance with current legislation.



IBERZOO+PROPET 2018 highlights innovation applied to pet care

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
IFEMA calls the second edition of IBERZOO+PROPET 2018

From 15 - 17 March 2018, at Feria de Madrid

The Organisers’ Committee has been formed, with numerous sector participants

On 27 September, the first Organisers’ Committee of the coming edition of IBERZOO+PROPET, the International Pet Industry Trade Fair, met at IFEMA. At the meeting, where the committee was formed with numerous sector representatives, there was a discussion of the magnificent results of the first edition, which was held last March. They also discussed the strategies being used for the next call, organised by IFEMA in collaboration with the sector’s two main bodies: AMVAC, Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians, and AEDPAC - Spanish Association of Pet Product Distributors, that will be held from 15 to 18 March 2018, at Feria de Madrid.

At the meeting, they discussed the success of merging the established annual event PROPET, with a history of nine editions and biennial the IBERZOO (which six events under its belt), creating a benchmark exhibition for the professional pet sector in Spain and on the Iberian Peninsula. The results speak for themselves. A total of 480 companies from 53 companies took part, and were visited by 16,224 trade visitors from all around the world, confirming the international flavour of the exhibition. 

The Organisers’ Committee of IBERZOO+PROPET, has two co-presidents, José Ramón Escribano from AMVAC and Lluc Ferrer from AEDPAC, with some of the most prestigious firms in the pet sector. MSD Animal Health, Henry Schein, Dingonatura, Artero, Hill’s Pet Nutrition España, Progenex, Boehringer Ingelheim, Química Farmacéutica Bayer, Juper, Pisciber, and Royal Canin; as well as the Spanish Association of Veterinarians, AEVET, and institutions like Madrid City Council and the Department of Economy and Tax of the Region of Madrid. 

IBERZOO+PROPET will once again be a meeting place for the pet sector’s offer and demand, and a business platform, which will provide all participants with the best return on their investment. At the trade fair, visitors see the most extensive and innovative displays of pet products and accessories; fashion, and toys; food and nutrition; pharmaceutical products and health; hygiene and beauty; the pet trade; equipment for pet shops and for veterinary clinics; furniture; snacks, harnesses and collars, and services and management.

The offer is targeted at a wide group of professional visitors, consisting of specialised retailers, veterinarians, dog stylists, breeders, trainers and other sector professionals. 

Vets will hold the 35th Annual AMVAC - VETMADRID Congress. It is always held to coincide with PROPET. VETMADRID2018 will focus on medicine and surgery in dermatology and the sensory organs.

As well as the veterinary congress, and with a focus on innovative products and services to improve the health and welfare of pets, there will be activities for professional groups involved in the sector, which will make IBERZOO+PROPET a space for top-level training, analysis and discussion. Based on the results of the previous call, the best received features at last year’s event, such as the Training and Commercial Forum will take place again; like the Escaparate (Showcase) - New Product and Innovation Gallery; Masco Trends; the Pasarela Boutique; masterclasses in dog styling courtesy of Artero; Aquarium activities Pisciber, and the IBERZOO+PROPET awards to recognise people’s worthy careers in the sector, among others.





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