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Useful Information


Customs Information

  • All products from countries outside of the European Union must pass through customs.
  • Exhibitors must have the details of the Customs Official who dispatches their goods, or failing this, a copy of the customs documentation from their entrance into the European Union.
  • Spanish duties are levies on material or goods for distribution or consumption, even in the case of products of no commercial value; the amount payable may vary depending on the country.
  • All goods subject to a T-1 must not be removed from the booth or from the Feria de Madrid site until their situation has been changed and customs processes completed.
  • The sale or distribution of non-EU goods in an international fair is totally prohibited until customs processing is completed.
  • Products transported as hand luggage must be declared at the airport in the Red Channel (“something to declare”), and will be retained until the corresponding customs processes are completed.
  • Goods which have not been processed by customs and are displayed will be confiscated by the authorities until the appropriate documents are presented.

Customs office:

Recommendations for all exhibitors bringing material requiring customs processing (non-EU)
Processing the goods:

  • For a fair recognised as international for customs purposes by the State Secretariat for Tourism and Trade:
    • Goods which will return to source, once the fair has ended: T-1, community transit.
    • Goods for distribution during the fair: permanent dispatch.
    • Goods for both purposes: separate documentation and dispatch for each type of goods.
  • For a fair not recognised as international:
    • Goods which will return to source, once the fair has ended: ATA notebook.
    • Goods to be distributed during the fair: permanent dispatch.
    • Goods for both purposes: identical processing.


Information on raffles, draws and random combinations

Raffles, draws and random combination games constitute types of gambling, which are provided for in articles 3.2 f and 15 of the Gambling Act 6/2001, of 3 July, of Madrid Regional Government, and are also defined in article 15 of the aforementioned Act.

In accordance with existing legislation, the carrying out of these activities requires, in the case of raffles and draws, prior administrative authorisation from the Directorate-General of Taxation, Regulation and Management of Gambling of Madrid Regional Government. In the case of random combination games, this body must be contacted prior to its taking place.

These procedures should be conducted in Madrid, at Plaza de Chamberí, 8, 28010 Madrid.
A copy of the authorisation issued, or the communication made, depending on what form of gambling is going to be carried out, must be sent to IFEMA (at the event email address), for its information.

Random Combination Form - Autonomous Region of Madrid
Draw/ Raffle - Autonomous Region of Madrid


Notification for exhibitors about the company wwwdb s.r.o and its EVENT FAIR database The Exhibitors Index

We refer to the international database of trade fair exhibitors from all over the world, whose name has been changed in recent years, to:

“FAIR GUIDE”, “EXPO GUIDE”, “EVENT FAIR The Exhibitors Index” or ”INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY” … which seems to be the most recent name.

Given the numerous requests for clarification and information that this Institution receives about the trade fair directory and data, once again, we would like to inform you of the following facts:

1. IFEMA has NO connection with this company, its database or publications.
2. The companies that have recently been seen to be using this database (although there may be others) are:
wwwdb s.r.o (Slovakia);
EXPOGUIDE S.C. (Mexico),
These organisations, which are based in different countries, market their advertising inserts exclusively on their own account.
3. The mechanism they use is to send the exhibitor a letter and a partly-completed form containing details of the trade fair, the trade fair facilities where this will take place and details of the exhibitor company in the possession of the owner of this directory.
4. The letter invites you to update the data either free of charge (if you do this online) or by advertising in the publication for a cost and for an initial period of three years, with tacit renewal if you sign the form and return it in the enveloped attached.
5. This form has no space for including your bank details because the firm issues an annual invoice. The company with which the exhibitor is entering into the agreement appears at the bottom of the form in the small print, together with the cost of the service, jurisdiction and automatic renewal details.
6.  It has been seen that this form leads to continuous misunderstandings among users and exhibitors frequently complain to us that they have inadvertently entered into agreements for advertising services that they do not want, often associating the trade fair organiser, in this case IFEMA, with the provider of these services.
7. The trade fair community, through the UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), has asked this company, which frequently changes its company name and address and the name of the database (FAIR GUIDE, EXPO GUIDE, EVENT FAIR, INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY) on several occasions to stop marketing its advertising services in this ambiguous manner.
8. In the event that an Exhibitor has signed the form without noticing the onerous nature of the service engaged, we suggest that you contact the company in question indicating that you do not want to purchase the service and that you filled in the form in order to correct and update your details free of charge and not to purchase the paid-for service, and that the confusion was due to the ambiguous nature of the document.

In light of the above and in order to avoid undesirable situations in which IFEMA is unable to intervene, we are asking all Exhibitors receiving a subscription form to read the entire content very carefully before signing, to be sure that you really want to purchase the services offered.




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