SIMO EDUCACIÓN INNOVA highlights 39 cutting-edge products for the classroom.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
An initiative aimed at promoting knowledge and dissemination of the most technologically advanced new learning equipment and solutions

You can find all of these proposals at SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2017 from 25 to 27 October at hall 12 at Feria de Madrid.
The upcoming edition of SIMO EDUCACIÓN will feature the launch of the SIMO EDUCACION INNOVA platform, an initiative aimed at highlighting the most significant technological contributions in this field from those presented at the fair. It will take place from 25 to 27 October and this year will feature 39 cutting-edge products.

With this selection of new products by a committee made up of renowned professionals from the Education and ICT sectors, SIMO EDUCACION will offer a carefully selected perspective of the innovations the industry is working on to offer tools and technology solutions to support teaching and education management.

The Selection Committee was guided by the criteria of innovation, technological advancement; improvements in functionality, usability, and design, and relevance to new teaching methods.

Selected products:

• Acer TravelMate Spin B118
11" convertible device which students can use in various ways. From reading to writing, taking notes, drawing or watching videos, this device can do all kinds of schoolwork and is compatible with the Acer TeachSmart, which offers new ways of interacting in class.
• Acer Chromebook 11 N7 (C731)
Chromebook 11 N7 is designed to support an immersive learning experience. It has a robust shell and splash proof keyboard with difficult-to -remove keys. It offers good battery life, silent running without a fan, and a 180º hinge which allows collaboration and shared use in and out of the classroom.
• Acer CloudProfessor
Basic IoT (Internet of Things) kit which combined hardware, software and the cloud. An easy way for beginners to learn to code, discover how the cloud works and launch their own creations to the the IoT. Compatible with Android, Chrome OS and iOS devices.

• LampFree projectors
Green projection technology based on a bright mercury-free laser and LED, which reduces consumption and eliminates the need to change the lamp. The brightness output remains constant throughout the product's lifespan. It means teachers no longer have to worry about getting these educational tools to work properly.

• Compluino 03
Educational Arduino-based robot for teachers to motivate students and condense multiple disciplines (mechanics, electronics, programming, maths, art, etc.) into a single context. It is designed to work on robotics in educational contexts aimed at secondary school students and includes a wide range of sensors and actuators.

• eBeam Smart Marker
eBeam is a product which allows notes made on a conventional whiteboard to be transmitted to mobile devices or PCs anywhere in the world in real time via software or an app.

• Next 2.0
It is part of the Next Robótica Edelvives project, which is committed to putting educational robots in schools to work on curriculum content using robotics. It is a floor-based robot with direction controls and a bluetooth connection suitable for children aged 6 to 8. Its movement, sounds and lights can be programmed using an app.
• Ta-Tum
Gamified platform which livens up reading in the classroom. An innovative approach to encouraging reading in schools based on combining the digital world with gamification. The platform lets you read or do activities about the books being read.

• Cubetto
A friendly wooden robot which teaches children the basics of programming in a fun way using sensory play. It is Montessori approved and inspired by the LOGO tortoise. It does not need to be connected to a tablet or any type of technological device.

• Enfant Teacher
App developed for classroom management which has a personalised agenda and allows students, parents, teachers and so on to send alerts, notifications and messages from any mobile device, as well as create image galleries with comments. It is integrated with the school's social media and is available in any of Spain's languages.

• Epson eb710
Interactive WUXGA laser ultra short throw solution for the education sector which provides high luminosity images and touch interactivity using two pens. Its most innovative feature is the ability to use blending (duplicating screens) to create digital screens up to 6 metres wide. It also allows collaborative learning.

• Actiflex Collection
A collection of furniture made in Spain aimed at the new needs of collaborative teaching, which includes ICT. With flexible, modular, easily movable and silent furniture to fit each classroom according to the learning needs of each subject.

• Little engineer kit
A kit and book for electronics students aged 9 to 11 which lets them create electronic circuits in a safe, simple and fun way. In addition to learning about renewable energies from a technological point of view, the student book (in Spanish) allows Spanish-speaking teachers to comfortably teach the topic without having to look for the content on-line in English.
• Little explorer kit
In addition to the student book with a theoretical introduction to electricity and electronics and different projects and circuits, this product comes with all sorts of electronic components which are connected using crocodile clips. It mixes the world of crafts with new technologies.
• Little friend Kit
A kit and book for electronics students aged 9 to 11 to create greetings cards with light and sound, without using cables. It comes with a roll of conductive tape to connect all kinds of components. The student book (in Spanish) allows Spanish-speaking teachers to comfortably teach the topic without having to look for the content on-line in English.
• Panda painter kit
Kit and book for electronics students aged 6 to 8 to create monsters which open their eyes or make sounds, without using cables. It lets children create electronic circuits in a safe, simple and fun way from a young age. The student book (in Spanish) allows Spanish-speaking teachers to comfortably teach the topic without having to look for the content on-line in English.

• CTOUCH Leddura 2Share 75 UHD
Specially designed for sharing digital content without the need for cables, from any device and with maximum security. It gives access to an interactive screen and an annotation feature. It offers the possibility to display 4 screens at the same time, all with multi-touch. What's more, the All in One system allows you to have everything you need within the reach of any educational work methodology in the different software.

• HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2
The slim and light HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 offers 5 different modes of operation (work, share, present, conference and write), high security and up to 16 and a half hours of battery life. HP Sure Start Gen34 protects against BIOS attacks, while the optional integrated HP Sure View privacy screen and Sure Click protect against visual hackers with the touch of a button. HP Active Pen provides a natural writing experience, and the HP Collaboration Keyboard lets you easily share your creations.
• HP Z VR Backpack
The HP Z VR Backpack gives you the freedom to move and remain totally immersed in visual reality with great visual performance. Thanks to its docking capabilities it transforms into a work station with a manageable and powerful workstation which lets you enjoy virtual reality experiences in a safe and effective way, simulating all types of environments. It includes an Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro ™ processor which provides the power necessary process applications quickly, and a vPro chipset.
• HP Pagewide A3 multifunction printers
HP A3 multifunction printers with PageWide technology let you print in colour at an affordable price using less energy, with improved productivity thanks to HP Smart Device Services technology. These printers have advanced security features to fight the growing number of threats and protect printers as well as data and documents.

• Intralineas
Digital reading platform to improve reading comprehension in students aged 8 to 18 and support teachers in effective and ongoing teaching of reading, by applying activities and strategies which research in recent decades has deemed to be effective.

• Microsoft Teams
Group work application which creates a workspace for teams to access and store shared files. All kinds of content can be shared in the timeline of a chat in such a way that all information on a class, subject or school is stored in carpets and is easy to access for all team members. It supports cloud integration so that documents can be worked on in real time directly from the application.
• Intune for Education
Windows 10 device management software designed to simplify the process of installing, configuring, administering and controlling PCs and tablets for the classroom. An innovative response the needs of teachers who want to incorporate technology into the classroom with little resources or knowledge of IT.

• TinTaranTin, piano & music for young minds
TinTaranTin is a piece of software and musical education software for learning to play the piano and read music from a very young age. The method, which takes the form of a game, is a serious progressive teaching approach which for the first time lets small children play and read music with no effort.

• The Funtastic School
An edtech system based on the social learning method. It eliminates the need for textbooks in pre-school and primary maths and language subjects. The Funtastic School is an edtech app available on PC or tablet.
• Steam School IN-A-BOX
Method with interactive classroom material which lets any teacher—regardless of their ability to program—to give programming and robotics classes which comply with the full official curriculum.

• Blackboard Ally
Product aimed at creating accessible learning content in an on-line format which also allows the content to be evaluated automatically and promotes on-line learning for people with any kind of disability.

• Mine Academy
Digital learning content project for children aged 10 to 12 which uses Minecraft: Education Edition as a vehicle for learning. It turns students into team players who, through the various activities and adventures in each teaching unit (mission), develop the competencies required by the official curriculum. It gives teachers the complete learning sequence in the form of an integrated teacher's guide and the training necessary to be able to direct classroom sessions.

• ActivPanel V5
An interactive screen based on Android™ with a design which allows learning centres to progressively expand the features of the device as technology advances. Innovative InGlass technology allows fluid, natural, lag-free writing. It has an instant screen for writing by hand, converting to text, wiping using the palm of the hand and saving notes captured digitally.

• Intelitek CoderZ EV3 Coding Robots Curriculum
On-line STEM learning platform which lets you program virtual 3D robots from the popular LEGO Education EV3 system. It is based on Blockly block programming and Java language. It contains a wide educational curriculum which can be applied to students aged 12 and up to cover different topics related to robotics, programming and science, technology, engineering and mathematics in general.
• Robotics BT Beginner: Fischertechnik
Set of construction parts and a programming unit with 12 practical examples on topics relating to control, automation and robotics. Designed for students aged 10 and up. Work on STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) in the classroom through project-based learning which is fun and attractive for both students and teachers.
• Robot Marty
Open source educational robot with an ROS controller card designed in-house which is compatible with Raspberry Pi and programmable using Python and Scratch. The structure of the robot is also open distribution and can be printed from STL files from any 3D printer which uses this format. Its humanoid shape, the movement of its limbs and the ability to control its facial expressions build empathy with the user.
• Aisoy1 KiK
Aisoy1 KiK is an emotional robot which establishes emotional ties with children, stimulating their curiosity in a natural way. It develops children's capacities and multiple intelligences, taking them to a higher cognitive level at their own pace of learning.

• DeX
Samsung DeX lets you connect a Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to enjoy a desktop experience using telephone technology. By simply connecting your phone to the DeX Station you can use applications, work on documents, make presentations and establish or check notifications on a desktop interface.

• Botter
An IoT application in education, combined with Learning Analytics concepts. It explores a user interface, the robot, which differs from a traditional screen. The prototype, once developed, will be independent of the type of robot, so it can adapt to any type of organisation.

• SMART Board 2000 Series
Non-tactile SMART screen designed for classrooms which need something more than a basic screen. The wireless screen sharing function and non-tactile design make the 2000 series perfect for displaying classes and presentations on all kinds of devices. The 4K Ultra HD resolutions makes content look incredible.
• SMART Board 7000 Series
Interactive 75"-86" monitor with new HyPr technology which improves touch and writing precision. It allows up to 10 simultaneous touches with different tools and can recognise objects (it can tell between a hand, marker and eraser). With four markers for maximum collaboration, iQ technology, and the ability to wirelessly share screens from any device to the monitor.

• Platypoox
Customised learning platform and content manager for teachers and students. It offers a platform for content, material, projects and classroom activities and also works as an activity planner, giving teachers a tool to prepare and even teach classes in a personalised way.

• XYZPrinting da Vinci Color
3D full-colour printer which uses 3DColorJet technology and combines ink jet printing with FDM 3D printing.

1001 Bodas: hundreds of ideas, novelties and products for those planning to get married

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
The show, which is open to the public, will take place from 27 to 29 October at IFEMA Feria de Madrid, bringing together over 300 exhibitors from the world of catering, bridal fashion, wedding planning, photography, invitations, make-up, hairdressing, music and more.

Hannibal Laguna will be one of the new additions to this year's fair. The designer will be presenting an exhibition entitled “Hannibalissimo - 30 years of wedding fashion and ceremony” at the Plaza de las Novias (Bride's Square) of the show, which will now become known as Plaza de las Novias by Hannibal Laguna.
This edition of the show will also include the 1001 Bodas LGTB area. This special exhibition space will bring together a selection of specialist exhibitors in the LGBT wedding industry alongside other firms interested in exploring this market niche.

1001 Bodas, the Exhibition of Products and Services for Weddings and Celebrations, Spain’s leading showcase for bridal designs and an event that those who are planning their wedding should not miss, is putting the final touches to its next edition, which will take place from 27 to 29 October at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.

Organised by IFEMA and open to the public, couples visiting 1001 Bodas will get to discover hundreds of great ideas, novelties and products brought to them by over 300 participating exhibitors from all across Spain who will be delighted to help them plan their dream wedding. There will also be a fantastic line-up of other activities that are free to enter with the show ticket. Brides- and grooms-to-be will get a close look at and possibly even the chance to take part in the typical preparations for a wedding.

Just one visit will give the happy couple a glimpse of every possible wedding idea, from the most traditional to the most innovative, so they can choose their favourites by simply touring Hall 6 at Feria de Madrid. They will also be able to ask for information on discount products and services and benefit from the special offers that the show's exhibiting companies launch especially for the event.

They will also have an opportunity to see wedding fashion collections for both brides and grooms. Over 70 well-known wedding fashion brands will be there at the nineteenth edition of the show, showing off designs for grooms, brides, parties, ceremonies and accessories. Among them are Hannibal Laguna, Manu Garcia, Petro Valverde, Aire Barcelona, Alma Novias, Luna Novias, Adriana Atelier, San Patrick, La Sposa, Nathaly Novias by White One, Carla Ruiz, Félix Ramiro, Guzman, Maggie Sottero, Nicole Spose, Teresa Ripoll, Marga Sánchez, Maria Barragán, Marina Arcos, Sastreria Foraster, Protocolo Novios, Vertize Gala and Roberto Vicentti Novio.

Daily fashion parades
In addition to discovering the new trends and creations of these firms at their stands, visitors attending 1001 Bodas will get to watch daily fashion parades at no extra cost. Here, the catwalk in the same hall, right by the stands, will be showcasing wedding dresses and groomswear on Friday 27 at 6 p.m., Saturday 28 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. and Sunday 29 at 1 p.m. The brands taking part in this edition's fashion parades will be Vertize Gala, Maria Salas, Félix Ramiro, Pasarella by Félix Ramiro, Maggie Sottero by LunasdBoda, Nicole by LunasdBoda and San Patrick by LunasdeBoda. In Friday’s parade, in addition to these firms, there will be a wedding parade by fashion firm Adlib.

Plaza de la Novia by Hannibal Laguna
In addition to over 70 firms offering wedding fashions for brides, grooms, parties, ceremonies and accessories, this edition of 1001 Bodas is bolstering its fashion content with the designer Hannibal Laguna. He will be presenting an exhibition entitled “Hannibalissimo - 30 years of wedding fashion and ceremony” at the Plaza de las Novias (Bride's Square) of the show, which will now become known as Plaza de las Novias by Hannibal Laguna.

The Hannibalissimo exhibition is a tribute to Hannibal Laguna's three decades of success in crossing borders and dressing women all around the world with the magic of his style. Hannibalissimo will include a choice of the most emblematic wedding gowns and dresses for special occasions from the brand's various collections. These are the designer's most prized pieces, which will now be retrieved to offer an extraordinary display put together especially for 1001 Bodas. His exhibition will feature collections that inspire love, femininity and romance, with the unmistakable and sophisticated seal of his elegant and timeless creations. These pieces are unique, widely-admired and recognised as dazzling gems.

News ideas for those who are planning their wedding
As well as the numerous wedding fashion designs on display, 1001 Bodas 2017 is offering new ideas for travel and catering and a chance to attend demonstrations of music and find the best options in make-up, hairstyles, engagement rings and jewellery, invitations, photographs, videos, flowers, catering, bride’s car, gifts for guests, and much, much more.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences as they visit the show and find the best ideas for their weddings, such as mini product tastings, and hairdressing and make-up hints, and attend dance classes and exhibitions of magic and electric violin. And all of this is included in the price of the ticket!

One-of-a-kind experiences
Among the compelling experiences organised for this edition of 1001 Bodas there is a very special invitation to all couples from Wedding Style Magazine. Once again this magazine will surprise visitors to 1001 Bodas with ideas for their wedding as they experience magical moments that will live on in their memories. This year the connecting hub of Halls 6 and 8 is recreating decadent, luxurious Venice, in a scenario brimming with details and experiences.

In this edition of 1001 Bodas, as in previous ones, just by attending the trade show and filling in the small form that comes with the ticket, visitors will be able to enter a prize draw for the chance to win a trip for two Around the World at no additional cost.

1001 Bodas LGTB area
This year's edition of 1001 Bodas will be bringing back the last edition's 1001 Bodas LGTB area. This is a special exhibition space integrated into the rest of the event's content that is open to everyone at the trade show, whether or not they identify as LGBT, where a selection of exhibitors specialising in the LGBT wedding industry can converge, together with other exhibitors interested in learning more about this market.

Discount on tickets
Tickets for the show are now on sale. Tickets purchased on the website before 26 October will come with a 50% discount, costing just €6. As from 27 October, tickets will be on sale at the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid ticket offices for €12.

More information at:

Cuenta atrás para la celebración de EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR LATINOAMERICA el gran evento internacional de la seguridad para el ...

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
IFEMA, FISA y Carabineros de Chile organizan este nuevo encuentro profesional con el mundo de la seguridad, que tendrá lugar en Espacio Riesco de Santiago de Chile, los próximos 23 al 25 de octubre

El Salón será inaugurado por el Ministro del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile, Mario Fernández Baeza

Con las novedades de 148 empresas expositoras, entre las que se encuentran 15 compañías -4 españolas y 11 del continente asiático- que acuden al salón, como resultado de la gestión de IFEMA y de su red de delegaciones en el exterior

Entre los días 23 y 25 de octubre, Espacio Riesco de Santiago de Chile acoge la celebración de  EXPOSEGURIDAD – SICUR LATINOAMERICA, Exhibición Internacional de Seguridad Integral y Orden Público, que reúne en su primera edición  la oferta de  empresas proveedoras de  productos, tecnologías, equipamiento y servicios  para la Seguridad Ciudadana, Seguridad ante Emergencias y Catástrofes y Seguridad Laboral.


Este  nuevo encuentro profesional con  el mundo de la seguridad, que será inaugurado por el Ministro del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile,   Mario Fernández Baeza,  nace del interés de las instituciones más importantes de Chile a partir de los resultados logrados  y la consolidación de SICUR Latinoamérica en las tres ediciones celebradas en este país,  constituyendo una gran alianza estratégica, en la que se unen el posicionamiento internacional de IFEMA,  a través de la marca de referencia internacional SICUR, junto al prestigio y trayectoria de Carabineros de Chile y FISA, como organizadores del Salón.


Y es que, con una trayectoria de 20 ediciones,   SICUR,  se ha convertido en la feria europea por excelencia del sector de la Seguridad Integral.   A lo largo de estos años,   han pasado por  SICUR más de 5.000 empresas expositoras y  más de 250.000 visitantes profesionales de todo el mundo


·        La oferta de EXPOSEGURIDAD - SICUR Latinoamérica


El contenido de EXPOSEGURIDAD - SICUR Latinoamérica se presentará articulado en torno a los tres  grandes ejes que configuran el mundo de la seguridad desde una perspectiva integral: Seguridad Ciudadana, Privada y de Orden Público;  Seguridad ante Emergencias y Catástrofes,  y Seguridad y Salud  Laboral.  Un contexto que  reunirá las novedades de  148 empresas expositoras de 12 países,  entre las que se encuentran 15 compañías -4 españolas y 11 del continente asiático-  que acuden al salón,  como resultado de  la gestión de IFEMA y de su red de delegaciones en el exterior.


·        Participación de empresas españolas


En esta ocasión, la participación  de empresas españolas en Chile estará representada en  los stands de Aeronáutica  SDLE; Techs By Textil Santanderina; Informática del Este, S.L. – Tecnoware, y  Tecnodimensión.

La propuesta de  Aeronáutica  SDLE para el mercado chileno destaca cuatro productos: por un lado su  UAV THYRA v2, un sistema multi-rotor con más de tres horas de autonomía y una gran capacidad de carga, a la que se suman sus  aviones de despegue y aterrizaje vertical con autonomía superiores ocho horas, así como un sistema de detección y protección Anti-Drones, que impide que drones comerciales puedan acceder y volar en zonas de prohibidas, y, por último sus  Celulares Encriptados,  para la privacidad y protección de las comunicaciones.

En el stand de  Techs By Textil Santanderina, se darán a conocer las últimas novedades en tejidos de protección térmica (ignífugos):       Vulkan;         Urban, y          Wooltechs, y en el de Informática del Este-Tecnoware,   se verá una amplia oferta de   soluciones informáticas completas para resolver las  necesidades de seguridad y organización de empresas y administraciones públicas. Entre ellas y por su  capacidad para gestionar alertas de forma automatizada, destaca: XCAT, un sistema de captura automática de temperaturas; WinPlus, una plataforma de integración de Control de accesos, patentes, control asistencia y productividad….]; Milestone, una  Plataforma Global de Videovigilancia, VMS y analíticas de video, compatible con cualquier cámara/video grabadora; Nebusens, Redes Inalámbricas de sensores y sistemas de localización en tiempo real; Mobotix, cámaras IP inteligentes; Avigilon, Cámaras IP, inteligencia artificial aplicada; Microsens, Soluciones fibra óptica industriales; WinPlus Mobile sistema de control de Asistencia mediante Smartphone, y las Soluciones Sectoriales para  retail, recuento de  personas, gasolineras, gestión integral,  pesca,  control embarcado de capturas, intrusión y protección perimetral.   Por su parte Tecnodimensión, especializados en el desarrollo de productos de textil al que aplican  las últimas tecnologías, mostrarán su gama de tiendas de campaña hinchables, unidades móviles de atención; hospitales de emergencia, carpas familiares, refugios polivalentes, y de almacenamiento móvil, para el uso continuado en operativos de rescate.

·        Actividades paralelas

De forma paralela a la exposición comercial, el Salón ha organizado un amplio programa de actividades, en el que se enmarca la celebración de Workshops, orientados al  debate,  la transferencia de conocimientos y la  presentación de  casos de éxito en torno a la Seguridad Integral;  Charlas Técnico-Comerciales, que ofrecerán algunas de las  empresas expositoras sobre sus productos, servicios y equipamiento, y   Ruedas de Negocios a partir de  una agenda personalizada entre empresas expositoras y demandantes tanto de Chile como de delegaciones extranjeras.


A ello se suma un amplio programa de demostraciones y ejercicios que llevarán a cabo representantes del sector público y privado junto a empresas expositoras, para dar a  conocer, prácticas, habilidades, destrezas y ventajas de los distintos  equipamientos y servicios.


EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR LATINOAMERICA también será marco de celebración de Congreso Internacional de Seguridad Integral, que contará con la participación de conferencistas nacionales e internacionales que tratarán los temas de actualidad  y problemáticas de la industria.


Más información y programa de actividades


·        Semana de la Seguridad Integral


En coincidencia con  EXPOSEGURIDAD- SICUR LATINOAMERICA se desarrollarán,  los días 23 al 25,  AMERIPOL, X Cumbre de la Comunidad de Policías de América, que reunirá en Chile  a las más altas autoridades de las instituciones policiales de América junto a representantes de Europa, África y Asia,   y la Segunda Cumbre Internacional de Análisis Criminal Científico, actividades que reunirán a expertos nacionales y extranjeros y que, en su conjunto,  configurarán la  Semana de la Seguridad Integral en Chile.




Salon Look ‘17 presents the new Business Meeting, for beauty industry professionals

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
It will be held on 3 November, during the first day of the exhibition, with a series of talks and papers on topics of utmost interest to the sector, such as “Recent trends in off-line and on-line professional channels” and “The journey from technique to experience”.

Salón Look, the International Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition, organised by IFEMA, during its next edition from 3 to 5 November, will present the Business Meeting, a new event for professionals from the aesthetics, cosmetics and hairdressing industries, featuring a series of talks and papers designed and created for beauty sector entrepreneurs, distributors and wholesalers.
The talks will be given on Friday 3 November, during the opening day of Salón Look, the most important professional beauty event in Spain.

The creation and implementation of the new Business Meeting confirms the strong commitment of Salón Look to providing activities designed to share knowledge and training with attendees, thus complementing the commercial side of the exhibition. This initiative has the collaboration of STANPA, the National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association, and ANEPE, the National Association of Companies in the Professional Hairdressing and Aesthetics Sector.

The Business Meeting will approach topics such as “Recent trends in off-line and on-line professional channels”, “Customer Experience, its influence on business”,  "Brand management in the digital environment", “The Importance of communication in a company” and “The journey from technique to experience”. The event will be opened by Eduardo López-Puertas Bitaubé, the managing director of Ifema, Julia González, commercial director of Salón Look and Miquel Oriol, chairman of Anepe.

The exhibition and the discussion of these topics will be handled by some renowned experts, including Oscar Mateo, manager of the Training and Market Studies department of Stanpa ; Julio Molina, lecturer and member of the Committee and Advisory Board of ESIC; Sergio González, master in Company Management and Administration, CEO of Modum B; Jesús Muñoz, founder and editor of Beauty Market; and José Luís Galar, of Storyteller.

Registration for this event costs 25 euros, including a certificate of attendance and attendee materials. The Media Partners of the Business Meeting are Estética Magazine and BeautyMarket, and its sponsors Industrial Oriol, MASGLO, Gio de Giovanni and Fama Fabré.

Salón Look 2017: 20 years and 5 exhibition halls
Salón Look 2017 edition, which marks the 20th anniversary since its creation, will be held from 3 to 5 November at IFEMA - at Feria de Madrid - from Friday to Sunday. It will offer more firms and content, as well as one more exhibition hall than in previous editions, bringing the total to 5. This allows the exhibition to be organised in a more professional and sector-focused way. Over 400 direct exhibitors are expected to participate along with representatives from more than 1,300 brands.

More information    034 902 10 31 26


Madrid Gaming Experience para toda la familia con 300 máquinas en su zona RetroWorld

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
Juega en MGE a la versión beta de Dragon Ball FighterZ

MGE contará con la experiencia en realidad virtual de 'El Ministerio del Tiempo'






RetroWorld, el apartado de Madrid Gaming Experience dedicado al videojuego y la informática clásica en su faceta más lúdica, duplica sus puestos de juego este año con más de 300 máquinas entre consolas, recreativas y pinball para el disfrute de toda la familia.

Del 27 al 29 de octubre en Feria de Madrid, y tras el éxito en la primera edición de MGE, RetroWorld volverá a convertirse en el festival de referencia a nivel nacional de los aficionados al videojuego clásico. Un espacio de 2000 m2 en el que disfrutar de charlas, talleres de Pixel Art, merchandising,… y en su zona de museo deleitarnos con una selección única de máquinas de juego y títulos legendarios elegidos entre una de las mayores colecciones a nivel mundial, con más de 500 piezas en su haber y rarezas únicas en muchos casos, como la española Overkal, o las TV-Game 6 y TV Racing 112, fabricadas por Nintendo años antes del lanzamiento comercial de NES. Contará también, en exclusiva, con nuevos juegos realizados para máquinas clásicas, como el celebrado The Sword of IANNA (desarrollado por RetroWorks) o Beekyr Reloaded y Vortex Attack (de la compañía Kaleidogames). En esencia, juegos actuales diseñados con apariencia y gameplay clásico.

Además, Retroworld acogerá la tercera edición de Retro Gaming Ladies con fantásticas actividades y charlas abiertas a todos los públicos, y una exposición de trabajos realizados por diseñadoras de videojuegos en el pasado como Emiko Yamamoto y la estadounidense Roberta Williams.

Y como habíamos adelantado semanas atrás, Madrid Gaming Experience rendirá homenaje al recientemente fallecido ilustrador Alfonso Azpiri a través de un emocionante recorrido dentro de Retroworld por la mayor recopilación de originales dibujados por el maestro a lo largo de toda su carrera en el mundo del videojuego. Distintos responsables y figuras representativas de Topo Soft, Dinamic Software y Opera Soft, las compañías distribuidoras y desarrolladoras de videojuegos más relevantes de los años ochenta, recordarán al gran Azpiri a través de su experiencia personal y profesional.


GAME traerá a MGE los títulos más novedosos para Xbox One X y Xbox One S

Uno de los grandes atractivos para los asistentes a MGE es que en la zona de GAME podrán probar la nueva Xbox One X antes de su lanzamiento y jugar, entre otros, a títulos como Assassin’s Creed Origins, La Tierra Media: Sombras de Guerra, Forza 7 o The Evil Within 2. Además tendrán la oportunidad única de disfrutar de la versión beta de Dragon Ball FighterZ.

GAME ofrecerá cientos de puestos de juego en los que los visitantes podrán poner a prueba sus habilidades en Xbox One S con el novedoso Cuphead, Rime o Marvel vs Capcom para los más competitivos.

MGE contará con la experiencia en realidad virtual de la serie 'El Ministerio del Tiempo'

Quienes acudan a Madrid Gaming Experience podrán disfrutar de 'Ministerio VR: Salva el Tiempo', la nueva experiencia virtual de RTVE de 'El Ministerio del Tiempo' con desafiantes e interactivas nuevas misiones.

Gracias a PlayStation® VR los fans más activos de la serie de TVE que visiten la feria gozarán de una experiencia inmersiva, pudiendo moverse por diferentes escenarios y coger objetos para avanzar en la historia. 'Salva el tiempo' forma parte del universo transmedia de la serie, con una trama (desarmar un plan de El Ángel Exterminador para destruir el Ministerio) que se integra y complementa los contenidos de la tercera temporada que actualmente se emite en La1.

Todos los clasificados de ESL Masters Madrid 2017 y ESL Clash of Nations by Movistar

League of Legends ya cuenta con ocho equipos que lucharán en Madrid Gaming Experience por alzarse con el título de campeones.

ThunderX3 Baskonia, Giants Only the Brave, The G-lab Penguins, Movistar Riders, Kiyf, G2|Vodafone, eMonkeyz y MAD Lions ya están preparados para disputar ESL Masters Madrid 2017 que tendrá lugar los próximos 27, 28 y 29 de octubre en MGE. Competirán por coronarse como el mejor equipo de League of Legends del país y llevarse parte de los 10.000€ de premio que ofrece ESL Masters.

Además, ayer se decidió en ESL Masters CS:GO el último clasificado para la competición internacional ESL Clash of Nations by Movistar, que se celebrará los días 28 y 29 de octubre en MGE. Giants (España) se verá las caras con PANTHERS (Alemania), Team EndPoint (UK), EnVyUs Academy (Francia), exOutlaws (SEEC), Team Kinguin (Polonia), Movistar Riders y KPI Gaming (también desde España) para demostrar quién es el mejor equipo de las ligas nacionales de CS:GO de ESL.

Estrellas del doblaje y estrellas del ring en Manga-O-Rama!

Manga-O-Rama! vuelve a demostrar el espíritu pluridisciplinar de su cartel de actividades e invitados. Por un lado, tendrá el placer de recibir a Adelaida López, estrella del doblaje que presta su voz a la mítica BunnyTsukino, protagonista de Sailor Moon, o a la actriz Jennifer Lawrence; junto a ella estarán Ana de Castro (Tracer en Overwatch, ShireenBaratheon en Juego de Tronos, la pequeña Aloy de Horizon Zero Dawn...) y Tania Ugía (Sayaka en El recuerdo de Marnie, Kindred en LoL, D.Va en Overwatch...), en una charla moderada por el también actor Ángel Coomonte (Victor Blade en Inazuma Eleven Go, Cisco en The Flash, Rast en Juego de Tronos...).

Y, por otra parte, no faltarán a la fiesta los superhéroes del ring: ¡los guerreros de la Triple W ofrecerán en Madrid Gaming Experience dos espectáculos el sábado 28 de octubre!

Gamelab Academy

Y aquellos que deseen conectar con los ‘actores’ del mundo del videojuego no pueden dejar de visitar el área de Gamelab Academy, en la que podrán conocer las últimas novedades del desarrollo independiente, asistir a sus conferencias de acceso libre e intercambiar ideas con los profesionales y escuelas de nuestro país.

Los portavoces de Madrid Gaming Experience nos destacan en este vídeo algunas de las experiencias que se podrán disfrutar del 27 al 29 de octubre en una feria que no te puedes perder. Ven, juega, ¡vívelo!

Recordar que un año más MGE contará con la iniciativa solidaria Videojuegos por Alimentos (VxA) mediante la cual los visitantes podrán canjear alimentos no perecederos por títulos, periféricos y máquinas de juego a elegir entre una amplia oferta de material clásico y actual.

Ya están disponibles las entradas para la feria en y también en las tiendas GAME de toda España y en (con 3€ de regalo para una compra en GAME). El precio es de 13€ en venta anticipada y de 16€ en taquilla. Además, existe un abono especial de 36€ para los tres días del evento (número limitado).

Recordar que el acceso a la feria será gratuito para los niños hasta 9 años (incluidos) siempre que acudan acompañados de un adulto. Los menores de 14 años también deben de ir acompañados de un adulto.

Madrid Gaming Experience (27-29 oct) está organizada por IFEMA y GAME, cuenta con la colaboración especial de ESL y la participación de Gamelab Academy, Pop Culture España y Retroworld.

Medios colaboradores:, Los40, Non Stop People y

Las acreditaciones para cubrir informativamente Madrid Gaming Experience se pueden solicitar a través de este enlace.

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TRAFIC 2017: a showcase for safe, sustainable mobility, with multiple vehicle and scooter brands taking part

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
The Exhibition, organised by IFEMA, will be held from 24 to 27 October

• A total of 8 brands will be championing electric mobility at TRAFIC, presenting their latest electric models at the new Electric Mobility Area

TRAFIC 2017 will become a platform for safe and sustainable mobility with 8 automobile and scooter brands presenting 14 models at a new exhibition space: The Electric and Efficient Mobility Area.

From 24 to 27 October, brands like Audi (F. Tomé), BMW (Cuzco Motor), Hyundai, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen (F. Tomé) andNIU (Motos Bordoy) will be bringing their most innovative models to professionals. This will demonstrate the industry's dedication to electric mobility at TRAFIC 2017.

Audi (F. Tomé) | New Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

The F. Tomé Group will be at TRAFIC with the New Audi A3 Sportback e-tron hybrid, which has a range of 50 km in electric mode.

BMW (Ibericar Cuzco) | New i8 and i3

Ibericar Cuzco will come to TRAFIC with its BMW i range: It will display the BMW i3, the first compact premium vehicle conceived since the initial stages for electric mobility, and the BMW i8, the first plug-in-hybrid and the world's most advanced sports car. 

Hyundai | IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid and IONIQ Electric

Hyundai will exhibit two models from the IONIQ range. The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid, which has all the advantages of the IONIQ Hybrid and up to 50 kilometres of emission-free driving. And the fully electric IONIQ Electric, equipped with a battery-powered engine which offers 280 kilometres of emission-free driving.

Nissan | New Nissan LEAF

Nissan will be presenting the Nissan LEAF, the most sold electric vehicle in the world, which can be charged at home or at the office. What's more, with breakthrough technologies like the e-Pedal or its ProPilot system, the first step toward self-driving, it will help reduce accidents.

Niu (Motos Bordoy) | N1S and M1

The 2400W N1S  electric scooter,has an extractable 10-kg battery which takes 6 hours to charge and gives a range of 80 km. The 1200W M1 has an extractable battery of 8.3 kg which charges in 4 hours and has a range of 80 km. 

Peugeot | Partner Tepee Electric

Peugeot will exhibit several models including the Partner Tepee Electric, one of the solutions specifically targeted to small businesses. 

Renault | Renault ZOE 40 and the new Kangoo ZE

Renault will be at the Show with the Renault ZOE 40, which has a range of up to 403 km (the most in its segment) and has led the fully electric car market in 2017. And the New Kangoo ZE, with a range of up to 270 km. A 100% electric commercial vehicle which came onto the market in September and has the most range in its segment. 

Volkswagen (F. Tomé) | New e-Golf

The F. Tomé Group will present the new fully electric Volkswagen e-Golf, which has a range of 300 km.

TRAFIC, the International Safe and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition, will be holding its 15th edition from 24 to 27 October, from 10 am to 7 pm, ending at 2 pm on the last day. The Exhibition is organised by IFEMA and devoted exclusively to professionals.





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