IFEMA and Expansión hand out the 13th Pyme Awards to the year’s most outstanding companies

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Cristina Cifuentes, president of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, presided over the event, accompanied by Javier Ruiz-Santiago, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Competitiveness of the Autonomous Region of Madrid; Maria José Pérez-Cejuela, general director for commerce and consumption of the Autonomous Region of Madrid; Concepción Díaz de Villegas, director general for Commerce and Entrepreneurship at Madrid City Council; Juan Pablo Lázaro, president of CEIM; Ana Isabel Pereda, director of newspaper Expansión; Clemente González Soler, President of the Executive Commitee of IFEMA, and Eduardo López-Puertas, General Manager of IFEMA, among others

This year’s edition had more participants than ever before. More than 162 companies entered for this edition, confirming this as a benchmark event for Spain’s small and medium-sized companies

The winners of the 2017 edition are Solar Mems (Seville), Araven (Zaragoza), Agroamb (Galicia), Santa Teresa (Avila), Smartick (Madrid) and Worklandlife (Madrid), which belong to different industrial sectors, but share the common denominator that they are good examples of business practices


Today, Cristina Cifuentes, president of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, presided over the 2017 Pyme Awards ceremony at IFEMA, accompanied by Javier Ruiz-Santiago, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Competitiveness of the Autonomous Region of Madrid; Maria José Pérez-Cejuela, general director for commerce and consumption of the Autonomous Region of Madrid; Concepción Díaz de Villegas,  director general for Commerce and Entrepreneurship at Madrid City Council; Juan Pablo Lázaro, president of CEIM; Ana Isabel Pereda, director of newspaper Expansión; Clemente González Soler, President of the Executive Commitee of IFEMA, and Eduardo López-Puertas, General Manager of IFEMA, among others.


This was the thirteenth edition of these awards, which are organised by IFEMA and EXPANSION, and sponsored by American Express, Orange and SGR-Cesgar. They are now fully established as the main event for small and medium-sized enterprises in Spain. This edition broke all participation records again, with a total of 162 candidatures received, as opposed to 143 last years.    


The main objective of these awards is to give visibility, recognition and support to the work done by small and medium-sized Spanish enterprises, which are the driving force behind our country, also acknowledging their decisive contribution to articulating the industrial community of the country. Specifically, SMEs account for 98% of the business community, generating 75% of jobs, and representing 65% of Gross National Product.


At the 2017 call, the winning companies were Solar Mems (Seville), Araven (Zaragoza), Agroamb (Galicia), Santa Teresa (Avila), Smartick (Madrid) and Worklandlife (Madrid). The jury selected them based on their contribution and work, which has made them benchmarks in the six categories of the competition: Innovation, respect for the Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Internationalisation, Job Creation and driving the Entrepreneurial Spirit.


All the companies taking part in the event had to comply with the main requirement for being classified as an SME, in other words, they must have fewer than 250 employees; their turnover in the last year must be no more than €50 million, and the majority of their capital must currently be in Spanish hands.  




Solar Mems (Seville)


This Seville-based company is a world leading manufacturer of solar sensors for small and medium satellites. Its customer portfolio includes institutions like NSA, the European Space Agency and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as multinationals like Google and Airbus. The company, founded in 2009 as a spin off or extension of the University of Seville, now sells in more than 40 countries and has a turnover of €2 million, 90% of which goes outside Spain.


The company achieved its first milestone in the space sector by integrating solar sensors on the Nanosat-1B, which was launched into orbit in 2009. “We started early, and that has been an advantage. Our closest competitors in Europe didn’t appear until 2014”, explained Tamara Guerrero, the company's Business Development manager.


Another of Solar MEMS’ successes is having entered one of the star sectors of the aerospace industry: megaconstellations of smallsats or microsatellites. “Our device is small and very simple, and measures the incidence of the rays of the sun. But it is essential for smallsats”, commented Guerrero.


On the other hand, the technology has numerous earthbound applications, from photovoltaic plants, to controlling unmanned aircraft.

 When it comes to the future, they are already preparing new products, such as a miniature star tracker (a sensor that measures the position of the stars).

 The company's trajectory confirms that being a small company is no obstacle to being a global benchmark in ground-breaking technology.




Araven (Zaragoza)


Araven’s started tackling the international market a few years after it was created, in 1976. “The founders travelled European countries by car, carrying their products in the boot”, recalls Javier Villanova, the current managing director of this Zaragoza-based firm, which sells baskets, plastic carts and other kitchen and household goods, focuses on innovation to combine quality with convenience.

These products crossed the Atlantic with the creation of the first affiliate in Mexico in 2007 and the second in the United States, four years later. Precisely, thanks to the opening of the American market and its strong European presence, the company managed get through the most difficult years of the financial crisis.


These days, international business accounts for 69% of total turnover, which amounts to €22.5 million. It has customers in more than 60 countries, including large multinationals like Carrefour, Walmart and Tesco.




Agroamb (Galicia)


The history of the Agroamb group is that of two brothers in love with the Galician countryside. Severiano and Álvaro Ónega. In 2000, they decided to turn the family business around, which so far had specialised in farm machinery, to focus on organic waste management to manufacture fertilisers.

“We saw a nascent need to adopt the principles of the European Union. What’s more, we had strong contacts with the farming community”, explained company manager Severiano Ónega.


Agroamb has a waste management plant in Ponte de Outeiro, in Castro Rei (Lugo), where it currently processes almost 250,000 metric tons of biological waste every year. It also takes part in the Plantadac project, uses of organic waste to produce biogas and a high quality fertiliser. On the other hand, the company is present in the area of precision, geo-referenced farming, helping to save energy, seeds and fertilisers.


It is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact and has sponsored the creation of the Blas de Ponte de Outeiro Foundation, which focuses on sustainable development in the rural environment.




Smartick (Madrid)


Smartick has developed an online tool with which more than 32,000 children in 70 countries have learned mathematics. Although it is a paid-for platform, “we didn't want children to sacrifice using it just because they couldn't afford it”, said Daniel González, one of the company founders.


That’s why it has been given free to several Galician schools with economically disadvantaged children, NGOS in Africa, and to a foundation in Malaga, among others. Thanks to Smartick, a centre in the San Blas district of Madrid, with immigrants of 29 nationalities, has become one of the top five schools in the CDI tests in the Community of Madrid.


The company has also collaborated with the Puerta de Hierro Hospital to develop a programme that uses chess to help children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. It also funds a chess club in a deprived area of Malaga, which is González’ home town. He says he is particularly satisfied with the results of this type of action.


However, they are not sitting on their laurels, and have announced that they are putting the finishing touches to a new initiative, called Juegoterapia, with which, for every new user, the platform will be made available to a child with cancer who is unable to attend school.




Workandlife (Madrid)


A total of 72 new jobs created in the last two years have made WorkandLife a small, yet essential ally, for reducing the unemployment rate in Spain. Coincidentally, what is now the Ministry of Employment became the first customer for its infant schools for employees,

which are now also used by Santander, the Congreso de los Diputados and five hospitals in Madrid. After the initial growth spurt, the company experienced a slight hiccup during the worst years of the economic crisis. Recovery came in the 2015-2016 school year, when the workforce grew by 50%, from 104 to 157. During the last year, it has continued to grow, and now has 176 employees.


WorkandLife is about quality, as well as quantity. According to Claudia Caso, one of the company's founders, they want, people with values, capable of working as a team, and learning continuously, to incorporate new methodologies that educate while entertaining children, by stimulating them with music and games.




Santa Teresa Gourmet (Avila)


In 1988, Julián Gil (Madrid, 1949) received a call that would change his life forever. In those days, he managed a prestigious firm of lawyers based in Fortuny de Madrid. The call was from a childhood friend who asked him to help manage a suspension of payments for Santa Teresa, a small pastry shop in Ávila, of which he was a coowner.


Gil undertook an audit that revealed numerous debts and, although he managed to secure financing, the owners pulled out and decided to abandon the business.

This was when the former lawyers, specialised in international law, decided to leave it all behind and take over the business himself. “My mother was very proud to have a son who was a lawyer, and couldn't believe it”, Gil remembers. A brave division, when you think that he has absolutely no experience in managing a business

of this type, beyond the fact that he liked food.


It was not long before he realised that the business needed to change tack and move in another direction. The first step was to focus on products that had a longer shelf life than just two days.


And so Santa Teresa quince was born, the star product that rescued the company when it became a hit in the cold meat department at El Corte Inglés. These days, the company has more than 100 gourmet products available - gazpacho, creams, egg angel hair, jams, sweets and a variety of ready dishes, etc. - providing 70 jobs and with a turnover of €12 million.


One of Gil’s successes has been to focus on healthy eating.

“We do not sell any products that contain additives or preservatives”, he said.


Twelve per cent of sales are made abroad, and the company now sells to 20 countries, including the USA and Japan.


Gil and the firm have also opened a network of gastronomic areas in Spain, some of its own and some as franchises, where customers can enjoy the extensive variety of gourmet products by the brand.



FITUR 2018 will host the 9th staging of INVESTOUR

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The Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa will discuss the Africa Brand situation and its impact on the continent’s tourism

Organised by IFEMA, the next staging of FITUR will take place from 17 to 21 January 2018 in Feria de Madrid

The International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2018, held by IFEMA from 17 to 21 January 2018 in Feria de Madrid, will yet another year become the stage for the 9th Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa, INVESTOUR, organised jointly by FITUR, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and Casa África. This event, a full-day session on Thursday 18 January, will discuss some of the most pertinent topics for the African continent, prominent among them the situation of the Africa Brand and its impact on the African continent’s tourism.


As in previous stagings, the Investour Forum will cover two sessions, respectively holding two round tables and B2B business meetings.  

The first table will debate on “Africa Brand: promoting tourism development and investment opportunities”. It will provide an interesting context in which to share already-adopted political measures to successfully manage a destination’s brand.

The second round table, with the title of “biodiversity as the driver of sustainable tourism: the importance of the community’s effective participation”, will identify an integrated approach to harmonise sustainable tourism with the protection of biodiversity, and will put emphasis on how to involve the local community in the efforts to conserve biodiversity. In this regard, the forum will also become a space for exploring and drafting well-established policies committed to developing sustainable tourism, maximising the benefits of investment and improving public and private collaboration.

The INVESTOUR Forum will also operate as an inclusive platform that will gather together and bring into contact political heads, international investors seeking business opportunities in the African market and project titleholders so that they can explore different and innovative ways of increasing investments in the tourism industry and in other fields of the tourism value chain with the aim of encouraging specific initiatives that contribute to developing the tourism industry in Africa.

Over the years, INVESTOUR has grown and become one of the major catalysts for the development of African to urism in Spain. The last staging recorded a record 400 participants from 42 countries and 28 African ministers and delegation heads.






ALMONEDA has thousands of ideas for the upcoming Christmas festivities

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The event, organised by IFEMA, will take place from 13 to 17 December, in Hall 5 at Feria de Madrid.

• Entrance will be free to the public on Thursday 14 December

• Five days for visitors to discover thousands of unique, affordable gifts, collectors’ and decorative items ALMONEDA Navidad, organised by IFEMA will take place again from 13 to 17 December. As always, it will be the ideal opportunity to find wonderful Christmas gifts and decorations for the home and table for the holiday season. For five days, Hall 5 at Feria de Madrid will host almost 78 coin and antique dealers, and gallerists with numerous ideas and inspiration for the Christmas holidays. Thousands of curious, affordable and charming objects, that will make ideal Christmas gifts; unique items more than 50 years old, and a wide range of prices with something for every pocket. The fair will also feature an open day, on Thursday, 14 December, with free entrance to the public.

ALMONEDA Navidad has endless original ideas for Christmas presents this year. Collectors, and lovers of quirky items in general, will find myriad options at this Fair, such as walking sticks, typewriters, postcards and old bank notes, even military decorations, siphons, scientific and nautical objects and old books, among many others. There will also be toys, as well as sports equipment from other times, like skis, balls, boxing globes, and skates.

If you are looking for gifts for women, exhibitors will bring along an enormous array of costume and fine jewellery, scarves, milk stoles, mantillas, old veils, glasses, bags and other accessories that are currently on trend. As well as all this, the enormous range of prices makes this show a magnet for lovers of vintage attire.

What’s more, if you want to amaze your guests with a magnificent table setting, you’ll find plenty of ideas and objects at the fair to inspire you to create a simple, creative yet original holiday atmosphere. ALMONEDA Navidad is the ideal place to find vintage tablecloths and napkins, crockery and glassware, table centrepieces, charming decorations, jugs, trays, candelabras and many other objects for creating a welcoming, festive ambience.

During the holidays, the Fair invites you to change the usual décor of your home. Traditional, discreet, welcoming, elegant, rustic; eclectic places that mix old, new and contemporary will make your rooms surprising. ALMONEDA Navidad also has a tremendous variety of furniture from different eras and of different styles, also with price tags to suit everyone. Desks, chests of drawers, trunks, chairs, armchairs, cocktail bars; from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, from the forties to the sixties; in short, a huge range that includes hundreds of decorative objects - mirrors, lamps, clocks, curtains, vases - that will make any space look exclusive and exquisite.

Fans and aficionados of the Fine Arts could well find just find the objects they have dreamed of owning at ALMONEDA Navidad, with a magnificent array of pieces from classical still-life paintings, romantic portraits, Gothic carvings, and avant-garde and realist paintings, as well as works by current, well-known artists. In short, ALMONEDA Navidad is the best place to find decorative objects d'art from different times of history and their artistic currents, represented by an endless combination of works, from the romantic 20th century, not to forget ancient pieces from Oriental cultures. A fair where visitors will find thousands of potentially perfect Christmas gifts, at prices they can afford.

The Fair, organised by IFEMA, will take place from 13 to 17 December, from 12.00 to 21.00 in Hall 5 at Feria de Madrid.



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HARRY POTTER: THE EXHIBITION. From November 18th onwards, IFEMA will host for the first time this exhibition of the magical world of J.K. Rowling, which will doubtlessly be visited by thousands of fans.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Global Experience Specialists (GES) has created this experiential exhibition covering more than 1,400m2, in which visitors can admire hundreds of objects and artifacts used in the Harry Potter movies, enjoy the scenarios of the movies, and discover the manual and artistic work that hides behind the costumes, as well as the creatures of the film. From the moment visitors enter the exhibition, they immerse themselves in this magical universe.


Visitors can also enjoy the Quidditch ™ area, launch a Quaffle ball; extract a mandragora from a pot in the class of herbology, and even cross Hagrid's cabin and sit in his giant armchair. They will also be able to have an exclusive audioguide with details about the making of the films, with comments from the producers.


Clash Royale is to be the main attraction at the eighth edition of Gamergy

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- The first national champion in the history of this Supercell title will be crowned at IFEMA Feria de Madrid

- Europe and Latin America’s best players will battle individually for the GamergyClash Royale Masters title

- Clash will have his own Gran Open, one of the many new features at the upcoming edition of Gamergy

Gamergy, the great e-sports festival, organised by the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (Professional Video Game League - MEDIAPRO Group), and IFEMA, at Feria de Madrid, is taking place for the eighth time. From 15 to 17 December, the trade fair facilities will host the final stages of LVP’s most important professional championships in Madrid.


One of this edition's most popular attractions will be Clash Royale, the celebrated mobile-based game by Supercell, which left its stamp on the last edition of Gamergy, and which is still climbing towards the pinnacle of popularity in the e-sports world. In fact, Clash Royale is already the second-most-popular e-sport in Spain, behind the king of the sector: League of Legends.


The finals of the first edition of the Clash Royale Orange Superleague will take place at Gamergy, with an inclusive format and numerous surprises. The best eight teams that make it to the end of the regular season will have the opportunity to battle for the title in direct knock-out rounds, where the best of five maps will win. Arctic InnJoo, the current top-ranking team, is the only one to have secured its place in the final phase based on points.


The Clash Royale arena will also open during Gamergy, to measure the individual talents of some of the world’s best Clash Royale players at the Gamergy Masters. This international tournament is divided into two phases: an online phase for the European and Latin American classifiers, which have taken place in several countries; and a final phase where players will appear in person at Gamergy, and in which 16 finalists will fight for a prize package worth over €14,000. Not only the best Spanish Clash Royale team will be crowned at Gamergy, but also the best player in Europe and Latin America.


However, Clash Royale isn’t just for professionals. At Gamergy, for the first time ever, there will be a specific competition for amateur players of this Supercell game, open to all: the Clash Royale Gran Open. Visitors to Feria de Madrid can try their skills against those of other amateur players.



An event full of new features

Gamergy will début the final of the Orange Clash Royale Superleague, but also those of that of a well-known vintage Professional Video Game League: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). After a short break, Valve’s shooter is back at the end-of-season event with the first edition of the Superleague Orange Finals. Four teams will battle for the throne, which currently belongs to x6tence.


Because three games are holding their finals at Gamergy, almost 30 League of Legends, Clash Royale and CS:GO teams will be there. Visitors to Gamergy will have the opportunity to meet players from the teams on their own stand, and at a fan meeting, which will feature different activities.


As usual, Gamergy will host several amateur tournaments, whose earlier stages were held online. One of the competitions to début at this edition will be the Nissan Juke GT Sport Tournament, with the Gran Turismo Sport. Spain and Portugal’s 16 best drivers, preclassified in the PlayStation League, will step on the gas at Gamergy in the hopes of winning one of the most spectacular prizes in the history of the event: a Nissan Juke GT Sport.


Tickets for the event are on sale on the Gamergy website (http://www.gamergy.es/index.php/compra-entradas)


About the LVP

With more than 250,000 registered players, the Professional Videogames League - LVP, is Spain’s biggest e-sports league, and leads the online and in-person tournament sector. It operates the most prestigious national competitions (Orange Superleague), tournaments and other amateur competition systems (ArenaGG) and distributes international events in Spanish, like the League of Legends Championship Series (c) and the Rocket League Championship Series (c). The LVP, sponsored by the MEDIAPRO Group, also covers gaming technology services, events production, advertising and audiovisual production, encompasses all aspects of the e-sports ecosystem.



IFEMA is Spain’s leading trade fair organiser is the first in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with more than three and a half decades of experience and a portfolio of 80 specialised annual fairs in the main economic sectors, as well as large-scale public events. The Feria de Madrid facilities, the epicentre of the entire geography of the Iberian Peninsula, has more than 200,000 square metres of indoor exhibition space and receives more than 2.9 million visitors from around the world every year.



Press Contacts:



Iciar Martinez de Lecea






Susana Font

susana@lvp.es - tel. 649801879




Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya unveil a new layout to adapt to the growth of the shows

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From 31 January to 4 February 2018

Halls 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of IFEMA will host the latest collections from the decoration, gift, fashion jewellery, fashion accessories and jewellery sectors

The Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya shows will unveil a new floor plan for the halls at its next edition, which will be held from 31 January to 4 February. Under the organisation of IFEMA, the simultaneous celebration of these three trade fairs means that Madrid will become the epicentre of the decoration, gift, fashion jewellery, fashion accessories and jewellery sectors.

On this occasion, halls 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Feria de Madrid will host this important international event in which the almost 42,000 professionals in attendance will discover the latest collections offered by each of these sectors, presented by more than 1,500 participating companies and brands.

Intergift, the International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair, will occupy halls 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, and will be structured around different areas, focused on gifts, the home and interior design.

The entire interior design offering will be concentrated in the High-end Decoration –located in halls 3 and 5-, and Textile Publishing –hall 3- areas, with over 130 leading brands in the field of textile design, wall papers and wall linings. Add to that the content of hall 7 with the Deco sector and the Neo themed areas, with new proposals in gifts, stationery, gadgets, toys, kitchen utensils and household accessories, and in Handicrafts, which will bring together products and services offered by companies specialised in traditional and contemporary craftsmanship.

In relation with the Giftmania section, previously located in hall 5, it will once again showcase proposals and ideas in youth and promotional gifts, toys, merchandising, stationery, party, wedding, baptism and communion items, and will now be located in hall 6 due to its growth. And Bazaar, which, with a broad range of articles focused on the Christmas campaign, as well as multi-price products and souvenirs, will be located in hall 9.

Bisutex, the International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair, will open its doors in hall 4 with the broadest offering in fashion jewellery, as well as a large number of product lines that include fantasy watches, sunglasses, handbags, belts, hair accessories, scarves, hats and small leather articles. In short, a space where the Spring/Summer season will be presented, with many proposals focused on the events and ceremonies that are so characteristic of said months, such as weddings, baptisms and communions.

As always, Bisutex will also present the latest innovations in Travel items, with new collections of luggage, handbags and other products focused on the summer campaign. Likewise, it will once again host the Archi Space, which will assemble a selection of fashion jewellery and accessories for the medium/high-end segment, offering design and quality. And finally, the Minis stands, which will once again be the setting for the encouragement and promotion of young designers and brands.

The Trade Fair will be connected to Momad Metrópolis, the International Fashion Trade Show, over the weekend, from 2 to 4 February.

Lastly, MadridJoya, the International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Exhibition, will occupy hall 8, where it will bring the jewellery sector together at a dynamic, professional event on key dates for the promotion of its commercial activity, with a focus on the baptisms, communions and weddings campaign, as well as on other celebrations, such as Mother’s Day.

It will once again also have a Minis stands area, which will house small companies, workshops and young designers with an interest in positioning themselves within the market, providing them with business opportunities and contacts with the sector’s main players, from both the supply as well as the demand side.

Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya, shows organised by IFEMA, will be held from 31 January to 4 February in halls 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Feria de Madrid.






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