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Jointly organised by IFEMA and KANDO and backed by ANESDOR, it will be held from 5 to 8 April at IFEMA

The motorbike sector will be back in Madrid in full force in 2018 with one of its most emblematic events: Vive la Moto, Madrid's Big Motorbike Trade Show, which will take place from 5 to 8 April at IFEMA. This event, jointly organised by IFEMA and KANDO, is backed by ANESDOR, the Spanish National Association of Motorbike Sector Businesses, which represents over 96% of the Spanish motorbike market.

This new project will be one of the big new events in the IFEMA calendar for next year, and undoubtedly the most anticipated by motorbike fans. The Motorbike Trade Show has not been held in Madrid since 2007. It returns to the capital in the context of a market recovery, with excellent expectations in terms of success and participation. This annual event will be held in Madrid in even years and in Barcelona in odd years.
For this new edition, IFEMA has already reserved more than 16,000 square metres of exhibition space in hall 12 and in the area connecting to hall 14 at Feria de Madrid. Both spaces are capable of hosting a major commercial exhibition full of the latest from brands, as well as a space for activities, demonstrations and trials for the public.
This announcement kicks off the marketing of the event, which is backed by ANESDOR, enabling it to meet its goal of maximum industry representation. The main brands that make up ANESDOR have already confirmed their presence at Vive la Moto. In this regard, the activities, product presentations and the presence of major brands will be the event's main attraction. Vive la Moto will be the go-to event for the sector and expects to welcome a large number of visitors from all over Spain.
A growing sector
Vive la Moto, Madrid's Big Motorbike Trade Show, comes at a key time in the motorcycle industry, which grew by 16.1% and saw 171,304 units registered in 2016.
José María Riaño, the general secretary of ANESDOR, said that "the consolidation of growth in the sector has allowed big trade fairs to come back to Spain, along with the support of brands and motorcycle manufacturers for these types of events". In this regard, Riaño explained that "this trade show is emerging as the go-to event for motorbike fans and industry brands and professionals in Spain".
It has been ten years since IFEMA held its last Motorcycle Trade Show, which had a special following since its inception, with spectacular attendance numbers and a high degree of visitor loyalty. The news of its return to Madrid, one of the main markets in Spain and the most active in terms of promoting sustainable mobility, has aroused major interest in the motorbike industry, which has always seen the event as a key element for positioning and stimulating trade.
About IFEMA-Feria de Madrid
The leading trade fair organiser in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with over three and a half decades of experience and a portfolio of 80 annual specialist trade fairs in the main economic sectors, as well as events for the general public. Its facilities at Feria de Madrid, the epicentre of the Iberian Peninsula, with one-of-a-kind international connections, boasts 200,000 square metres of exhibition space and receives over 2.9 million visitors from around the world each year.

ANESDOR is the organisation that represents motorcycle industry businesses in Spain. Founded in 1954, it is the country's oldest automotive industry association.

ANESDOR represents over 96% of the motorbike market: 43 companies (manufacturers and importers of motorbikes, mopeds, trikes, quad bikes, the auxiliary and aftermarket industry), which market 91 different brands.

The organisation looks out for the interests of the motorbike sector's industrial and commercial fabric before public and private administrations and institutions, both nationally and internationally, and before the general public.

In this regard, ANESDOR participates in drawing up national and European guidelines and mobility plans which affect the sector in areas like standardisation of category L vehicles, environmental legislation, and road safety.

ANESDOR is a member of ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, and IMMA, the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association.

More information
Marta Cacho, Head of media relations at IFEMA
Tamara Raposo, ANDESDOR press manager


FERIARTE 2017 brings exclusive art and antiques to Madrid

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Organised by IFEMA, the trade fair will take place from 18 to 26 November.
After the success of its 40th Anniversary, FERIARTE 2017 will once again attract exclusive art and antiques to Madrid. This year’s fair will take place from 18 to 26 November in Hall 3 at Ifema. More than 90 antique dealers and art galleries are set to take part, exhibiting thousands of pieces that are more than 100 years old. Once again, the city will become a meeting point for collectors, professionals and art lovers.

Dozens of antique dealers will bring the cream of their collections. From furniture, decorative pieces, collectables and jewellery, including styles such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Alfonsino, paintings and sculptures, archaeology, Tribal Art, Pre-Colombian and Oriental Art. In addition, there will be pieces displayed by galleries, with contemporary paintings and sculptures by prestigious artists. 

Spanish and foreign visitors alike will find interesting items to acquire; master works, exceptional pieces whose quality and authenticity are guaranteed by a committee of experts comprising 40 specialists in their disciplines. This is an event whose hallmarks are quality and competitive prices in relation to the European market, making it a marvellous opportunity for buyers.

FERIARTE, whose history spans more than four decades, is the leading art and antiques fair in Spain and an opportunity for international collectors to do business.


FERIARTE                               41st Art and Antiques Fair

DATES                                    From 18 to 26 November 2017

VENUE                                   Hall 3, Feria de Madrid

OPEN HOURS                        From 12.00 to 21.00

ADMISSION PRICE                 €10. Permanent admission. Valid for all days of the show

SCOPE                                  Open to the public

ORGANISED BY                     IFEMA                                                                 

FERIARTE launches a virtual store on eBay

FERIARTE has launched a digital store on leading global e-sales platform EBay, to offer exhibitors taking part in the exhibition an on-line sales channel for all pieces and works on display at the trade fair, all pre-selected by a committee of experts. The initiative is designed to boost sales in Spain and abroad, 365 days of the year. Based on this collaboration with one of the world leaders in e-commerce, eBay, which currently has more than 169 million active users around the world, the initiative, which features 100% Spanish technology by MODDO, IFEMA is positioning itself at the forefront of the trade fair sector.


Countdown to EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR LATINOAMERICA, the major security event for the Ibero-American market

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IFEMA, FISA and Carabineros de Chile are holding this new professional event for the security world, which will take place at Espacio Riesco in Santiago, Chile, from 23 to 25 October

The trade fair will be opened by the Minister of the Interior and Public Security of Chile, Mario Fernández Baeza

With the latest offer of 148 exhibiting companies, including 15 companies — 4 Spanish and 11 Asian — that are participating in the trade fair as a result of the efforts of IFEMA and its network of foreign delegations

From 23 to 25 October, Espacio Riesco in Santiago, Chile, is hosting EXPOSEGURIDAD – SICUR LATINOAMERICA, the International Integral Security and Public Order Exhibition, which in its first edition is bringing together the offer of companies supplying products, technologies, equipment and services for citizen security, security in emergencies and disasters, and occupational safety.


This new professional event for the security world, to be opened by the Minister of the Interior and Public Security of Chile, Mario Fernández Baeza, is the product of the interest of the most important Chilean institutions based on the results and consolidation of SICUR Latinoamérica in the three editions held in this country, constituting a major strategic partnership uniting IFEMA's international positioning, through SICUR, the leading international brand, with the prestige and track record of Carabineros de Chile and FISA, as organisers of the trade fair.


With a track record of 20 editions, SICUR has become the European trade fair par excellence of the integral security sector.   Over these years, more than 5,000 exhibitors and over 250,000 professional visitors from all over the world have passed through SICUR.


·        The offer of EXPOSEGURIDAD - SICUR Latinoamérica


The content of EXPOSEGURIDAD - SICUR Latinoamérica will be organised around the three major themes in the security world from an integral perspective: citizen security, both private and in terms of public order; security in emergencies and disasters; and security and occupational safety.  A context that will bring together the latest offer of 148 exhibiting companies from 12 countries, including 15 companies — 4 Spanish and 11 Asian — that are participating in the trade fair as a result of the efforts of IFEMA and its network of foreign delegations.


·        Participation of Spanish companies


On this occasion, the participation of Spanish companies in Chile will be represented by the stands of Aeronáutica SDLE; Techs By Textil Santanderina; Informática del Este, S.L. – Tecnoware, and Tecnodimensión.

The offer of Aeronáutica SDLE for the Chilean market stands out for four products: its UAV THYRA v2, a multi-rotor system with more than three hours of autonomy and a large payload capacity; its vertical take-off and landing aircraft with more than eight hours of autonomy; an anti-drone detection and protection system which prevents commercial drones from entering and flying in prohibited zones; and, lastly, its encrypted cell phones for privacy and protected communications.

At the Techs By Textil Santanderina stand, the latest developments in thermal protection (flame-retardant) textiles will be on display:       Vulkan; Urban and Wooltechs; at the Informática del Este-Tecnoware stand visitors will get to see a wide offer of complete IT solutions for meeting the security and organisational needs of companies and public administrations. Among them, and for their capacity for automating alert management, the following stand out: XCAT, an automatic temperature capture system; WinPlus, an integration platform for access control, patents, assistance control and productivity….; Milestone, a global video surveillance, VMS and video analytics platform compatible with any camera/video recorder; Nebusens, real-time wireless sensor and localisation networks; Mobotix, smart IP cameras; Avigilon, IP cameras, applied artificial intelligence; Microsens, industrial fibre-optic solutions; WinPlus Mobile system for assistance control via Smartphone; and sectoral solutions for retail, people counting, petrol stations, comprehensive management, fisheries, on-board catch monitoring, intrusion and perimeter protection.   For its part, Tecnodimensión, specialised in the development of textile products to which the latest technologies are applied will exhibit its range of inflatable tents, mobile aid units, emergency hospitals, tents for families, multi-use shelters, and mobile storage for continuous use in rescue operations.

·        Parallel activities

In parallel with the trade expo, the trade fair has organised an extensive programme of activities, including workshops oriented towards discussion, knowledge sharing and the presentation of success stories related to integral security; technical-commercial talks offered by some of the exhibitors about their products, services and equipment; and business seminars with specialised agendas for exhibitors and potential customers from both Chile and foreign delegations.


In addition, the fair includes an extensive programme of demonstrations and exercises led by representatives of the public and private sector to present the practices, abilities, skills and benefits of the various equipment and services.


EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR LATINOAMERICA will also be the framework for holding the International Conference on Integral Security, which will include the participation of national and international speakers who will address the issues and problems currently facing the industry.


More information and programme of activities


·        Comprehensive Security Week


Simultaneously with EXPOSEGURIDAD- SICUR LATINOAMERICA, from the 23rd to the 25th, the AMERIPOL, Tenth Summit of the American Community of Police Forces will be held, bringing together in Chile the highest authorities of the law enforcement communities of America with representatives of Europe Africa and Asia, and the Second International Summit for Scientific Criminal Analysis, activities that will bring together national and foreign experts and which, as a whole, will make up Chile's Comprehensive Security Week.





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HARRY POTTER: THE EXHIBITION. From November 18th onwards, IFEMA will host for the first time this exhibition of the magical world of J.K. Rowling, which will doubtlessly be visited by thousands of fans.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Global Experience Specialists (GES) has created this experiential exhibition covering more than 1,400m2, in which visitors can admire hundreds of objects and artifacts used in the Harry Potter movies, enjoy the scenarios of the movies, and discover the manual and artistic work that hides behind the costumes, as well as the creatures of the film. From the moment visitors enter the exhibition, they immerse themselves in this magical universe.


Visitors can also enjoy the Quidditch ™ area, launch a Quaffle ball; extract a mandragora from a pot in the class of herbology, and even cross Hagrid's cabin and sit in his giant armchair. They will also be able to have an exclusive audioguide with details about the making of the films, with comments from the producers.


Fifth edition of MADRID HORSE WEEK, the most important equestrian event in Spain

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From 23rd to 26th of November, IFEMA will host the fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week, the most important horse event in Spain. The Horse Lounge will offer a program of shows and exhibitions completed with didactic activities including western dressage, demonstrations of turning and dressage, and sessions on health and care of the horse, as well as a pony park with children's activities.

The show will present for the first time the Maestros de la Vaquera Cup, in addition to hosting the World Cup of Jumping and the World Cup of Turning, as well as a CSI2 * and a CD15 * in halls 12 and 14 of IFEMA . An evolution with a view to becoming host to the Doma World Cup (dressage cup) in the next edition.





The prestigious SEMI CONGRESS will celebrate its XV edition, IFEMA, Feria de Madrid

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IFEMA will host the XXXVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, a conference of high scientific level that will come to Madrid from November 22nd to 24th at the North convention center of Feria de Madrid.

This large congress, which will offer a scientific program based on a variety of formats, represents a unique opportunity to bring together professionals and scientists who will share opinions, knowledge and experiences on new developments and concepts related to the specialty.

As a novelty, this edition will deal with issues related to climate change, the influence of genetics and genetic counseling in current medicine, knowledge of the microbiota in various situations, and the application of new technologies such as the exploitation of big data in healthcare.







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