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The ceremony was held to thank the companies, suppliers, media and other professionals for the contribution and support to holding more than 100 fairs every year. Guest of honour Carlos Soria gave an inspirational talk about the challenges he has faced during his career in sport

Almost 80 countries celebrated Global Exhibitions Day today, to recognise an industry with an annual economic impact of around €98 billion, with a convening power that mobilises 4.4 million exhibiting companies and more than 260 million visitors around the world. The trade fair sector creates more than 680,000 direct and 1.8 million induced jobs

This is the third consecutive year that IFEMA has celebrated Global Exhibitions Day with trade fair institutions from around 80 countries, with a programme dedicated to everyone who contributes to its operation and helps it to stage more than 100 trade fairs and congresses every year, in which more than 33 companies and more than 3.5 million visitors take part. This activity which generates around €2,600 million every year for Madrid's economy, and more than 44,000 jobs. These figures will rise in the next five years according to growth forecasts in the IFEMA Strategic Plan, which predicts that the organisation will double its turnover to €203 million by 2022, according to Clemente González Soler, president of IFEMA, at the presentation of the event.

On a global scale, the industry achieves some extremely impressive figures, with €98 billion generated by the 31,000 fairs that take place every year, which are attended by 4.4 million exhibitor companies and more than 260 million visitors around the world. In this regard, hosting more than 400 fairs a year, our country is ranked fourth in the world, according to the Spanish Exhibition and Trade Fair Association.

This is a day for highlighting the value of the exhibitions industry, which employs 680,000 people, creates 1.8 million induced jobs, and fosters sector development, by providing proper conditions and projects to nourish businesses, promoting international expansion, and encouraging innovation and knowledge transfer. Aspects which, according to the president of IFEMA, trigger growth and expansion in sectors served by fairs, stimulating national economies. What’s more, trade fair organisations do all this while prioritising social responsibility, committed to having a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

INSPIRATIONAL TALK - Carlos Soria. To this end, IFEMA invited the most international Spanish mountaineer on the occasion of his last attempt to reach the Dhaulagiri summit, in Nepal, with the sponsorship of IFEMA. During his talk, he shared his life experience and the values needed for his activity, such as hard work, perseverance, the quest to share objectives and the struggle to achieve them. The experience accumulated during his last years has given him the satisfaction of reaching the top of 12 of the world's 14 eight - thousanders , and of remaining active and eager to reach the challenge of completing, at his 79 years of age, the two great mountains left to add to his curriculum. IFEMA sponsored the IFEMA-CARLOS SORIA Expedition to Dhaulagiri.

OPEN DOORS DAY: Today, IFEMA also held an Open Doors Day for Business and Protocol schools, with guided tours of the Feria de Madrid site. The objective is to raise awareness of the valuable activity carried out by IFEMA in different groups, and to draw attention to the impact of fairs on the economy and related sectors, as well as being genuine innovation and knowledge platforms.
The event was broadcast live from the IFEMA website www.ifema.es and from the Global Exhibitions Day Microsite http://www.ifema.es/web/diamudialferias/index.html where a commemorative video will be available to mark the Global Exhibitions Day ceremony and Carlos Soria’s talk, with testimonials from the ten presidents and members of the Organisers’ Committees from IFEMA's main trade fairs who took part in the celebration.


For further information:
Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communication and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es




The International Convention Center in Baja California Sur, Mexico, opens its doors

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The complex, which has been restyled and refurbished, will enjoy the support of Actidea, with strategic consulting from IFEMA for its operation and maintenance.

Jaime de la Figuera, director for International Expansion at IFEMA was at the opening, which was attended by top representatives from the international meetings tourism industry.

Los Cabos boosts its tourism potential and positioning in the MICE sector with this modernised centre.

Video of Los Cabos Inauguration: https://youtu.be/gsGV65b514c

The Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC), Baja California Sur, Mexico, has reopened its doors to galvanise international meetings tourism and attract conferences, events and conventions. The centre paves the way for more intensive MICE activity, under the auspices of Mexican company Actidea in collaboration with the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, IFEMA for consultancy and strategic and business assistance and as an international operator in attracting events.

In this new international project, IFEMA has contributed its experience and consultancy to get the newly renovated space, which has been inoperative for the last 6 years, up and running again.  Likewise, IFEMA has provided technical consultancy on the refurbishment of the complex and provision of services, the training procedures, and global business consulting. It will also be responsible for attracting international events to be held at the ICC.

Through an international public tender for the administration and operation of the Los Cabos and La Paz convention centres, the government of Baja California Sur (Mexico) has signed a long-term rental agreement, thereby ensuring the profitability of both sites. The Mexican firm Actidea decided to participate alongside the IFEMA consulting unit.

The rehabilitation of ICC Los Cabos and ICC La Paz will involve an investment approaching 30 million pesos (about 1.2 million euros), as José Miguel Fernández Romero, director of ICC Baja Sur, explained.

During the inauguration Jaime de la Figuera, IFEMA's Director for International Expansion, expressed "the satisfaction of seeing a project that represents a new challenge in its international scope of activity come to fruition, in a sector for congresses and meetings in which IFEMA has amassed a wealth of experience and a rising profile in the business and meetings tourism sector."

According to Mexico's Office of Tourism, Finance and Sustainability (Setues), the aim is to attract 10% more tourists in 2018, some 3,300,000 visitors, who would come for the events taking place in the complex. In this way, Baja California Sur is boosting its tourism potential and status in international meetings tourism by making good use of IFEMA's specialist experience in this field.


.About IFEMA

IFEMA is the trade fair institution in Madrid, Spain, with a portfolio of over 100 trade fairs and exhibition conferences annually. Since 2013, it has undergone an international expansion project which has led to work on international projects in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In Santiago de Chile it holds four own-brand trade fairs, in addition to initiatives in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. As well as these wide-ranging activities, IFEMA is now taking part in the strategy and business consultancy for the Los Cabos and La Paz Convention Centres in Baja California Sur.


.About Actidea

ACTIDEA is a group of professionals with over 20 years of individual experience, specialising in the conceptualisation, coordination and production of special events involving direct contact with the public, as well as political, diplomatic and commercial events at the highest level, and has had a major impact on their respective visitors, both domestic and international.


For further information:

Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communication and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es




IFEMA redoubles its efforts to lead new developments designed to accelerate digital transformation in the trade fair sector

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Through the IFEMA LAB FOUNDATION, IFEMA is driving the “Augmented Fair” project, the initial prototype of which was unveiled at FITUR 2018

One of the main objectives is to foster research and the development of new generation technologies for use in the fair sector

Progress is being made with IFEMA’s great investment in technology, by means of which it is setting out to lead the development of new, avant-garde technologies for digital transformation of the international trade fair sector. In the wake of progress made with the IFEMA LAB 5G project - in collaboration with Telefónica (and the Talentum platform), Ericsson and Imdea Networks Institute - with the prototype “Augmented Fair” prototype, the IFEMA LAB Foundation’s new R&D laboratory has reactivated the project, whose main aims are to foster research and development into new generation technologies; promote knowledge and dissemination of techniques that aim to improve the productivity of public and private administration and organisation, and to assist with studies and research into methods and techniques that will increase productivity in the administrative area.

The IFEMA LAB Foundation Laboratory already has a team of university researchers who will work on the development of the Augmented Fair and to build a portfolio for IFEMA, which will focus on mixed reality, holographic devices and augmented reality.

In the coming months, this development, the first prototypes of which were unveiled in the framework of FITUR, will be oriented towards progressing with this technology and using it in the global context of trade fair activity. Different phases of research will be established, with regular updates released on progress made.  In this latest phase of investigation, through the IFEMA LAB FOUNDATION, alliances will be established with other partners to test technologies that will enable the move towards 5G solutions.

IFEMA LAB Foundation Activities

To achieve its aims, IFEMA LAB Foundation will use a wide range of tools in the technology field, such as the launching of its own R&D and funded activities to integrate and develop prototypes for testing and disseminating success stories using those technologies; generating trends in the fair sector by innovating in market processes and technology; generating trends in the trade fair sector through innovations in processes, markets and technology; developing commercial products based on successful prototypes aimed at innovation in the MICE sector, and attracting, training and managing talent through grants, training and seminars, among other actions to foster innovation and trade fair sector trends.


For more information:

Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communication and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es

www.ifema.es  @Feriademadrid


Caption: Clemente González Soler, chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA and Eduardo López-Puertas, general manager of IFEMA, with the team of university researchers that will work on the Augmented Fair project, at the IFEMA LAB Foundation laboratory


Design and creation with a Spanish accent, at the 68th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
From 6th to 11th July, the great catwalk of Spanish fashion, organized by IFEMA, celebrates its second edition of the year. New dates, two months before the normal ones, allowing the opening of the calendar of international fashion shows, like in January and reinforcing the internationalization of the event

On 6th July, the fashion shows and presentations will take place in different parts of the city. From the 7th until the 11th of July, the fashion shows will take place in Pavilion 14.1 at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. There will also be presentations to complete each day at other locations.
New this year, on Saturday, 7th July , the Samsung EGO fashion shows will open the catwalk calendar in pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA, giving way from Sunday 8th July to the programme of established designers

In this edition, the catwalk goes one step further in its commitment to Sustainability. The designer Juanjo Oliva, through his brand Oliva will present on the catwalk Ecofashion Project by Ecoembes, a collection made with fabrics made from recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles (PET)

With the design and creation of Fashion with a Spanish accent as protagonists, from 6th to 11th July the 68th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will take place, the great platform for the promotion of Spanish fashion, to be held at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid and other places in the city.

The programme for this edition will bring together the presentations and shows of 47 leading creators and Spanish brands. It will start on 6th July with events in different parts of the city, and from 7th until Wednesday 11th July, will take place in pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid, most of the days ending with shows in other locations, with direct invitation from the designers and brands, as was done in the last events. On the 6th the presentations of collections in different parts of Madrid, by direct invitation of each brand will be in the hands of the creators Pilar Dalbat, Oteyza, Schlesser -with Rabaneda as new creative director- and Shoop.

Also, on the 6th of June the third edition of UNDRESS by Desigual will be held. A meeting place to share key themes about 21st century Spanish fashion . This time, located in Medialab Prado (C/Alameda, 15), it will delve into how the freedom of aesthetic expression of the new generations - which is born on the street - is influencing the fashion industry. Additionally, and as a second theme of the day, we will work around the revitalization of fashion jobs thanks to its effort to adapt to current demand and the revalorization of crafts. In a shared format between round tables and workshops, you can discuss these issues, as well as see on site and learn about the work of various artisan professionals.

With the celebration of all these manifestations around design and new tendencies in various parts of Madrid, MBFWMadrid favours the extension of Fashion and its different manifestations throughout the city, as often happens in other big capitals during their fashion weeks. In order to carry out these activities, the support given by institutions such as the Community of Madrid and the City Council, through different initiatives, as well as ACME, through its Madrid es Moda programme, is fundamental.

The Community of Madrid contributes, once again, to the dissemination of design and the creation of Fashion during the celebration of this call for MBFWMadrid, supporting on this occasion two designers, Juan Vidal and Duarte, who will exhibit their creations in the Real Casa de Correos (Royal House of the Post Office) in Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the Community of Madrid, on the afternoon of 11th July.

What's more, as part of its Madrid Capital de Moda [Madrid, Capital of Fashion] (MCDM) programme, Madrid City Council is directly promoting and supporting a series of fashion-related activities at different venues in Madrid. Thus, on the one hand, the Council has installed a screen in Plaza Margaret Thatcher, at the corner with Paseo de la Castellana, where you will be able to watch live the 68th edition of MBFWMadrid, which will take place at Feria de Madrid, as well as receive information on other fashion projects. In addition, a new free bus service will be available to visitors of MBFWMadrid, which will connect, every day, IFEMA with Plaza de Colón, at the end of each day.

In search of greater business international projection
In its second edition of the year, the MBFWMadrid catwalk announces new dates and brings forward its days of celebration by two months, to open the calendar of the great international fashion shows, as in its previous call last January. In this way, the event advances in the internationalization of the catwalk, one of its priority objectives, and avoids it overlapping with other catwalks, achieving the interest of a greater number of buyers and foreign press. Specifically, in this edition the catwalk will be attended by around 40 buyers and press representatives from Europe, America, Asia and the Emirates, invited by MBFWMadrid.

Precisely with the aim of facilitating to the participating designers the establishment of commercial relations with the national and international buyers attending, MBFWMadrid opens in this edition a new room for buyers in the Cyberspace, where the collections of the participating designers will be gathered so that they can be seen by professionals. In addition, this space will also be a meeting point and resting place for buyers invited by the organization.

The Samsung EGO shows, on Saturday
New this year, the Samsung EGO fashion shows will open the calendar of this edition of the catwalk in pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA, with the shows of an interesting cast of young creators who will bring their new vision on fashion. Its innovative creations will give way, from Sunday 8th July and until 11th July, to the programme of shows of established designers, which will include, as usual, the big names in Spanish fashion. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will be responsible for opening the general programme of established designers, with the presentation of their Spring-Summer 2019 collection, on Sunday at 11:00.

Among the novelties of the established calendar of this call, the première of La Condesa is particularly interesting with a show in pavilion 14.1; the return of Roberto Torretta and Menchén Tomás; the show of Pedro del Hierro at IFEMA; the show of Palomo Spain after recently receiving the VOGUE award Who's on Next 2018; the first catwalk presentation of Miguel Marinero's summer textile collection, and the Duarte and Juan Vidal fashion shows at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid. Dolores Cortés, on the other hand, will present her swimwear proposals, as is usual in all summer collections events.

The unique scenarios chosen by some designers for the shows outside of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid deserve a special mention, such as the Royal Botanical Garden chosen by Schlesser; the Arab house, by Pilar Dalbat; Matadero Madrid, by Oteyza; the gymnasium of Mercado de las Ventas, by Shoop; the Museum of Natural Sciences, by Palomo Spain, and the Caleido tower - best known as the fifth tower north of la Castellana -, by Maria Ke Fisherman, among others.

Likewise, MBFWMadrid will have an interesting off programme, which includes, among others, the young designer of menswear, Carlota Barrera; #XRModa exhibition, virtual reality on the catwalks, organized by the British Council and Fundación Telefónica Madrid and the pop-up cooking fashion. Also included in the off of this edition, the talk that will be given by the prestigious journalist Jessica Michault, aimed at the designers participating in the catwalk, on the importance of digitalization in fashion to strengthen the business and the internationalization of its brands, which will take place at the Only You Atocha hotel, one of the official hotels of this event.

Samsung EGO, with the new generation of designers
Samsung EGO will open at this edition the calendar of shows in pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid, with the amazing proposals of nine 9 young creators. One of them, Constanza + Lab, winning emerging firm of the tenth edition of the Samung EGO Innovation Project competition, will be responsible for starting the shows programme on 7th July, with its project that merges fashion and technology in some of its creative phases. The show of Adam Kost, international designer of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week will close the Samsung EGO calendar of this edition, within the framework of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent prize.

Of the seven designers with a show at this edition of Samsung EGO, three are doing it for the first time - Zap_Buj, Dominnico and Andres Zurru - and there are four repeat visits - Outsiders Division, Jessica Conzen, Euphemio Fernandez and Christian Simmon.

In addition, 15 young creators will present their collections in the Showroom of Samsung EGO, in the Cyberspace of MBFWMadrid, with direct sales to the visiting public.

MBFWMadrid and its commitment to sustainability
In this edition, MBFWMadrid goes one step further in its commitment to Fashion with Sustainability, presenting with the collaboration of its environmental sponsor Ecoembes
its first show made within the parameters of the circular economy, by the designer Juanjo Oliva. The designer, under his Oliva brand, will show the Ecofashion Project by Ecoembes collection on the catwalk, made with fabrics made from recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles (PET).

On the day before the start of this edition of MBFWMadrid, the second edition of the Innovation Fashion Forum will be held, organized by Modaes.es and promoted by IFEMA, through its Momad and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events
Madrid. Under the title (Re) Thinking fashion: think differently, do it differently , the meeting will bring together leading executives and experts in the fashion and technology business,
who will analyze the keys of the sector, immersed at the moment in a deep technological transformation, and they will pose the new paradigms, through debates and conferences on innovation in the fashion sector.

Awards for the best Spanish Fashion
As usual, MBFWMadrid will again be, in its July 2018 edition, the framework chosen by major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal Paris and Samsung to reward the new and great values of Spanish fashion. Sponsored by L’Oréal Paris, there will be awards for the best established designer, the best model, as well as the Best Beauty Look. For its part, Mercedes-Benz will choose the most prominent emerging designer with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award, and Samsung will present the winning project of the tenth edition of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project on the catwalk, opening the Samsung EGO young designers event.

“Maestros de la Costura” ("Masters of Sewing") is looking for participants in MBFWMadrid
During MBFWMadrid July'18, the casting team of "Maestros de la Costura" ("Masters of Sewing"), the tailoring and fashion talent show of Televisión Española, will look for possible contestants for its new edition. The programme will have its own stand in the Cyberspace where its editors will act as 'talent hunters' and will give the opportunity to potential candidates to participate in the casting and thus have a chance to compete in the spot.

Once again, the next edition of MBFWMadrid will receive vital support from the sponsoring brands. A total of 20 brands have confirmed their attendance at the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris and Inditex are the main sponsors; Samsung, Iberia, Font Vella, Cîroc, Royal Bliss, sponsors; Facebook/Instagram, Dyson, Only YOU Hotels, IED Madrid, and ESNE, collaborators and Ecoembes as the environmental collaborator for the event. Likewise, Bestway, ESDEN, IED, Lord Wilmore, Anaconda and Xyon Revolution will all be present, the latter providing the shoes for the catwalk hosts and hostesses and the brand of handbags made in Spain Blover - which has exclusively created a leather design that will be worn by the staff and hostesses of MBFWMadrid.

Furthermore, the Fashion TV channel will be this edition's official international television channel.

The most refreshing side of Fashion - in the Swimwear section of the MOMAD Metrópolis Trade Fair

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
The Fair takes place from 7 to 9 September at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid and will bring together all the latest in Lingerie and Swimwear from 50 or so brand names, amongst which we will have for the first time companies that manufacture according to sustainable parameters.

The most refreshing side of summer comes to MOMAD METROPOLIS, the International Fashion Fair in the shape of its Swimwear and Lingerie section. With three months to go before the fair, which is from 7 to 9 September, the event, organised by IFEMA, already has confirmation from around 50 brands, which will for the most part be housed in a specific area, located in the connecting hub of Halls 12 and 14 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.

Featuring amongst the Swimwear brands that have already confirmed their attendance at this edition are Arena Negra, Bow, Bikini Mi.Ma, Cute Rose, Happy Few,Pia Rossini, Ilaria Vitagliano, Odi et Amo, Panchic, Chiarulli,  B-Mind,  Yshey Izaida Jiménez Rodríguez, and even the Adlib Moda Ibizagroup, that will be present in this area with some of their names. Also the company Sweet Summer Collection, from the influencer Rocio Martinez Caveda, will be making an appearance in this area, with their youthful and fun bikinis and swimwear, handmade in Spain.   In addition, as a new innovation, on this occasion the Fashion Swimwear section will include a company committed to responsible manufacture, Brissus Bañadores Sostenibles.

In parallel with all this, Metrópolis will complete its Fashion Swimwear offer with clothing and accessory collections, designed to be worn with bikinis and bathing costumes on summer days by the sea. These will be found in the Casual section of the show.

MOMAD Metrópolis constitutes the major exponent of the Fashion and Clothing sector on the Iberian Peninsula, making it an obligatory rendez-vous for professionals eager to know which trends will dominate the Spring/Summer 2019 season and the off-the-peg styles for Autumn/Winter 2018/2019. Halls 2, 12 and 14 of Feria de Madrid will be hosting the next edition of this event, which already has confirmed attendance from nearly 750 companies.
The offering at MOMAD METROPOLIS is categorised according to the type of product, including, , in addition to Swimwear Fashion, Party outfits, Urban, Casual,  and Contemporary, and high-end names in Espacio Metro. Menswear and Accessories also feature, as well as Large Sizes.



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The first edition of the meetings between exhibitors and international buyers will take place this year at MEAT ATTRACTION

As of today, we already have the confirmation of 40 buyers from different countries who will participate in this first edition of the MEAT ATTRACTION BUYERS MEETINGS, including the important delegation that will participate from two Far Eastern countries, Japan and South Korea, which have distinguished themselves in recent years due to their high growth rates in the import of meat products from Spain. These meetings will take place within the framework of the second edition of the Meat Sector Fair, MEAT ATTRACTION, organized by IFEMA together with ANICE, the National Meat Processing Industries Association of Spain, between the 18th and 20th of September 2018, in Hall 4 of Feria de Madrid.

Other countries that will also be present at the BUYERS MEETINGS are Great Britain, Holland, Greece, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt and the Arab Emirates.
The BUYERS MEETINGS provide exhibitors with the opportunity to meet with a selection of international buyers selected by ICEX through its Commercial Offices as well as private collaborators located in the target markets.
The BUYERS MEETINGS will take place during the first day of the fair, on Tuesday 18th September, consisting of 30-minute interviews between the buyers and those exhibitors who register for the event. The inscription will guarantee the exhibiting company a minimum of three interviews, which will be set according to the interests indicated by the invited buyers.
The meetings will be held in a specific space enabled by the Fair's organisers for this purpose, guaranteeing the privacy of these meetings.
Thus, the BUYERS MEETINGS offer exhibitors at MEAT ATTRACTION the chance to make contact with important buyers that, otherwise, would be difficult to reach. Likewise, buyers will also be able, in a short space of time, to get a general idea of the sector and / or sectors / companies they are interested in, in order, from there, to develop their contacts in those companies that they consider most interesting.
This model of meetings has become a successful commercial tool with significant participation, both by international buyers and Spanish meat companies and with a very positive effect both in terms of the sales and image of the Spanish product.
The exhibitors at MEAT ATTRACTION are currently receiving an invitation from the Fair to participate in the BUYERS MEETINGS in highly advantageous conditions.
In addition, the BUYERS MEETINGS at MEAT ATTRACTION 2018 have other relevant developments such as the enhancement of the buyers programme, through which IFEMA will invite a selection of buyers at the proposal of the exhibitors themselves; the holding of a day on the future of the distribution of meats and processed meat, and a complete programme of parallel activities that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Press and Communications Department of IFEMA; Jesús González | Chief Press Officer of MEAT ATTRACTION | 91-722.50.95 / jesusg@ifema.es





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