Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

The World Pandemics Forum scientific congress will focus on offering information, knowledge, proposals for prevention and action, as well as techniques of social vocation and new technologies. All this under four key areas in which to cover and give prominence to each aspect of knowledge necessary to set the guidelines to follow for a future global health crisis.

Thematic Areas

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the authorized vaccines prevent and help control twenty-five infections.

Over the years it has been shown that vaccination is the most effective method to prevent infectious diseases. Chickenpox, flu, or HPV vaccines are great examples of their use and effectiveness.

During this section of the congress the past and present of vaccine research and development will be discussed.

We have had many warnings from experts saying that the new pandemic is getting closer and closer. In this area of the World Pandemics Forum, the strategy followed in the face of the current pandemic both nationally and internationally will be put into perspective and all the warning factors that we had before finding ourselves in this situation will be put together. We will try to see what actions and factors we must take into account to prevent the next pandemic.

The current situation has shown that the impact of a pandemic goes beyond the health sector. 2020 has marked a before and after in the economy and society as well as many doubts about the measures that have been taken.

This section will discuss the positive and negative points about the strategy carried out to find out how to improve it for a future pandemic.

One Health is the approach conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) to create legislations, research programs and protocols in three sectors (people, animals and the environment) that will help to conceive a global public health.