The first World Pandemic Forum

Be part of the first international meeting to create a global strategy to face the challenges that appear during a pandemic.


In person and online format

Some of our featured speakers

Dr. Adolfo García-Sastre

Dr. Adolfo García Sastre

President of the Scientific Committee of the World Pandemics Forum.

Thematic: R+D Vaccines

Maria Neira 1200x800

Dra. María Neira

Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thematic: One Health

Peter K Ben Embarek 1200x800

Dr. Peter K Ben Embarek

Head, WHO One Health Initiative (OHI).

Thematic: One Health.

Luis Enjuanes 1200x800

Dr. Luis Enjuanes

Virologist and research professor of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and Director of the Coronavirus Laboratory at the National Center for Biotechnology.

Thematic: One health

Dra. Pilar Mateo

Dra. Pilar Mateo

International scientist specializing in the control of vectors that transmit endemic diseases.

Thematic: Pandemic Prevention

Dra. Sylvie Briand

Dra. Sylvie Briand

Director, Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thematic: Pandemic Prevention

D. César Tolosa Tribiño

Mr. César Tolosa Tribiño

President of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Spain

Thematic: Social & Economic & Mental Health

Dr. José Félix Hoyo

Dr. José Félix Hoyo

Médicos del Mundo, Spain Vicepresident, Emergencies and International Network.

Thematic: Pandemic Prevention.

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The current situation has shown that the global dimensions of a pandemic go beyond the field of health and also encompass internationally personal, family, social, work and, above all, environmental situations.

World Pandemics Forum is a meeting point with all the agents involved in preventing and responding to future global public health crises.

One proposal in two formats: a scientific congress with internationally renowned speakers and a commercial exhibition. The Forum will take place on November 19 and 20 at IFEMA's South Auditorium.

Conferences Programme

Aimed at world experts in public health as well as professionals and public institutions related to the prevention of pandemics, WORLD PANDEMICS FORUM is organised by IFEMA MADRID and JM CONGRESS.

Its conference programme is focused on providing information and knowledge for prevention, resources in new technologies and proposals for action, all under four thematic areas:

  • Vaccines
  • Future Pandemics
  • Climate Change
  • Social and Economic Impact

Confirmed institutions