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Health Fairs

The health sector is defined as the set of values, norms, institutions and actors engaged in the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whose main objectives are to promote the health of individuals. Health is one of the sectors with the most activity and knowledge in Spain. This sector has three quite remarkable characteristics such as permanent innovation where new inventions appear every day to improve health; regulatory limitations, and its prescription role.

The health sector

The health sector is an area of economic activity that encompasses multiple subsectors. The activities carried out in it are oriented towards the prevention and control of diseases, patient care, research and investment in R+D+i. The health sector establishes relations with other sectors of social and economic development and operates in the three main economic sectors: primary, secondary and tertiary.

In the primary sector, through the extraction of plants from nature for use in alternative medicine or to make certain medicines and food supplements that benefit health. After extraction, the secondary sector is where the plants are processed and, in addition, the pharmaceutical industry is located, where medicines and all kinds of products related to health and well-being are produced and which, in addition, represent an economic benefit.

Finally, in the tertiary sector, there is the health care industry, which is no more than all the companies and organizations destined for health services, such as hospitals, health centers, clinics and laboratories. In this branch all the health and administrative personnel work to cover the needs of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of people.

Digital Health

Little by little, technology is being integrated into all processes in the sector. This is known as digital health, which is the set of information technologies used in the health environment to prevent, diagnose, treat, monitor and manage health.

All this development allows for cost savings and improved efficiency in the sector. It also facilitates personalized attention, improves time management, optimizes resources and improves the measurement of results through the creation of databases. Digital health, therefore, guarantees an increase in patient safety and greater and better accessibility.

Public health

The Spanish health system is valued as one of the best in Europe and the world in terms of information, patient rights, accessibility, results, service portfolio coverage, prevention and access to medicines.

Since 1986, with the General Health Law, the national health system is made up of all public health services in Spain with the main objective of providing public health care to all citizens, taking into account the factors of universalization, accessibility, decentralization and primary care and basing its financing on the collection of taxes.

The public health system is responsible for developing health policies for the entire territory. Likewise, the services depend on the government, which will count on the collaboration of all the Autonomous Communities to draw up budgets, distribute expenses, create plans to improve the system and optimise the use of the services.

Private health care

Despite the power of the public health system, the State cannot meet all the demand for health from citizens. For this reason, the private sector plays a fundamental role as a way of relieving the public health system. In addition to finding private hospitals, there are certain areas such as dentists, opticians, dieticians, physiotherapists, pharmacists or chiropodists, among others, which are configured in small and medium enterprises.

This fact, in addition to strengthening the work of the public branch, represents an economic contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, favoring and improving the national economy. In addition, the professionals are just as well prepared as those in the public sector and guarantee the best patient care.

Health Fairs at IFEMA MADRID

If you're looking for the best health fair in Madrid, it's at IFEMA MADRID. In our facilities we host different health-related events to facilitate growth and communication between the different components of the sector. Among them you can find ExpoÓptica, International Optics, Optometry and Audiology Fair; Expodental, International Dental Equipment, Products and Services Fair; Farmaforum, Pharmaceutical Industry Forum, Biopharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Laboratory Technology; Ortho medical care, Orthoprosthetics Fair; Chemplast, News from the chemical and plastic industry for all sectors; and Baby Fair, the baby and new families fair.