Leisure and Entertainment

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This sector formed mainly by leisure, culture and entertainment represents an important role in the expenditure of Spanish households. In addition, it is a great indicator of the quality of life of each person.

In Spain, occupations in this industry are mainly based on sports, recreational and entertainment activities.

Advances in digitalisation and the increase in live experiences will be the great drivers of this sector in Spain.

Leisure and entertainment

The leisure and entertainment industry is one of the pillars of the welfare society. In the case of Spain, musical, recreational and entertainment events in general cover a large part of the leisure industry. Moreover, consumption of this type of activity is associated with an optimal quality of life, as an indicator of the consistency of the welfare state.

The leisure fairs are an example of this, although we must also take into account the evolution of recent years in the leisure industry, which is increasingly digitized, with its consequent impact on the sector. The big brands are making a great effort to advance in this increasingly booming field.

The leisure sector

One of the points to highlight is that the leisure sector is a very important generator of employment. This is due to the need to give an optimal response to the population's demand. There are different professionals who have a significant role in the entertainment industry: event organizers, investors, workers in the service sector and in the world of art and culture.


Juvenalia is the first leisure fair held in Madrid where the focus is precisely on the little ones of the house. This is the Children's and Youth Leisure Fair, an initiative that aims to give visibility to the different NGOs and social aid associations.

However, the leisure fairs in Madrid are not only aimed at the youngest members of the family. Adults can also enjoy all this offer at IFEMA. One of the most attractive options is Madrid Games Week, the Video Game and Electronics for Leisure Fair. At this fair, the latest news from the leading brands in video games will be presented.  

Gamergy is another of the fairs held at IFEMA MADRID. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in video game tournaments competing alongside the sector's most prominent influencers, not only in Spain but also internationally.

We end our tour of the fairs by mentioning the 37th International Gaming Fair, an event that brings together the world of Gaming Halls, Casinos and Leisure Parks in the same fair.