What is MMM?

Riding a motorbike on a motorway

The Great National Motorcycle Event

An authentic and innovative motorbike festival that will be a spectacle to behold. A refreshing event that will move the faithful and promote the motorbike to emerging audiences.

An active, commercial and experiential event that takes place in a playful and entertaining environment aimed at offering activities that promote the use of motorbikes to new audiences and offer alternative uses to loyal customers, whose pillars are:

Madrid Más Moto content areas

Moto Brands

Motorbikes on a trade fair stand

Moto Brands

The exhibition area will be the exclusive setting to see and touch the latest models, where there will also be exhibitions and thematic areas of great interest and attraction, with the motorbike as the main protagonist.

Moto Experience

Jarama circuit

Moto Experience

The mainstay of the event, where various opportunities to experience the motorbike universe will be on offer.

We offer fun and educational activities for all levels, from die-hard bikers to those who are attracted to motorbikes but have not yet dared to take the plunge, to novice riders and those who are returning to the world of motorcycling.

Proposals for everyone with the experience and the recreational version of the motorbike in all its extension, including an innovative and exclusive proposal to ride with the maximum safety guarantees in the mythical Jarama-RACE Madrid Circuit.

Moto Culture

Motorbike event

Moto Culture

"The ride side of life", is the epicentre of the festival, key to attracting the mass public, and the space where most of the wide, diverse and continuous programme of contents will take place - Leisure, high-level catering, MotoRadio, Market, Village, Meet&Greet - which will make Madrid Más Moto the new reference in the sector for its offer beyond the motorbike and for its convening power with added-value proposals.