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Madrid más Moto

The Great National Motorcycle Event

Presentation of Madrid más moto

Madrid más Moto

The Great National Motorcycle Event, which will be held from 23 to 26 May 2024, an active, commercial and experiential event that takes place in a fun and entertaining environment aimed at offering activities that promote the use of motorbikes to new audiences and offer alternative uses to loyal customers.

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A man testing a motorbike at a standstill People testing motorbikes on a track

A 99% Experiential event

Madrid más Moto will be the largest experiential platform on 2 wheels that exists in Spain.

An event for EVERYONE, for the newest, for the most adventurous, for the most travellers, for the most urbanites, for the most classic, for the most bikers.

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In coincidence with

Madrid Más Moto is held together with Madrid Car Experience, offering the possibility of visiting the great automotive event that showcases the latest innovations and brands' bets, with an environment of leisure, music and gastronomy. A complete experience for motor enthusiasts.

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