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VENDIBÉRICA 2017 has scheduled a full agenda of professional activities and meetings

Coffee takes centre stage with a Tasting and the 6th Fórum Café Madrid Regional Barista Championship

Coffee will take centre stage amongst the professional activities and meetings prepared by IFEMA for the upcoming 4th edition of the International Vending Trade Show, VENDIBÉRICA 2017, promoted by the Spanish National Association of Automated Distributors, ANEDA, to be held from 18 to 20 October at Feria de Madrid.

11 Oct 2017

Specifically, the first day of the Fair, Wednesday, 18 October, is “Coffee Day”, with a full schedule of seminars, tastings and workshops. Highlights include the comparative tasting of an espresso prepared in a vending machine and in an industrial machine and the 6th Fórum Café Madrid Regional Barista Championship.

On the morning of 19 October, a session will be held called “Where are we and where are we going? – The potential of the Vending sector,” which addresses issues such as the “Latest figures from the European vending market”, presented by Eva General Manager Erwin Wetzel; “Tax regulations in vending”, presented by Confida Legislation Consultant Miquele Evolvi, and “ANEDA’s Vision”, presented by ANEDA Chairman Raúl Rubio, and AQS Certificate Regulating Council Chairman Gonzalo Jaque.

The afternoon of the 19th there will be two sessions: the first – “Fresh and Health Vending” – will address “How vending helps healthy life habits” and “Fresh foods full speed ahead”, presented by LM Consultant Juan Antonio Huertas. Next, in “We are milk”, Laqtia Export Manager Ignacio Bazán will talk about “Preparing powdered milk”; Qualery Development & Quality Manager Mónica Ullate will present “Technology, granulometry and performance of soluble products”, and Vendin R&D and Legislation Director Nines Rieu will talk about “Healthy vending and hot beverages”.

VENDIBÉRICA will conclude its Technical Workshops schedule the last day of the Fair, Friday, 20 October, with the Vending and Technology Session that will focus on “Vending in a connected world” –presented by Spain and Portugal Sales Director Francisco José Linares-; while Xavier Cano, from Automated, will give a speech titled “Hello, Machine”.

Meanwhile, VENDIBÉRICA will enable different areas:

VIA INNOVA WORKSHOP: this will be an area for presenting all the new developments at the Trade Show in a single forum and encouraging relations between manufacturers and operators. The companies participating in VIA INNOVA will be able to make 10-minute presentations of their product or service.

TRAINING PIT STOPS: Another interesting working tool, a forum where the exhibitors can present their products, give demonstrations, share experiences and knowledge, organise seminars, discussion tables or give theoretical or practical classes.

THE VENDING STORE: A new space at the hub between halls 4 –where VENDIBÉRICA will be held- and 6 at Feria de Madrid, where new business opportunities will be presented along with the latest solutions for the vending industry, as well as through their offer, meeting specific consumer and working needs.