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Hold one-to-one meetings with decision-makers in target markets involved in the process of awarding works and projects

Participate in talks and round tables that will analyse the sector’s hot topics with international and national speakers of recognised prestige

Networking areas during coffee breaks and lunches to build a wide contact network

International companies participating to establish potential strategic alliances



To access the TIIF Forum in the most comfortable way we offer you different registration modes. Choose the one that corresponds to your type of participation and follow the instructions. You can acquire and print your accreditation directly to access the site, and if you give your consent we will keep you informed promptly about activities, contents and services that we believe may be of your interest.



Every registration entitles three B2G meetings with Authorities.
Meetings subject to acceptance and availability of Authorities. Meetings will be scheduled in order of registration.

A special registration rate with no access to B2G meetings has been enabled. This registration allows access to the Congress and the networking area, but does not allow access to the B2G meetings. Should this registration be of our interest, please include the *code (* to be published soon) when registering.


The attendee’s registration will allow you to register as an attendee to the Forum and enable you to obtain and print your professional accreditation directly. This will give you access to the fair site, according to the established terms and conditions.

In addition, by registering for TIIF and giving your authorization, IFEMA will keep you informed of its events, activities, news and services.



  • How can I register for TIIF?

You must select the most appropriate form for you and identify yourself as an IFEMA Visitor Internet User to continue.

Once you have activated your user name and password you will be able to access the registration form, in which you will be able to fill in your trade details and your preferences regarding your participation in TIIF.

Your registration user name and password will allow you to access your information easily and at any time, check and update your details, change your preferences and get your entrance ticket to the fair.

Please fill in the details required and print off you entrance ticket, which will allow you access to the fair site according to the chosen option.

  • How can I get my user name and password and what is their purpose?

To be able to access certain services offered by IFEMA fairs online, trade visitors need to activate a user name and password.

When you access these services the “Visitor Internet User” screen will always appear first. Here you will be able to identify yourself with your user name.

Your user name will be the email address you gave when you registered as a “Visitor Internet User” and it will provide a unique link to your trade details.

To access services with an internet user name, follow these instructions:

Users who have already registered:  If you have registered on our website as a visitor to any of IFEMA's fairs before, go to "I ALREADY HAVE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD" and enter the user name (email address) and password you used previously. If you have forgotten your password, enter your user name (email address) and select "Forgotten your password?". A new password will be sent to your email address.

New users:  If you have never registered on our website as a visitor to any of our fairs, go to "I DON'T HAVE A USER NAME AND/OR PASSWORD". Enter your email address and a password. You will receive an email that will allow you to confirm your registration and activate your user name.

  • What information will I be asked to fill in for registration?

For registration you will be asked for your trade details and your particular interests in the fair.

The trade details associated with your email address will be the same for all the fairs you take part in. With the exception of your email address, it will be possible to modify these details from any open IFEMA fair registration page, using your user name and password. If you are already a registered user, the fair registration page you access will show you the most up-to-date trade details in the trade register database of IFEMA visitors and you will be able to update them, if you so wish.

The preferences and other information on your interests will be the ones you select for each edition of each fair when you register for them. You will be able to modify them during the registration process by accessing them with your user name and password.

  • I am already registered but I want to change my details. How can I do that?

If you wish to update your trade details or change any of your preferences, please go to the fair registration page, enter your user name and a form will appear in which you will be able to modify this information.

Guidelines to sustainable participation for visitors

A visit to a trade fair/event, whether professional or public, and whether it is held in our town or requires us to travel, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

The fact that these activities take place in a short space of time, producing a concentration of a large movement of people and goods, means that the negative effects that could be produced are more intense and there is less time to correct them.

That is why it is important to take into account those aspects on which we can act and plan our activity according to sustainability criteria.

Guidelines for sustainable participation at fairs/events