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What was formerly the Madrid Professional Vehicle and Fleet Trade Show and in 2018 Madrid Auto Profesional, in 2020 will become Mobility Professional Experience, the Commercial Vehicle Show.

In 2018, the last edition of the show, more than 12,000 professional visitors registered, most of them involved in private fleets, with an increased presence of self-employed and SMEs, as well as fleet managers and transport managers. More than 20 companies participated, occupying a total of 3,200 sq. m.

MADRID AUTO PROFESIONAL was the venue for the panel discussion about “The Vehicle as an Essential Tool for Self-employment” organized by ATA (National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers), and FETRANSA (Spanish Federation of Discretionary Transport of Goods), the 11th AEGFA Congress of Fleet Managers and the National Forum of Second Stage Manufacturers of Industrial and Commercial Vehicles, ASCATRAVI.

The previous edition was just a small sample of what will be Mobility Professional Experience, an evolution of the concept focusing on Commercial Vehicles and all their ancillary services, and it addresses the main issues about professional mobility:

  • Transporting goods by road.
  • Last mile in towns
  • Evolution of low-emission and electric commercial vehicles
  • Leasing for the self-employed


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