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Prepare for the Fair

25 tips for preparing for the fair


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  • Define the objectives that you want to achieve and draw up a budget according to these objectives.
  • Design a stand that meets these objectives
  • Identify, group, assess and define specific actions for each group of customers targeted by our business.
  • Advertise your presence at VENDIBÉRICA to each group of customers or invite them to visit you.
  • Advertising and Promotion: Announce in advance the PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND NEW ITEMS you will present at the event.
  • Provide the material required to make the calls and invitations beforehand in order to attend the stand for the 3 days of the fair.
  • Are you able to obtain a sponsor and/or association who will support your presence at the fair?
  • Train the information and commercial staff who will attend your stand, telling them about the objectives they are trying to achieve.
  • If you wish to organise an act, presentation, press conference, seminar or convention during the VENDIBÉRICA fair, do not forget to book your room in advance through the Convention Centre Department.
  • Review compliance with the established deadlines on the Exhibitor Menu for VENDIBÉRICA.
  • Provide the logistics and services required for each of the days of the fair.
  • Organise your Appointments Book in advance.


Manage the DURING

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  • Set up your stand as soon as possible to avoid last-minute surprises.
  • Check each of the components and actions to be carried out at your stand.
  • Use the right amount of time for each visitor. To optimise time, invest in results. Focus on the Target Public, collecting their details in order to contact them later on.
  • Adhere strictly to your Appointments Book.
  • Take advantage of the journalists and the media in attendance.
  • The most successful company is not the one making the most noise, but the one which has segmented their target public and taken the corresponding commercial and marketing actions.
  • Do not dismantle your stand or leave before the close of the fair. The company's image or goal may be damaged.


Do not forget the AFTERWARDS

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  • Take STOCK with all your team at VENDIBÉRICA.
  • Measure your results. Occasionally, it will be necessary to wait for up to 6 months after the Fair to see the effectiveness of the contacts.
  • Propose follow-up actions to carry out with the press, customers, new buyers, new agents, authorities,...
  • Take stock of your Promotion Campaign, Advertising Campaign and Press Kits.
  • Book your space for the next edition.

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