07 January 2020

Study abroad, which is the best option?

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Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities to learn or perfect the language, and not only that, but it opens the doors to culture, personal growth and knowledge

It is a real challenge, it will be the perfect occasion to acquire knowledge that will help to control a successful future. Education is the most predominant factor in the development and progress of individuals and societies, in addition to promoting values and culture.

Spain is one of the countries within the European Union that welcomes more Erasmus students. It has some of the best business schools in the world, and its extensive network of universities makes Spain one of the countries that receives the most exchange students. The language also makes it one of the most attractive countries, as Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

According to the statistics published in 2016, Spain remains one of the preferred destinations for young people to study or do an internship. It welcomed approximately 47,000 students, surpassing countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that it is also one of the most attractive countries in terms of double-degree Masters. Some of the factors that also influence the choice of Spain as a study destination are the climate, its privileged geographical position and the history that makes it culturally rich. It is the academic destination par excellence for studying abroad due to its varied educational offer.

In order to support education, Ifema celebrates the week of education, being the meeting point for guidance counsellors, teachers, students and educational professionals with the aim of helping and guiding young people.

Education Week in Mexico

In Mexico, the week of education is celebrated from January 30 to February 1, 2020, three days in which knowledge will be supported in the city, where more than 8,000 students and experts in the sector will attend.

The aim is to be able to improve educational opportunities in the country and inform them about the wide variety of offers. Young people of all ages, from high school students to university students, will attend.

Young Mexicans will be told of the many future possibilities available to them, in addition to the job opportunities they can access. There are many types of careers and training, which is why Education Week in Mexico aims to provide detailed information on each of them.

Main destinations to study abroad           

Spain, as mentioned above, is one of the countries chosen by young people to develop educationally and professionally. The best countries for training abroad, whether studying for a bachelor's degree or a career, are the following

  • Germany: is among the best destinations chosen by students, attracting its educational quality and cultural diversity.
  • France: has both public and private universities, with different curricula. The main careers chosen are engineering and art.
  • Canada: offers many possibilities for university students to stay in the country with a stable job after finishing their studies.
  • United States: it has a great exchange at a cultural level, counting on the best universities for educational development.
  • Denmark: another of the chosen destinations, the education system is very academic and rigorous, it is the country at the forefront of technology and teaching is geared to practice.
  • Switzerland: is an international business centre, promoting interactive learning and debate as key points.
  • New Zealand: they show that it is one of the best countries for foreign students to train in, as their professional objectives are reflected in the results.
  • Costa Rica: it is considered one of the countries with the greatest variety of affordable universities to study careers, postgraduate courses, diplomas and technical degrees.

With all that has been said, there is no doubt that there are many possibilities for studying abroad, from high school to university. Without a doubt, education allows society to advance and improve, enriching culture and values as personal and collective development will influence evolution at a global level.