Four images together: hands holding an ice cream, hands on a chocolate dessert, hands together with flour and hands holding coffee beans.
17/02/2024 to 20/02/2024


International Bakery, Pastry and Coffee exhibition

30 K
Professional visitors

InterSICOP 2022: far more than a face to face sector reunion

Organised by IFEMA MADRID, InterSICOP will be holding its in-person event from 10-13 February 2024 and will bring together the entire Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream, Coffee and Equipment professional community 365 days a year through the InterSICOP LIVE Connect platform; a digital platform that enhances and complements the in-person event with new functionalities

A vast number of sector-specific activities with relevant content and greatest news

InterSICOP becomes on a single communication platform at the forefront of the changing times and promoting digital transformation in the industry.

Over the first four weeks of February, InterSICOP LIVE Connect will bring together several sector-specific activities related to Bakery, Cakes, Ice Cream, Coffee and tecSICOP, with each week focussing on a theme from each category:

  • Spaces for masterclasses with specialists
  • Professional technical consultancy
  • Technical demonstrations
  • Forums and debates
  • Congresses and conferences about new developments and market trends

Presentations and talks organised by organisations, Media and the participating companies themselves.

The events will include Pastry Championship, Bakery Championship, Bakery and Ice Cream Championship, Bakery Grandmasters Seminar, Pastry and Ice Cream, InterSICOP Technical Days Forum, Forum for women bakers…

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