Schedule and activities

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Dates and opening hours

Throughout the month of March, InterSICOP LIVEConnect will bring together several sector-specific activities related to Bakery, Cakes, Ice Cream and tecSICOP, with each week focussing on a theme from each category.

Spaces for masterclasses with specialists, professional technical consultancy, technical demonstrations. forums and debates, congresses and conferences about new developments and market trends

Activity program

A vast number of sector-specific activities, presentations and conferences organised by organizations, media and the participating companies themselves.

The events will include COPAN, the congress co-organised with ASEMAC, different international, specialised and technical conferences for training providers organised by CEOPPAN, CEEAP AFHSE, and ANHCEA. And there will also be Women’s SICOP (a meeting of women bakers and cake-makers), Interior Decoration and Business Management spaces, Working With New Flours, New Proposals for the Ice Cream sector…

To boost our commitment to spreading awareness about nutrition and food ideas for improving people’s health and emphasising the quality and diversity of our products, LIVEConnect will also be organising spaces aimed at the general public, such as “Bread Tasting Course”, “Good Morning With Bread”, “Functional Breads”…