Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit?

Expositor de intersicop en ifema
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  • RETURN OF THE INVESTMENT: The most comprehensive and affordable investment to directly market your product to more than 30,000 trade visitors from bread, pastry, distribution and hostelry in only 4 days.
  • InterSICOP is a sectoral tool created to serve production, commerce and future development of the bread, pastry and coffee sector, to boost positioning, development, growth and visibility of the sector.
  • AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE INDUSTRY: An innovative, modern, cutting edge, ground-breaking, event in tune with new industry trends, offering the latest developments.
  • GENERATING SALES: Guaranteed in only 4 days to reach more than 30,000 trade professionals from 50 countries from the bread, pastry and coffee sectors who are looking for suppliers and products.
  • COMMUNICATION CHANNEL 360: A channel of communication with continuous impact thanks to InterSICOP News, RRSS, Innovation Hub, Forums and Championships,…
  • IBERO-AMERICAN MEETING POINT: Sector tool positioning Spain as one of the principal hubs for commerce and innovation in the Ibero-American region.
  • 100% TARGETED: sector specific, vertical and hyper-specialised for the whole value chain. 100% of visitors are professionals from the sector - innovation, qualification and keeping up-to-date are the pillars of InterSICOP.
  • Innovation and Marketplace: helps to position the sector and its product lines as one of the principal specialists and suppliers in the world of professional food, in line with new consumer demands.
  • FLAVOUR, CREATIVITY AND TRADITION: adds value to the quality, diversity and skill of professionals and companies in the sector.
  • 6 KEY THEMES: health, taste, tradition and trade, innovation, sustainability and markets
  • ODS: InterSICOP21 complies with the principles of sustainable development