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Get your press accreditation

Apply for your press accreditation

Steps required to apply for your press accreditation:

1.- Access and fill in the form by clicking on the button at the end of this page.

The system will ask you to attach a scanned copy of your press pass or your professional accreditation document. If you do not have one, a copy of an article/report published and signed by you will do.

The application form is individual, meaning television teams, press offices and other media sending various people to the fair must apply for each person independently. Any email address entered in the register that has already been incorporated previously, will be automatically discarded by the system.

The accreditation application process is the same for bloggers, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, as long as they meet the following these requirements:

The profile must be at least 1 year old.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok It must have over 8.000 followers or subscribers. The sum of all of them is not considered into account.

Bloggers must have over 6.000 followers or subscribers.

Podcast, must have over 4.000 followers or subscribers

The channel must be exclusively specialized in the subject matter of the fair.

A maximum of two people is permitted per channel.

2.- You will receive an email confirming registration in the system, which does not imply validation until the application has been evaluated by the Direction of Communication.

3.- Later on you will receive another email with the digital pass attached, which you can download directly to your mobile phone (PDF, or Passbook format).

If your application is rejected, we will contact you.

*IMPORTANT: the press accreditations will now be 100% digital. It is no longer possible to process them on your visit to the fair.

Contact press accreditations:

Press acreditation


You need to register on the Press Pass application platform, using the link that you will find at the top of this page.

You will simply have to register your username and password, activate your account through the email that you will receive in your inbox, and fill in the form with your personal and professional details.

Remember that your user account is for your own use only and is non-transferable. With it you can request a single press pass for each edition of the fair. Save your credentials for future press pass applications for this or other fairs organised by IFEMA MADRID.

The username and password will be chosen by you when accessing the Press Pass application for the first time. Remember that the account is for your own use only and is non-transferable.

As they are permanent, they will always allow you to access the press pass application platform for events organised by IFEMA MADRID.

Access the Press Pass application platform again through the link located on the fair's website. Upon entering, you will be able to view and/or modify both your personal and professional details.

A press pass approved by the Communication and Press Office allows access throughout the duration of fair, to cover the activities that interest you most.

No, press passes are for your own use only and are non-transferable. At any time, the IFEMA Security staff may request that you show your National ID Card, passport or any other corresponding document to identify yourself and verify the press pass data.

We will contact you by email as soon as we have studied your application. As we have a large number of applications to manage and study, it is likely that the response will take some time, so we ask for your patience, as we have to process many requests.

If your press pass application is accepted, you will be receiving it in PDF format by email. You will then be able to access the fair premises by showing it at the entry turnstiles. It may be carried in print or on your mobile. We recommend that, to avoid physical contact and help the environment, you always carry it on your mobile.

No. Each member of the media must register individually, with their own email address and personal access codes.

The press pass application process is now 100% online, so we no longer have a physical press pass desk at the entrance to IFEMA. For this reason, it is necessary to request press passes in advance through the website of each fair or event, during the established period.

With the aim of facilitating the informative work of journalists, in exceptional cases they may request an instant press pass while the event is ongoing by contacting the fair’s press officer. Remember that this is an extraordinary measure and that we have a limited number of passes.

This press pass will not be able to media staff in the administrative, commercial and advertising areas.